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Turn your mobile into Shopping machine with Shopee

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"Shopee" is your answer to mobile shopping experience in Malaysia

Do you ever wonder what it like doing online shopping with your mobile phone ? Rapid digital technological advancement allows us seamlessly purchase something at Internet without the hassle going outdoor at all ! 

Purchase something like Fidget Spinner does not really need you to go all the way to nearest shopping mall concern yourself with all the car fumes, car gasoline and parking rates even traffic congestion.

The only thing we need to worry about how much time it required to be delivered to our home. Shopee is an mobile app acting as the middle man between the buyer and thousands of sellers. It is a Internet marketplace platform integrated with online payment system.

Basically what you needed beforehand are Internet banking account, a smartphone, Shopee account and a valid mailing address.

Fidget spinner

There are thousand products listed on Shopee. You could use the "search" functionality. These are the fidget spinners I bought on Shopee. It is important to know some sellers has high ratings and guaranteed a satisfactory service provided to you !

online payment option in Malaysia

Local banks in Malaysia has made tremendous finance technological improvement in recent years. We are now in the era of "checking saving balance on Internet" . Most of us would choose "online banking" as the preferred option.


Mobile88 is served as a gateway or summary of transaction before entering to your chosen secured bank website. 

The next thing you would see is your chosen online banking option such as RHB. You will need your smartphone now for the confirmation codes and entering it as requested. After successful attempt, your bank will be immediately deducted RM27 to be sent to Shopee for holding. 

Shopee fidget spinner seller

In this stage, Shopee has already informed the seller to ship the products out when Shopee get it hand on your money through online banking. Hand spinner is such a Internet sensation and it really cost nothing to own one of them. Anyways, I bought three fidget spinners with Shopee.

Chatting with seller at Shopee

Meanwhile, you could chat with the seller while you waiting anxiously your items to be sent till your doorstep. Trust me, if you are new in this online shopping, first 3 days is the hardest moments of your life waiting it.

Logistic tracking

Since we have the power tracking commercial airplane, it is safe to say we are now able to track commercial items too ! It so good living in the twenty first century

Order on 27 of May, Received on 5 of June. Approximately less than 11 days of delivering from China to Malaysia. It is your duty to release the payment to the seller when all the items has been safely arrived to the rightful hands.

Shopee is one of the product of Garena. Garena was one of my favorite gaming platform. This is one of my reason buying at Shopee rather than Lazada or 11street. I have performed many online purchasing on laptop but never on smartphone, this is my first tryout on mobile purchasing with Shopee. Thank You Shopee for this amazing experience !