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Top 10 Goal Strikers Malaysia Cup 2014

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Early guess the best goal kickers in Malaysia Cup 2014. 

Who will be the all-time most powerful scorer in Malaysia cup 2014 ? Let see some expected contenders. They are being analysed from August 13 - September 3, 2014. Their performance were top-notch. The goal points they have been collecting untill September 3, 2014. It is true that Luciano Figueroa had scored 3 times for JDT. 

This is an analysis before the quarter final of Malaysia cup 2014. The chart will change in time. The quarter final of Malaysia cup 2014 is set on October. Although some of them did not managed to secure position in quarter final but they are amazing goal kickers that worth to be mentioned.

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1. Luciano Figueroa

Scored three goals for JDT on Malaysia cup 2014. He is an Argentina International footballer.  

2. Dickson Nwakaeme

Amazing striker with excellent goal points. Staggering 5 goals for Pahang squad in Malaysia cup 2014. He could be the all-time top scorer for Pahang squad as well as the whole Malaysia cup 2014 so far. Pahang earned enough point entering quarter final of Malaysia cup 2014.

3. Francis Forkey Doe

Kelantan top scorer so far at least helped Kelantan scoring 4 goals and they are good to go for quarter final of Malaysia cup 2014. 

4. Billy Mehmet

Scored 5 goals the one who can compete with Pahang striker Dickson. Playing as a striker for Kedah. Kedah could be the chosen one in Malaysia cup 2014. Will Kedah successfully entering semi final ??

5. Ali Ashfaq

Carrying the jersey title "PDRM". He originated from capital of Maldives. Now getting fame by playing in Malaysia cup 2014. He scored 7 goals for PDRM. Amazing performance by Ali Ashfaq

6. Faris Ramli

He joined the team Lions XII and competing for Malaysia cup 2014. He is just 22 years old this year. A young talented footballer born in Singapore scored 3 goals. Meantime, he is a handsome footballer in the field.

7. Hairuddin Omar

He is a veteran in Malaysian soccer field. Throughout his career, he experienced the taste of winning in Malaysia cup. Captain of the team in ATM squad.

8. Ryan Griffiths

Hail from Australia now playing as a striker for Sarawak squad. The top scorer in the Sarawak squad. 

9. Edward Junior Wilson

A shinning star in Felda united. The top scorer for Felda United. They obtained the chance entering to quarter final for Malaysia cup 2014.

10. Paulo Rangel

Last but not least, Paulo the golden boot for Malaysia league 2014. A striker for Selangor squad. Scored 3 times subsequently successfully earned the pass to go quarter final of Malaysia cup 2014. Just for your information, he is a Brazilian.

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