7 Reasons and Memories of Labor Day

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Appreciates the International Worker Day 

There was an article in Wechat few years back depicting China's labor Day. There was not many impressive words in it, but, there was a strong picture in it about an old lady wearing a farmer hat in a tea plantation showing scarred both hands.

So I thought to myself What if I could have my version of appreciating labor day in Malaysia. That will be so cool right ? Their work make our life better and has been underrated and under appreciative from the public.

To the young readers, you might not understand about the importance of labor day before you enter the workforce in Malaysia. However, it is equally important to know beforehand all the rules.

Road Maintenance officer


To be honest, workers in Malaysia generally follows the Asian way. we do not clock in on 08.00 in the morning and clock out on 17.00 pm. Most of us work more than 8 hours and compensated with overtime pay !

It always compensation come first. As if we had a choice ? It is significant to know an employee should work 8 hours a day and no longer. In the event work more than 8 hours, the employee should be compensated. 

The image depicts road maintenance is undergoing it is important the worker has to work odd hours completing the road before dawn.

garbage disposal operator in Malaysia
Garbage Disposal Contractor

2. Public Holiday on May 1

This is just another normal working day for some people. The best part is those who work on labor day get compensated as much as triple the pay. For those white collar, they get a mandatory day off.

There was a story about there was one boy asked by class teacher what he wants to become, his answer is a garbage man because they work just one day in a week. We always thought job pick us for our skills and our academic performance. Some jobs out there are just pure dedication and spirit of volunteer.

3. The Extra Miles

The rainy day is causing havoc on Pavilion roof top dining area. Worker are tirelessly cleaning up the mess before anyone slip down. Lots of workers dispatched to the scene some of them were not scheduled to clean the area.

4. Enforce Public Order

Without them, the supposed public parking lot is home parking with no charge. 3 Officers in suit are recklessly sending out penalty bills to those luxury sedan owners without parking ticket on the windscreen. 

Do not forget we have problem finding parking lots right ? Start appreciate their excellent deeds

5. Crisis

Malaysia is not safe from water and drought crisis. Who are going to water all the plants in the city ? Without a proper measures, all the beautiful flowers withered quickly before the next rainfall. What is more scary is that, we may need to regrow the plant in the city with more taxpayer money than hiring someone water the flowers

6. Huge Impact on Environmental change

No one understands about environmental impact than the generation millennial. We are expose to so many wicked consequences of human throwing plastics the wrong way. We may have plastic ease our life, but, it certainly destroying those who think plastic is a food and clogging our drain system causing lost of millions in taxpayer money

Due to the sheer hard work of this uncle, though this uncle does not collect plastic, he is more fond on collecting carton boxes and styrofoam. But still, it helps the environment in a very meaningful way

7. September is labor day 

In fact, Asian people are surprised some countries celebrates labor day in the month of September.
Most of the restaurants in Malaysia is open for business to serve the demand of good food particularly the McDonald's.

During labor day, the service associates in any restaurantin Malaysia will receive a heavy workload due to the surge of customers. In the end of the day, they are compensated with special day rate in their salary at the end of the month

Perhaps, One day you will learn to show gratitude towards them in many ways for their sacrifices. If you did not share it out today,  today is not the day you started appreciating them. (Not seriously) Happy Labor Day to everyone !