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10 Reasons AirBnb is Better in Malaysia

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1. Complain directly to the host

If you have something to say about the stay the person you encounter most likely is the host rather than an employee who is just writing down all your complains and pass it to their superior. Or worse, you will never get an employee replies and the manager phone is always "on hold".

2. Improve Economic in a Country

The people who use Airbnb will eventually benefit as they can market their unused properties for a value in the accommodation demand. What if Airbnb could help individual pay off a quarter of the housing loan solving the loan default crisis in a country ? Airbnb provides an option for those who in dire need. It is more like an option than a solution because certain rules and regulation needed to be followed by the Airbnb host.

3. The shared economy

Airbnb sound more affordable, accountable, transparent and simple. It does not sound luxury unless the user end up picking up a luxury one listed in Airbnb. In fact, Airbnb allows the power of values return to the population rather than small group of hotels. 

To make it clear in a listing.

Budget hotels pricing range            RM 60 - RM 150. 
4 stars hotel pricing range              RM100 - RM 300
5 stars hotel pricing range              RM300 - RM 1000
Airbnb allows the lowest price dependent of location as low as RM40  

If you think you do not need those 4 and 5 star hotel's swimming pool, breakfast buffet, bathroom amenities, the professional staff greeting you you should just book a room with Airbnb. The more room in the market than the demand will surely drag the price down to a certain price.

4. Bring own amenities

Amenities in hotels are just overly charged especially those 5-stars hotel / resort. Just bring your own toothbrush, toothpaste, clothes detergent, shampoo and shaver. There are already too much plastic in the world !

5. Review & Rating

The most important features in Airbnb would be allowing the host giving out feedback to the guests. In a event guest did something seriously wrong, the host able to put a bad remarks on the guest profile. Alerting the other Airbnb host should the guest make another booking.

The traditional way would be the guests leaving all the good and bad remarks in a particular website not owned by the hotel itself. In Airbnb, it work the same way.

6. Security

In Airbnb, the host recognized all the guests and immediately recognize those who are not the guests.
All the facilities in the compound were strictly forbidden for outsiders.

7. Payment by Paypal

paypal Malaysia to AIrbnb

Now you can use Paypal as your payment processor in Airbnb in case your credit card is maxed. For your information, local bank RHB is one of the Paypal business affiliated. You could easily top up Paypal balance and use that balance to pay your stay in Airbnb.

8. No Overbooking

Anything can go wrong during the peak season. In the midst of it, this app could be your life savior when all the hotels are fully booked. In many cases, Airbnb could never allow such occurrence due to the availability is well taken care of by the host.

9. Rules

There is a reason why most of the Airbnb hosts in Malaysia put the shoes rack in a very obvious way. A good host always follow certain codes. Something like no noisy after 12PM for the sake of neighbor ?

10. Join the Airbnb community

Get closer with the world. Chat with the host, feel the connection ! sometimes we just need a simple and comfort room.

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