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Top 13 McDonald's Previous Promotions 2014 - 2016

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Sharing McDonald's moments ! McDonald's promotions 2014 - 2016

McDonald's is on smart move closing down few of its outlets in order to maintain a good annual balance sheet. Is McDonald's growing too fast ? 

The answer is no. If you want which fast food restaurant has surpassed McDonald's in rapid expansion will be KFC. Any small town nationwide you will see KFC and not McDonald's. Then why they are downsizing despite business is strategically located and doing just fine?

No point in arguing on that matter, let just rewind / reminiscence some of the nicest McDonald's Malaysia promotions.

McDonald's Minion toy

1. Minion Toys

Despicable Me the movie was so success when McDonald's Malaysia decided to roll out toy version of Minion everyone was like "I am gonna collect all of them".

McDonald's Malaysia chicken

2. McDonald's Chicken

The taste is fairy nice and so unique. Dipping slice of it into chili sauce is unbeatable combination.

Prosperity burger beef Malaysia

3. McDonald's Prosperity Burger

When Chinese New Year is around the corner, McDonald's never fail rolling out its annually promotional food, prosperity burger. 

FIFA Habanero Burger

4. Habanero Burger

Available during the football madness when Brazil was the main host for FIFA World Cup 2014 that held every 4 years. Never gonna forget painstakingly load of spice inside the burger.

5. Beef Samurai

Eat it like a real Onigiri. The seaweed is bomb coupled with fresh deep-fried fries.

6. Vanilla Ice-cream

The best ice-cream flavor in the world. Cherish your vanilla as in history, vanilla used to be very expensive product and only privileged people access to vanilla ice-cream. Although it much cheaper now, must appreciate every bite of it !

McDonald's Malaysia Congee

7. McDonald's Congee

Home sick of your mother / grandmother Congee ? Now, you can get it at McDonald's without cooking at home.

8. Burger Syok

Notice the artwork ? That is a common depiction of a man draw by local artist. The taste of burger so familiar and delicious.

9. Cakoi with Soya Milk

I do not mean to be rude, when I was eating Cakoi, peoples sitting around me were like kept looked at me, "Am I eating too loud" ? Dipping bits of Cakoi either the chili sauce or Soya milk, it absolutely made my day.

10. Grand Platter

Fulfill your morning with joyful breakfast. Literally wake up early queuing for new McDonald's Malaysia breakfast introduced on early December in conjunction with the launching of Cakoi in the morning menu. Most favorite in this grand platter will be baked bean !!

11. Hawaii Deluxe

The best burger ever. Satisfying level 10 / 10

12. Chicken Wrap

The juicy meat is wrapped flatbread plus ice cold lettuce and purple lettuce bring a sensational meal.

13. Chicken Foldover

Fold with a really thick flatbread plus a two juicy meat. The eating is very different because the meat is not wrapped fully.

Express My Love for McDonald's by through the years of collecting McDonald's promotions food images.  cWhat it like to miss McDonald's promotion ? Be sure to be able to eat all of the McDonald's Malaysia promotion before it gone !

Top 10 Japanese Food You Must Try

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Majestic food in Japan is an eye-opening lifetime journey 

If you never know what to order at Japanese restaurant, these are few suggestion for you.

1. Maguro

Maguro fish

Anything superior than salmon will be tasty and fresh Maguro sushi. Maguro is Japanese term for bluefin tuna

2. Grilled Saba 

Saba Shioyaki Sushi King

Want some grilled fish for your indulgence in Japanese food ? Pick none other than Saba shioyaki. Saba is cold-water mackerel fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Ika Geso

Ika Geso

Deep-fried squid tentacle is really tasty. In order to make crispy and mouth-watering taste you need to learn putting egg, flour and some breadcrumb. Ika Geso is Japanese term for Squid tentacles.

4. Tempura

Tempura fish

Deep-fried and battered either fish or shrimp, a complete Japanese meal surely including some tempura dishes. Let try dip tempura fish fillet into Udon soup will sooth the taste of deep-fried for the sake of your tongue.

5. Sushi

Perhaps the greatest food in Japan are the introduction of Sushi. Main ingredient for a sushi is cold steamed rice coated with vinegar coupled with a garnish of anything from raw fish, egg, cucumber and crab stick.

6. Beef Udon / Rice

Beef Udon

Japanese Beef mostly are imported from elsewhere. Unless it was a Tender Kobe Beef only be found at Japan. Try on them the Asian taste of delicious beef cuisine. To ease your hassle finding a Japanese restaurant, find nearest Yoshinoya restaurant

7. Japanese Curry flavor

Curry Udon

Japanese always put red carrot as one of the main ingredient in their curry making. The essence of carrot blend well with the curry. Japanese curry is not as spicy as its looks.

8. Naruto Maki

Naruto Maki

As a naruto anime fan, I must not ignore the connection between both of them. It is hilarious to note that every time I eat naruto, no single time my brain stop associating with the highly-coveted Japanese animation "Naruto".

9. Udon

Kitsune Udon

Udon is pretty much signify the Japanese's noodle. Deliciously thick and finely smooth coupled the Inari a Japanese term for fried tofu.

10. Katsu Chicken

Katsu Chicken-rice-soup-green tea

Any Japanese restaurant seem to have the same recipe for the Japanese style deep-fried chicken cutlet together with fine sliced cabbage and some sesame sauce topping is a complete meal for your day.

Other 10 Japanese food related article : 10 Japanese seafood you must know

5 Reasons McDonalds and KFC are losing out

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McDonald's and KFC outlets are not closing down

The way some people perceived the McDonald's and KFC are going to close down forever in Malaysia as soon as news broke out the corporation are selling franchise rights. In fact, we will be seeing our beloved fast food outlets closing down gradually due to local investor pulling out their investment. The fast food chain is suffering huge competition.

Instead of making a headline of laying off workers or downsizing, the corporation are selling shares in order to invite more talented shareholders and rising fund for further expansion plans.

These are the restaurants, corporation behind McDonalds and KFC should learn from them. The only thing McDonald's and KFC does the best is free gifts for kids. But, they limited only happy meal get free gift which totally discriminate older person eligible to get toy.


The increasing demand for fast food is great opportunity for Texas Chicken to rise. In my opinion, the Texas Chicken brand is much resounding in the western countries. Texas Chicken coleslaw is much more delicious.


Wendy's promotes healthier burger. If you want a burger that actually naturally decompose faster, come to Wendy's. There was an oldest McDonald's outlet in Penang has been replaced by Wendy's . Who knows after all it was the same owner who opened the oldest McDonald's outlet at Pulau Pinang right ?


Burger topped with maggi seasoning and egg prepared at home. Besides, one could opt eating at any burger stall using Ramli chicken meat.


If you are a great observer, you would notice there are always customers flocking in Japanese restaurants at weekend despite lavish menu. The rising trend of Japanese foods in Malaysia is simply cant be ignored.

You might see it as an irrelevant comparison but both Sushi and burger were not Malaysian foods right ? Besides, you could put it this way comparing Salmon Sushi and Fillet o Fish.


Topped with some side dishes such as lady finger and omelette and curry sauce. Mamak curry flavored chicken definitely attractive.

Exclusive Coca-cola Can for Euro 2016 France

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I like how Coca-Cola influences our minds that, every sport must associate with a can of Coca-Cola. Not that I like Coca-cola or Euro 2016, I simply like how Coca-Cola, Euro 2016 France and the new packaging combined altogether.

Instead of collecting the Coca-cola bottle which many has done that to the extent that they will put all of the Coca-Cola cans to a big shelves for displaying. I personally rather collecting the memory and photo with Coca-Cola.

I do not go to a store and pick up Coca-cola randomly as my diet cannot afford a flavored drink. Besides, It cost more or less RM7.00 at 7-Eleven store, you might think this is some kind of purchase at Hotel or Island, no. Who are going to buy 250ml Coca-cola with RM7.00 right ? someone need to be a Coca-cola fans to do that.

It so strange that whenever Coca-cola made any promotion or new packaging, I have desire to buy it. Reminiscing how much Coca-cola I have drank in my life, it is crazy !

So any Malaysian Coca-cola fans wanted to collect it feel free to visit nearest 7-Eleven store now !

These are 10 Malaysian Favorite Ice-Cream

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Melt Your Heart, Always Do !


I doubt McDonalds Malaysia earn most in burger segment. As you can see, sometimes McDonalds Malaysia rolled out a small McDonalds kiosk to sell only their ice-cream cone. In term of availability, price and product who could stand out ? I bet the first thing pop up in Malaysian mind when speaking of ice-cream is Vanilla Sundae Cone.


This has stolen Malaysian daily salary !! Some of us would think that 3 scoops of Baskin Robbins almost equivalent to Malaysia's daily minimum wage !

magnum white almond


Magnum Malaysia created few nice events and astonishing marketing plans. Wall's Magnum is pretty happening right now with so many fund for their advertising campaign. To really define Magnum ice-cream, Hard Chocolate covering a within Soft Vanilla !!!

Nestle Kit Kat Green Tea Ice - Cream


It literally stuck a Kit Kat bar in the middle of ice - cream cone. It feel so uncomfortable because usually the within ice-cream should be soft !! Any flavor but green tea. Deep down in my heart, Green tea suppose to be consumed in liquid form. It is best that stay that way for centuries

Milo Ice Cream cone


For centuries I have Milo in liquid form, this is the first time I heard someone actually came out an idea to make my usual milo ice into a complete solid form. Oh Man, everytime I think about it I think about Sensodyne toothpaste. My teeth cannot withstand the cold feeling By the way, I still think No. 3 is better !!

New Zealand Natural


This came out of nowhere ! One of the premium ice-cream offering


Must warned reader please do not fried it more than 10 seconds . Keep it less than 5 seconds and the chocolate within will be in a much solid form than the above picture shown.


Widely advertised ice-cream in Malaysia. Put up a really great win-win marketing campaign. Taylor Swift was about to make concert in Asia which Cornetto is making the awareness in the same time Cornetto brand could be brought up with Taylor Swift popularity !



Complicated brand title but everyone is curious and making a fuzz eyebrow. Oreo and vanilla ? That make perfectly fine for me ! It did remind me of my childhood due to the ice-cream cup. I must confess girl are crazed about ice-cream stick !


Ice Cold ice-cream for perfect afternoon ! Scorching hot sun coupled with El- Nino phenomenon impacted Malaysia. .

Top 10 F&B Chain in Malaysia

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It always been a joyful feeling to see a hugely successful F&B business worldwide opening it outlet in Malaysia. Vice versa, it happy to acknowledge local F&B business are able to open outlet at oversea

These are the F&B restaurants where the local spent their weekend. Although there are lots of delicious F&B restaurants, these are my list of top 10 favorite F&B restaurants to go !

Check it out ! another list of my 10 Successful Food & Beverage Restaurants in Malaysia


The brand "Oldtown" is not unfamiliar to Malaysian. In order to compete in market, mass expansion throughout nationwide most crowded and strategic places were launched. Signature food and drinks are Oldtown White coffee and Curry Mee.


The brand "Chatime" actually means something goes like this, "give me a break, drink tea" or, "It's time for tea". Anyways, Asian does not despise tea. Chatime pretty much dominating Malaysia's demand for milktea.

Huge success skyrocketed the Chatime ambitious move to open more outlets nationwide. Signature drink is pearl milk tea with red bean ! You could order one cup to try at RM6.5 - RM8.5


A popular dessert brand in Malaysia currently embarking expansion. Brought to you as far as Taiwan. Those who missed Taiwan dessert, this is a great place to satisfy your taste bud.


Chicken Rice Shop

Probably the only way to beat too much fried chicken is to have a feast on steam chicken. Rumor has it that steam chicken is much healthier ! definitely should try the Pai tee.


Pizza Hut Crown

Malaysian does not turn their back at Pizza ! Cheese, pineapple, chicken reminds me of Hawaii Chicken Pizza !! Pizza Hut is one of the most popular brand before KFC and McDonalds. I will rank Pizza Hut 3rd in orderly manner.


Subway Chicken Slice Sandwiches

The tempting submarine sandwiches were no boundary in seducing our taste bud. The taste is always lingering at our mouth ! It get so addictive and so much cheaper !


Instead of getting a coffee, take a cup of fruits blended drink ! Take a fruit a day, keep doctor away ! Imagine all the healthy food blended together added with special flavor for your day !! For ordinary Malaysian, most of us don really know how to blend the right fruits !

After drinking Boost's juice, immediately recovered from a light flu !


Malaysian are started to jump into frenzy of Japanese food. The brand "Sushi Zanmai" is getting popular due to its daring expansion across Malaysia. The vast opportunity is there to capture Malaysia market for Japanese food. ! Malaysia never shy away from fish such as Salmon and Eel !


Domino reigns heavily at West Malaysia competing with Pizza Hut. The presence od Domino at East Malaysia is marginal.

10.  WENDY'S

Witness the world third largest hamburger restaurant "Wendy". One can get to dine at Sunway Pyramid. Wendy always promote it superior healthy hamburger !

10 Attractive about Seoul Garden Restaurant

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Seoul Garden Restaurant is expanding its reach nationwide. Managed by Zingrill Holdings based in Singapore.

Some attractive points to ponder about Seoul Garden restaurant :

- Buffet style with variety of drinks
- Halal
- "Do Serve Beef"
- no alcohol
 - Variety of ice-cream
- There are Chicken Bulgogi and Chicken Kim Chi
- Various dressing notably, Spicy Korean Chili 
- Seafood such as prawn, squid, clam and many more
- Cendol
- 5 Types of soup

It was a pretty serene environment. Food was all well prepared no single out-of-stock and empty scheme by the restaurant. Get inside became the only two customers unfortunately there were nothing for early bird !

Told the cashier we are going to have buffet here, she was happy to see both of us and pretty straightforward give us a receipt as I had paid her in advance.  There was a friendly looking staff following us to our favorite sitting spot. Pouring spicy Kim Chi Soup to the bowl and started the grill
Clean and neat walking freely with so many Korean food choices.

There were vegetables and appetizer but, This is my kind of appetizer. Golden Crispy roll, fries, fried rice.

Look closely, I greedily took yummy chicken bulgogi, chicken kimchi, chicken bbq. There were some vegetable and corn inside the kimchi soup.

Yummy Kim Chi soup Noodle. Excellent taste !

Seoul Garden Seafood

Was not in the mood eating seafood. The best part all seafood were fresh !

Not a big fan of seafood, grilled the prawn instead.

Herbal Soup !


Seoul Garden Tissue !

It might be the biggest "Halal" "Buffet" Korean Restaurants in Malaysia with so many outlets nationwide.

Seoul Garden website :

Spent RM87.00 approximately RM43.50 per person.