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These are 10 Malaysian Favorite Ice-Cream

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Melt Your Heart, Always Do !


I doubt McDonalds Malaysia earn most in burger segment. As you can see, sometimes McDonalds Malaysia rolled out a small McDonalds kiosk to sell only their ice-cream cone. In term of availability, price and product who could stand out ? I bet the first thing pop up in Malaysian mind when speaking of ice-cream is Vanilla Sundae Cone.


This has stolen Malaysian daily salary !! Some of us would think that 3 scoops of Baskin Robbins almost equivalent to Malaysia's daily minimum wage !

magnum white almond


Magnum Malaysia created few nice events and astonishing marketing plans. Wall's Magnum is pretty happening right now with so many fund for their advertising campaign. To really define Magnum ice-cream, Hard Chocolate covering a within Soft Vanilla !!!

Nestle Kit Kat Green Tea Ice - Cream


It literally stuck a Kit Kat bar in the middle of ice - cream cone. It feel so uncomfortable because usually the within ice-cream should be soft !! Any flavor but green tea. Deep down in my heart, Green tea suppose to be consumed in liquid form. It is best that stay that way for centuries

Milo Ice Cream cone


For centuries I have Milo in liquid form, this is the first time I heard someone actually came out an idea to make my usual milo ice into a complete solid form. Oh Man, everytime I think about it I think about Sensodyne toothpaste. My teeth cannot withstand the cold feeling By the way, I still think No. 3 is better !!

New Zealand Natural


This came out of nowhere ! One of the premium ice-cream offering


Must warned reader please do not fried it more than 10 seconds . Keep it less than 5 seconds and the chocolate within will be in a much solid form than the above picture shown.


Widely advertised ice-cream in Malaysia. Put up a really great win-win marketing campaign. Taylor Swift was about to make concert in Asia which Cornetto is making the awareness in the same time Cornetto brand could be brought up with Taylor Swift popularity !



Complicated brand title but everyone is curious and making a fuzz eyebrow. Oreo and vanilla ? That make perfectly fine for me ! It did remind me of my childhood due to the ice-cream cup. I must confess girl are crazed about ice-cream stick !


Ice Cold ice-cream for perfect afternoon ! Scorching hot sun coupled with El- Nino phenomenon impacted Malaysia. .

Nestle Kit Kat Green Tea Ice-cream

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Flavor of Green Tea is Nestle Malaysia new strategic product 

The feeling of unable resisting ice-cream temptation melting inside mouth.  

Kit Kat and Green Tea flavor are really an absurd combination

Taylor Swift's Favorite Ice Cream

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Caramel "Shake", something has to do with Taylor Swift's song "Shake it Off"

Taylor Swift limited edition Caramel Shake

It is not first time Cornetto is working with renowned singer Taylor Swift for a merchandise campaign. It going to be different this time the huge concert will be held at Singapore.

Taylor Swift and Cornetto Ice cream collaborated in 2014 for Concert called Red Tour. More details at Taylor Swift Red Tour and Cornetto

A video campaign at Youtube. It definitely make everyone want to grab a bite on the mouth-watering Cornetto ice cream.

Although there were no Cornetto appearance in the hit song "Shake it Off" but it does remind us.

It is a limited edition ice cream so grab it now while stocks are still at the shelves. 

It probably not a bad idea to try it out the ice cream and too, win some prizes. There was a codes to be  used in a contest. The rule is simple, the more codes obtained, the prize is yours. Probably Taylor Swift fans would buy 20 of them in order to get enough points for prize redemption.

You may visit the contest website at this link Taylor Swift Contest 2015

Besides, if I were at Taylor Swift Contest, I like her to sing "Love Story". So who are going to her concert at Singapore this coming November 2015 ?

10 Successful Food and Beverage Franchise in Malaysia

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Growing Restaurant Franchise Brands Nationwide

All the successful food and beverage restaurants listed below are strategically located nationwide. One can rest assured to say numbers of KFC outlets in Malaysia far surpassed any other single restaurant brand in Malaysia.

Lucrative food and beverage market and friendly government policies towards food and beverage franchise is main contribution to many successful story owning a franchise restaurant.  

Joy is ours with these restaurants making business in Malaysia. Imagine a day without these 10 restaurant brands in Malaysia, it will be an awful nightmare !.


Secret Recipe

It is surprising to know that the founder and headquarter for Secret Recipe is Malaysian-based businessman.

2. KFC


One of the most powerful restaurant brand in Malaysia. Serving mainly chicken with secret ingredients from Sanders.



Mainly serving burger and french fries.



Sweet coffee rescue your day


Famous Amos

The smell of Famous Amos at the airports is soul intrigued.


Soft donuts is the best


Baskin Robbins

Ice-cream that will melt your heart at a random hot scorching day


Great service, great environment, great food.


Whooping with great tasty sauce.


Extra sauce to the tender chicken please !

Thought this is it ? No !, check it out the other 10 brightest franchise F&B in Malaysia at Top 10 F&B chain in Malaysia

Veri Green Bean Durian

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Green Bean Durian flavor or in Mandarin 绿豆榴莲口味

Veri Unique Collection Green Bean Durian

  • Product            : Veri
  • Calories           : 125 KCAL, 18g Carb, 1.5g Protein, 9g Fat
  • Net Weight      : 70g or 100ml
  • Status               : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : LKT FOOD IND. SDN BHD
  • Flavor              : Green Bean Durian
  • Value               : RM 5.50 (Varies)
  • Website           :

Veri Unique Collection Green Bean Durian-made in Malaysia

Durian flavor ice-cream so hard to find last time but, it seem like the availability is gaining momentum as shops in Malaysia started ordering many durian ice-cream from manufacturer as Malaysian gains consciousness in this Durian product as well as to serve rising demand of tourist on local products. 

I would try Durian flavored coffee next time if I bump on local shop again !! I will rate this 5/5 very good packaging !!

Nestle Ice-Cream Goreng Review

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Fried the Ice-cream to eat only in Malaysia

Nestle Ice-cream goreng

A very daring venture by Nestle introducing fried ice-cream. You needs fry it in less than 5 seconds the instruction showed. I never really understand will this become a trending or something. In fact, Malaysian will only pick an ice-cream as if the weather is hot.

Unlike female, they prefer to eat it during watching TV show or something. I guess Fried Ice-cream is not that sensible at all. However, the market is unpredictable so anything could happen. 

Nestle Ice-cream goreng

A result of overheated Nestle fried ice-cream. 

Nestle Ice-cream goreng

Please do not overcook more than 10 seconds or overheated the pan because the result will be like the image above. A normal fry one will not be in liquidity form it more like a solid one as you can at the first image.

Hot Weather with Drumstick Almond Thrill

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Drumstick Almond Thrill

Malaysia hot weather is as bad as Sahara desert when it comes to not-so-rainy-season. To the extend that, the Selangor dam was lack of water storage. The most worst thing that has happened to Selangor dwellers that people was bringing big water bucket waiting for the water truck to come. That is how bad the Malaysia weather can be.

Hot weather is mostly acceptable by all Malaysian except for Asian women who try protecting their skin from UV from sun. There are many unique ways Malaysian handling the hot weather and the sun. Such as, wearing a versatile clothes, get a UV eyes glasses, grab a 100 Plus drink, get the shady area for car parking. Best of all, everyone loves getting an everlasting-craving Drumstick ice-cream

There is one thing is really unacceptable the temptation for an ice cold ice-cream. The statistic was right about Malaysian average were kind of obesity. They were having too much Nestle's Drumstick Almond Thrill which is a good thing as Chocolate does make you smarter but not when consuming too much of it. The statistic did not shown an alarming rate of growing obesity among Malaysian may be because looking at our ministers and law enforcers seem like a reflection for all of us.

Malaysian generally like to blame on someone else. Who we want to put the blame on the reflection of law enforcers or ministers or the temptation of ice-cream ? It never too late for Malaysian saying no to ice-cream by imposing sick and fat tummy in every ice-cream label packaging. That would be totally necessary measure as it proved working just looking at the measure taken by Dunhill right ?

Drumstick Almond Thrill

  • Product          : Nestle Drumstick Almond Thrill
  • Calories         : 249KCAL, 14G Fat, 28G Carbohydrate
  • Net Weight    : 110ml
  • Status             : Halal, Made in Malaysia 
  • Manufacturer : Nestle Products Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor                       : Chocolate
  • Value (2014)            : Varies
  • Website                    :
  • Contact no                : 1 800 88 3433

Drumstick Almond Thrill

None of the above are true. All of them are just a joke. I think McDonald's ice-cream is much more sweeter. Ice-cream never too much calories or fat. However, ice-cream has tremendous of carbohydrates. Those who cant consume a lot of carbohydrate needed to stay away from ice-cream. It just a friendly reminder.

Everyone in Malaysia is a matured consumer should know that ice-cream bring happiness to the society and our kids. Everyone love Nestle's Drumstick Almond Thrill

New Ice-cream Magnum Gold Contest

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Eat Magnum Gold and win amazing prizes such as Magnum Gold Coins or luxury BMW 3 Series

Source :  Magnumgoldpursuit dot com

Your destiny is in your hand. Win it or leave it. If you think yesterday dreamed about driving a luxury car or picking up a gold coin at a random street floor then you are better signing up for Magnum Gold contest. That was a hint from higher power that you have a fair chance to win this. Every challenge has a price to pay, what are the price for this ??

The trick in winning something from this contest is go to nearest store and find newly released Magnum Gold ice-cream. If you found it in that store ice-cream section inside the refrigerator that means you are lucky. Magnum Gold was not widely available and some of the contest participants have to seek it at multiple stores for it. Let say you found it more than 3 Magnum Gold in that store refrigerator, you are the luckiest person among the Magnum participants. Fortunately, the store keepers and boss did not know this contest. That were their loss.

This contest started August 1, 2014 till October 31, 2014. The full name of this contest is Magnum Gold Pursuit Contest. It is organized by Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd. Everything stated inside terms and conditions of this contest including everyone above 18 years old, a Malaysian residents are welcome to participate in this contest.

After you bought the Magnum gold from the store, the next following thing is very crucial steps in winning this contest. Firstly, do not throw away the ice-cream stick as it should have containing some digits which you will need to key in Magnum Gold website. Secondly, visit Official Magnum Gold Pursuit Contest website and register your account with your Facebook account attached. 

Follow the instructions thoroughly and you are surely one of the winner in this contest. Everything is inside the website. Crack the vaults and collect points game should be easy to play. The ice-cream stick should not be disposed as it is a proof required when you have been picked as the winner by the judge at the end of the game.

Get more update by liking their official Facebook page at Official Magnum Malaysia Facebook page

Magnum Almond ice-cream
Magnum Gold Ice-cream

  • Product : Magnum Ice-cream
  • Calories : 90ml = 280 KCAL, 19g Carb, 3g Protein, 21g Fat,
  • Net Weight : 90ml / 70g
  • Status         : Halal , Made in Indonesia
  • Imported by : Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd
  • Flavor : Chocolate
  • Value (2014) : RM3.99 (Giant)
  • Website :
  • Contact no : 1800-88-1315

First attempt by the author in pursuing this contest. Bought Magnum Almond in hoping there were alphanumerical code. However, it did not turned up the expectation. The expectation is gone, the delicious chocolate ice-cream was cracking inside my mouth. Tasty & Yummy !