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How to Withdraw Paypal Funds to Maybank Account

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Withdrawing Paypal Funds to Maybank account.

Describing it as hassle-free and convenient. Everything is in your range. Be sure to read thoroughly all the instruction provided.

I have done many Paypal fund withdraw successfully.

Requirements :

1. Maybank online banking or Maybank2u
2. A Paypal account with funds
3. Add

Steps : 
  1. > My account
  2. > Profile
  3. > Add a bank account
  4. > Fill the blank
  5. > Click "Withdraw" follow the instructions
  6. > Insert your desired amount of fund
  7. > Transaction details
  8. > Check your Maybank Account by Online 
Step 1,2,3

Step 4
If it was Maybank, Please change the "RHB" to "Maybank" . Insert the MEPS bank routing code to "MBBEMYKL" as shown. 

Step 6

Choose your favorite bank account to have the Paypal fund transferred to there.  

Step 7

The RM111.28 before deducting RM3.00 processing fee.

Step 8

The processing fee of RM3.00 successfully deducted the rest of the amount of RM108.28 credited 

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