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Pay Your PTPTN Loan 2017

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Pay your PTPTN loan through FPX & Maybank2u

I have written a guide back in 2013 how to pay your PTPTN debt >> link here 

Due to some changes in PTPTN website in 2017, my 2013 guide is pretty much obsolete.

 What You need before performing pay your PTPTN loan through FPX & Maybank2u :

1. Internet connection
2. PTPTN ID & Pass ( you will get this during semester 1 with the help of your lecturer )
3. Maybank2u online banking account (any online banking will do such as CIMB or RHB )
4. A savings of more or less RM 500 ( the reason Why I put more than the required monthly payment amount because "save for rainy days ?" )
5. A mobile phone ( Receiving secret code )

As you search PTPTN on Google, often you will be directed to the above webpage where there are so many other options. Click the one with blue arrow. It means "check your loan balance" in Malaysia language.

Anyone reading to the point that trigger question like "have you regretted taking up PTPTN loan" ? 
I will. Each time I try to pay PTPTN debt. I have skipped lots of PTPTN loan repayment as you can see the screenshot above me at an amounts RM5000 and I have tried very hard to meet the criteria. 

Everyone has different committed monthly repayment amount mine is just RM 183.00. Since I have skipped so many times paying and accumulated so much overdue might as well just pay RM 200.00 


In the second page, you will be prompted to enter your personal email account and choose the bank you like to pay with. 

Everything is perfectly fine. Type your Username and wait till the yours chosen image come out and safely put your password and enter. 

Besides, you will need your mobile phone on your side and power turned on. On the screen insert the code for confirmation of payment from your bank to PTPTN department.

Any payment comes a receipt even a payment done through Internet. In any case of asking you to show a payment receipt there you have it saving in your computer.

It really delightful to see PTPTN website has been getting a new interface displaying so many important details than the previous interface. As you can see above, the advantages of paying through FPX is it is instantly updated after payment is done. 

Have you use JomPAY ? There is no cost but it take time to process at least 3 days of business hours. There are so many ways paying up your PTPTN debts and remember to do so, as there are so many other Malaysian struggle to get loan for their studies. PTPTN must prevail !