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Malaysia vs Thailand 1-0 on AFC U-16

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Malaysia vs Thailand AFC U-16 on September 6, 2014. 

Thailand vs Malaysia AFC U16 2014

Before the match begin, there was a match between Malaysia U23 vs Yemen. A friendly match at Shah Alam stadium. It shocking that the result will make Malaysia soccer fans scream. More detail please visit at Malaysia U23 vs Yemen

The match started on 9PM and ended 94 minutes later approximately 22:54PM. One of the team scored a winning goal carrying the jersey no 8, Syazwan. The second half match was epic as Malaysia soccer squad needed to defend from the aggressive forward and attackers from Thailand.

Malaysia soccer squad was up against Thailand they were playing believed to be not own Malaysia soil. Some of the members of the squad were Syazwan 8, Na Jamaluddin 7, Abang 2, Shahrul Akmal 11, Najib 15, Haikal 6, Ali 5 and Dinesh 9.

Malaysia team was wearing a blue shirt and Thailand was wearing a red shirt on that match. The arena was decorated with some sponsoring brands such as Nikon, Toshiba, Samsung, Toyota,, Nike, Epson, Fly Emirates and many more.

The later match Malaysia will go up against South Korea on Monday. 

There were large crowd of Thailand fans stripping their top as a sign of cheering for Thailand team.