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Nestle Ice-Cream Goreng Review

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Fried the Ice-cream to eat only in Malaysia

Nestle Ice-cream goreng

A very daring venture by Nestle introducing fried ice-cream. You needs fry it in less than 5 seconds the instruction showed. I never really understand will this become a trending or something. In fact, Malaysian will only pick an ice-cream as if the weather is hot.

Unlike female, they prefer to eat it during watching TV show or something. I guess Fried Ice-cream is not that sensible at all. However, the market is unpredictable so anything could happen. 

Nestle Ice-cream goreng

A result of overheated Nestle fried ice-cream. 

Nestle Ice-cream goreng

Please do not overcook more than 10 seconds or overheated the pan because the result will be like the image above. A normal fry one will not be in liquidity form it more like a solid one as you can at the first image.