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Palace Series 3 Drama on 8TV

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The Palace Series 3 or 宫锁连城 now on 8TV for Malaysian audiences

Source : wikipedia

General of Qing Dynasty wanted his wife to have a son as a heir. But, his wife had 3 daughters and one still under pregnancy. The pressure of her husband to have a male baby deeply saddened her. Everyday, she would perform prayer to a temple goddess. In a desperate time, she resorted to a plan as if the newborn is a girl then she will get a random male baby form somewhere else as a substitute.

In the house of general, general's affair were making a bold step not to show respect gestures to the wife of general. When she was about to be punished, general show up out of nowhere halted the punishment to be made. Out of the sudden, affair told general she was having pregnancy.

Palace series 3

In the fourth attempt to have a male son, she has failed to make an impression to the general because she has yet to have give born to a male baby. In order ward off any unwanted behavior toward her, she adopted the plan to switch her newborn to a random male newborn. She kept the truth away from General the true identity of baby biological father.

As for her newborn daughter was sent out to seem to be likely a prostitute institute. 20 years has passed, Her mother watched the switched male baby grown up to be an adult. He has a tremendous talent in horse riding as well as archery which made his father and mother proud. Although they said time will heal the pain but General wife never forget her fourth daughter.

The show is scheduled every Monday till Friday. The time is 8.30PM - 9.30PM on 8TV