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RM1000 is minimum requirement for Maybank Fixed Deposit

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Investment & Economy Class 101

Modern day saving in the 21st century is not about putting money in the bank and wait for dividend. Modern day saving is "Fixed deposit". I am not an expert but everyone should know this and make it a practical lesson.

Fixed deposit is not a new term or something confusing. It is just a logical way for bank to put more money into your savings while set a rule on the money. The rule is you have to place RM1000 for a period of time. It can be 2 months for the bank to invest and give you a return of investment.

If I can learn more about economy which I would as well as all the people out there, Fixed deposit has always been fighting the inflation rate. Inflation rate is price goes upward without any sign of going down. It can be like a slow music but it never stop playing.

Salary earners must embrace fixed deposit as a solution for the coming price increase of common goods the recent one would be the cooking oil (2016) !

Image 1

Maybank is a friendly bank with little or not deposit in opening bank account. In fixed deposit investment, RM1000 for two months is a practical way to kick start your way ward off nation's inflation rate. 

The return of investment is 3% annually. In a correct assumption that RM1000 will yield RM30 in a year. RM30 must divide by 12(annual) in order to calculate monthly yield. The yield of one month is RM2.50 only.

Maybank fix deposit RM1000 minimum for 2 months
Image 2


There are 4 options to select in fixed deposit investment. Maybank2u offer hassle free choice crediting all your returns into the same account.

As depicted above, Jun 1, 2017, there were two fixed deposit investment in same day. RM1000 for two months locked till maturity on August 1, 2017.

Two months maturity and RM1000 yields RM5.00 for both return of investment in Malaysia 3% fixed deposit investment. 

In conclusion, I got RM10.00 just by mouse clicking taking few minutes using Maybank2u service. On contrary, I risk my savings locking up RM2,000 for 2 months. In any case of unforeseen circumstances, as if I need the RM2,000 back, all I need to do is few mouse click away to retrieve it back but it will be at your loss. 

How to Withdraw Paypal Funds to Maybank Account

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Withdrawing Paypal Funds to Maybank account.

Describing it as hassle-free and convenient. Everything is in your range. Be sure to read thoroughly all the instruction provided.

I have done many Paypal fund withdraw successfully.

Requirements :

1. Maybank online banking or Maybank2u
2. A Paypal account with funds
3. Add

Steps : 
  1. > My account
  2. > Profile
  3. > Add a bank account
  4. > Fill the blank
  5. > Click "Withdraw" follow the instructions
  6. > Insert your desired amount of fund
  7. > Transaction details
  8. > Check your Maybank Account by Online 
Step 1,2,3

Step 4
If it was Maybank, Please change the "RHB" to "Maybank" . Insert the MEPS bank routing code to "MBBEMYKL" as shown. 

Step 6

Choose your favorite bank account to have the Paypal fund transferred to there.  

Step 7

The RM111.28 before deducting RM3.00 processing fee.

Step 8

The processing fee of RM3.00 successfully deducted the rest of the amount of RM108.28 credited 

Warning : Please do not misuse or misconduct the above article in any means. 

Buy Google Play Credits using Maybank Debit Card

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How to buy Google Play credits or Android apps using Maybank Debit Card

After you successfully add your Maybank debit card on Google Wallet, you will make transaction right after clicking the Green colored " BUY " button.

As soon as you clicked the Green highlighted " Buy " , your bank account will be deducted MYR 3.50. That would only work if you have registered your Maybank debit card on Google Wallet in prior. Do not attempt to click the green higlighted " Buy " button on your smartphone as if you have not made any decision.

Maybank Debit Card is the easiest way and solution for individual who wanted to purchase Apps on Google Play. To get Maybank Debit card, you must meet the requirements of 18 years old and Malaysian citizen. Besides, Maybank staff would ask you to deposit up to RM500. As for student, it can go as low as RM50 only.

Some of you may not know that tt is very important for Maybank debit card users to know the importance of Maybank debit card numbers before applying it. The numbers imprinted on card are highly valuable and only meant for the debit card user who applied it.

Source : Maybank demonstration

These distinctive numbers imprinted on your Maybank Debit Card as shown above 4283 3212 1188 8888
are meant for your visibility. These numbers allowing you accessing your bank account to make transaction on Internet. These 16 digits were to be put into your Google Wallet for purchasing Google Play apps or in-game credits.


  1. Visit Google Wallet ( Make sure it https )
  2. Add your Maybank card numbers for example, 4283 3212 1188 8888
  3. Ready to purchase !!

Purchasing In-Game Credit on Google Play Transaction Completed 

Transaction will be saved on your Google Wallet account which is accessible by your Google mail account. The transaction made information is sent to both Google Wallet and your Google mail.  " For The Tribe " is a game app on Google Play by Asiasoft Online charging MYR 3.50 for in-game item. Unitedmy author accepted the in-game item by exchanging MYR 3.50.

Maybank's FIFA World Cup 2014 Campaign

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source: Maybank Malaysia

Official Maybank Promotion Free trip to Brazil website >>Maybank FIFA Brazil promotion

FIFA World Cup 2014 is around the corner. It will be held at Brazil. Soccer fans are cheering for the event sparked worldwide outcry. Last FIFA World cup was in 2010 the final match between Spain and Netherland 1-0 is amazing soccer match. More information about FIFA world cup 2014 at

Do you want to go Brazil without paying transporatation fees?? Maybank Malaysia wanted You to have 2 tickets if you follow their Promotion. Do remember to follow their guidelines and term and conditions. I will explain briefly how to join FIFA World Cup 2014 Maybank Malaysia campaign !

Firstly of all let us see all the prizes You will have a chance to win !. 

Grand Prizes : 2 tickets for final in Rio De Janeiro stadium
First Prizes : 2 tickets to semi final in Sao Paolo
Bonus Prizes : VISA FIFA merchandise

How to Win ?

1. Spend RM100 with your Maybank VISA Credit Cards from December 13, 2013 until 31 March 2014.
2. SMS "WORLD CUP(space)12 digit IC number and send to 66628 . For example, send your sms to WORLDCUP XXXXXX-XX-XXXX >>> 66628

Do give them a call if you have any enquiries at customer hotline service 1300 88 6688. More information at Maybank FIFA Brazil promotion

How to Pay PTPTN debts via online banking

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Attempting to make a full guides how to resolve PTPTN payment through online banking. 

PTPTN banner
source: PTPTN website

PTPTN is short for Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional or in english, national higher education loan. It is designed for SPM leaver taking further studies in any college and universities within Malaysia.

Before all the detailed information, You must have received a letter from PTPTN regarding monthly payment back. If you did not receive it , you will need to wait for not exceeding 10 months for them to send it to you. 

Receiving the letter of PTPTN, you will also receive 6 digits numbers, number of months needed to fully clear PTPTN debts, RM XXX each month need to be paid. For examples, 120 months and RM180 +.  for the 6 digits number, this numbers will be useful for those pay PTPTN debts using online banking

Since you have the letters, you should know the PTPTN hotline is 03-2080 4455, You could give them a call in this numbers should you have any enquiry. They are opened for phone enquiry from 8AM -6PM (Mon-Fri) Besides, PTPTN does have a twitter account. It is @twitptptn

How to Play PTPTN Online  (Images)

Ptptn login

1. Visit >> Click "PTPTN ONLINE"

2. Login using your IC and password. If you forget password, You can retrieve back. You must not forgot the E-mail you are using to register your PTPTN. I forgot my PTPTN password once, I retrieved it back through my E-mail. PTPTN send you a new password within 1 hour

3. Click "Semakan Baki" . After your I.C and password corrected. You shall see a very familiar dashboard. You have seen this when checking PTPTN status at college right? .

4. Click "Bayaran Balik melalui FPX"
 this method is for those who have maybank2u and want to perform online banking payment to PTPTN. I own PTPTN about RM19,000.

5. I jumped few steps because due to sensitive information. You are encouraged to pay them via Maybank2u. Request the TAC number and Maybank will send you TAC. You will be prompt to enter at TAC blank column and confirm the request. You are done !!

As if you are paying PTPTN loan over the counter. You can visit CIMB and BSN. Maybank counter does not have PTPTN repayment service. I have paid via FPX for 2 times. PTPTN customer service confirmed receiving my PTPTN repayment. RM0.50 will be deducted for using FPX service just for your information.

1. Talk to any PTPTN official through phone ? Visit this website below to know your designated PTPTN official 

Check PTPTN official ,  You will prompt insert Identity Card(IC)  Numbers

2. RHB Full Guides How to pay PTPTN online

PTPTN and RHB. It is easily for you not to choose "recurring" better choose immediate. Recurring should means payment standing order which translate as automatically pay them using your RHB bank account every month to come. Choose wisely between "recurring" and "immediate"

Author's feeling and thought

My experience calling PTPTN hotline talking with official at HQ was the staff are helpful and experienced in PTPTN details.  If you ever use FPX for online repayment PTPTN debts, you will need wait 1 day in advance for them to process your payment to PTPTN office.

Win Maybank Promotions and Join Yuna LIVE at United States

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Malaysian local bank, Maybank is organising a promotion. Winners take away 2 tickets to US or 50 more prizes to be won.  


More information at Yuna trip to US by Maybank promotion.

This promotion is held by Maybank. The way to win this is very simple to do. There are full instruction at the given link above . If you win, You got a chance flying to US to watch Yuna's LIVE . It is clearly stated that spend minimum RM100 with your Maybank Debit Card , subscribe to Maybank One Solution at Maybank kiosk