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Veri Green Bean Durian

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Green Bean Durian flavor or in Mandarin 绿豆榴莲口味

Veri Unique Collection Green Bean Durian

  • Product            : Veri
  • Calories           : 125 KCAL, 18g Carb, 1.5g Protein, 9g Fat
  • Net Weight      : 70g or 100ml
  • Status               : Halal , Made in Malaysia
  • Manufacturer : LKT FOOD IND. SDN BHD
  • Flavor              : Green Bean Durian
  • Value               : RM 5.50 (Varies)
  • Website           :

Veri Unique Collection Green Bean Durian-made in Malaysia

Durian flavor ice-cream so hard to find last time but, it seem like the availability is gaining momentum as shops in Malaysia started ordering many durian ice-cream from manufacturer as Malaysian gains consciousness in this Durian product as well as to serve rising demand of tourist on local products. 

I would try Durian flavored coffee next time if I bump on local shop again !! I will rate this 5/5 very good packaging !!