Penang White Curry Instant Noodle

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Instant noodle fans should try this Penang white curry flavor by Mykuali  

Penang White Curry

  • Calories : 540 Kcal 
  • Net Weight : 110g
  • Status         : Halal
  • Manufacturer : Sky Thomas Food Industries

It really weird that this instant noodle net weight is 110g. The net weight is slightly higher than any ordinary instant noodle. As for calories, increasing net weight will resulting increasing calories. Normal Maggi or Mamee instant noodle only 300-350 KCAL with 70g net weight.  Just for your reminder a healthy person eat only 2000 KCAL a day.

Do the instant noodle maker need to put "Penang" ? I mean the best food in the world do not need to address like that You don say Nagasaki Sushi or Ohio Pizza or Beijing Burger.  I think this instant noodle maker get inspiration from Hai Nan Chicken rice . If you get what I mean !

So this instant noodle maker when was thinking about the title, wanted to expose to the people the secret recipe from Penang ? Just for your knowledge, Penang is one of the state in Malaysia. I don see it coming from Penang because food and beverage there are quite affordable and cheaper than other states in Malaysia. However, it did not apply to Penang White Curry Instant Noodle. It costs our dear pocket about RM6.99.  

Yeah it RM6.99 with 4 packs. I did not say it incorrectly it just 4 packs with the price RM6.99. If you buy at East Malaysia, let say Sabah the price probably will be at RM 7.99. Nevertheless, Who care about the price if the food are great ?

It is delicious to eat excluding the smell side it did not smell like delicious ! The first time I tasted it I was like could not get enough of it. There were only 3 packs left. I just could not stop complaining about that. In a normal instant noodle packs it should be five packs how could they just sell it for 4 packs only ??

Even the Indonesia based instant noodle maker "Mee Sedaap" They sell with lower price at RM3.00 - RM3.50 came with 5 packs. Mee Sedaap is one of the best instant noodle ever. It reasonable they are selling at the price level because their brand is not quite well known and established compared brand such as Mamee and Maggi

 If I am a boss of any food and beverage company, I will definitely make another Penang white curry instant noodle but cheaper. Same flavor and taste but lower price. It will be sell really fast . My idea is brilliant right ?? My idea is simple. New Brand low price to penetrate market easily. That the reason why China is second largest economy in the world. They think really hard to make their product affordable and even cheapest among other same products.

Penang White Curry and it powder
It really strange that one of the ingredient pack contained a white powder. It looked like dangerous and poisonous drug powder. I may be wrong ! It could be a normal white powder to turn red curry into white curry . It is tricky ! 

I could not stop nagging which to buy Penang White Curry or Mamee Chef. Both of them are made by local food and beverage companies. Got to support local products right ? I will definitely want to try again the Penang White Curry instant noodle but the quantity and price are not reasonable it could become one of the factor affecting my decision making in buying more and more Penang White Curry instant noodle. Mamee and Maggi are well established company with recognized brand. Will you choose brand over taste ? The thing is that Mamee and Maggi instant noodle are cheaper compared to MyKuali's Penang White Curry .

Overall, Penang White Curry taste and flavor side could stand against Mamee Chef Curry or Maggi Curry.

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