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How to Pay PTPTN debts via online banking

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Attempting to make a full guides how to resolve PTPTN payment through online banking. 

PTPTN banner
source: PTPTN website

PTPTN is short for Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional or in english, national higher education loan. It is designed for SPM leaver taking further studies in any college and universities within Malaysia.

Before all the detailed information, You must have received a letter from PTPTN regarding monthly payment back. If you did not receive it , you will need to wait for not exceeding 10 months for them to send it to you. 

Receiving the letter of PTPTN, you will also receive 6 digits numbers, number of months needed to fully clear PTPTN debts, RM XXX each month need to be paid. For examples, 120 months and RM180 +.  for the 6 digits number, this numbers will be useful for those pay PTPTN debts using online banking

Since you have the letters, you should know the PTPTN hotline is 03-2080 4455, You could give them a call in this numbers should you have any enquiry. They are opened for phone enquiry from 8AM -6PM (Mon-Fri) Besides, PTPTN does have a twitter account. It is @twitptptn

How to Play PTPTN Online  (Images)

Ptptn login

1. Visit >> Click "PTPTN ONLINE"

2. Login using your IC and password. If you forget password, You can retrieve back. You must not forgot the E-mail you are using to register your PTPTN. I forgot my PTPTN password once, I retrieved it back through my E-mail. PTPTN send you a new password within 1 hour

3. Click "Semakan Baki" . After your I.C and password corrected. You shall see a very familiar dashboard. You have seen this when checking PTPTN status at college right? .

4. Click "Bayaran Balik melalui FPX"
 this method is for those who have maybank2u and want to perform online banking payment to PTPTN. I own PTPTN about RM19,000.

5. I jumped few steps because due to sensitive information. You are encouraged to pay them via Maybank2u. Request the TAC number and Maybank will send you TAC. You will be prompt to enter at TAC blank column and confirm the request. You are done !!

As if you are paying PTPTN loan over the counter. You can visit CIMB and BSN. Maybank counter does not have PTPTN repayment service. I have paid via FPX for 2 times. PTPTN customer service confirmed receiving my PTPTN repayment. RM0.50 will be deducted for using FPX service just for your information.

1. Talk to any PTPTN official through phone ? Visit this website below to know your designated PTPTN official 

Check PTPTN official ,  You will prompt insert Identity Card(IC)  Numbers

2. RHB Full Guides How to pay PTPTN online

PTPTN and RHB. It is easily for you not to choose "recurring" better choose immediate. Recurring should means payment standing order which translate as automatically pay them using your RHB bank account every month to come. Choose wisely between "recurring" and "immediate"

Author's feeling and thought

My experience calling PTPTN hotline talking with official at HQ was the staff are helpful and experienced in PTPTN details.  If you ever use FPX for online repayment PTPTN debts, you will need wait 1 day in advance for them to process your payment to PTPTN office.