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Prosperity Burger vs Chicken Rice

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Make your move visit McDonalds and Chicken Rice Shop now as new menu rolled out in the month of January 2016

McDonalds Malaysia prosperity burger

Prosperity Burger is McD Malaysia festive menu only available when Chinese New Year is around the corner. A set of Prosperity Burger, come with Twister fries and Prosperity McFlizz. Honestly, The prosperity McFlizz is definitely easy to make. The ingredients are adding some orange with 80%. sprite. I have seen it and you probably could have seen it too since McDonald practice open kitchen  

Craving other than Prosperity Burger or feeling Prosperity burger too small portion for your appetite?

Introducing Chicken Rice Shop's Chinese new year menu,  It highly recommended due to its variety of delicious snacks especially the "Nyonya Pai Tee"and "The Pak Choy" with dark soy sauce and last but not least delicious mouth-watering Hainanese style Chicken with special kind of dressing.

The drink was exclude from the package though ! The cost is RM22 per person.

Oldtown Wing vs Wing Battle Promotion

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Oldtown never cease to capture more opportunity to get bigger

Oldtown Curry Mee

Ordered a curry mee seem like the new promotion isn't fulfilling huge appetite of me.

Oldtown Honey Spicy

It was actually quite big portion.

one wing battle oldtown promotion

There are many other chicken wing flavor to choose, one of its was Honey Spicy flavor.

10 Popular Japanese Seafood in Malaysia

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Mainstream fish such as Salmon is exception but too, one of the greatest Japanese seafood sought by Malaysian.

Salmon sushi or more commonly addressed as Shake is a must-have in Japanese restaurants. It might be confusing to some non-Japanese, Which are the hot-selling Japanese seafood available in Malaysia ?  


Though Nama Kaki or Fresh and raw oysters are much more a mouth-watering delicacy, Akagai or Arc Shell Sushi is a little thing you wanted to try if you really like its counterpart which is mentioned above.



Seeking a white, soft and fresh scallop ? Normally Hotate or in English as scallop were not available with the shell still attached. Find a restaurant which Hotat is removed of its shell by the sushi chef on the spot. Usually the fresh Hotate (not removed it shell )is displayed at the sushi frozen counter 

Itoyori fish


Threadfin Bream is a fish sought by many due to its tastiness. Perhaps, the demand for this fish is higher than the supply

Renkodai fish


Yellowback seabream is what they called it. Slight different than Itoyori the there was a yellow thread across at the top rather than the body.

Seki Aji


Fine taste that drives people keep drooling  



The fish with red pigment and really big and wide mouth. 

soft shell crab


A crab that can be consumed wholly due to it softness after a deep fry with flour covered. The crabs were harvested during it period of changing to a harder shell. A transition where the crabs needed to dislocated it entire shell first leaving a soft and wide-opened meats.

Flying fish Tobio


Flying fish is not an exception 10 popular Japanese Seafood in Malaysia.



Freshwater eel is very much associated with Salmon they are both unable to be separated.

Isaki fish


I believe they might get this fish wrong because it's not look like a normal Isaki. 

There are more fishes are favorite to Malaysian. Such as Saba Shioyaki or Grilled Mackarel. The 10 popular Japanese seafood listed here might not be available across Japanese restaurants nationwide. It simply depends on your luck. The reason behind it because simply there were not enough supply to cater the demands.

Johnny Rockets Burger and Quiznos Pizza at Penang

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Fast growing restaurant brand in Malaysia 2015. New opening at Penang Gurney Paragon.

Johnny Rockets brand and uniform at Penang

American restaurant franchise are mushrooming in Malaysia. The huge expansion is ongoing with many new restaurant opening at highly congested area such as the Gurney Paragon Mall. With so many high rise shopping malls in Malaysia, the demand for upscale restaurant is increasing. Willing to pay premium price for a decent meals is an idea adopted by local communities as their lifestyle is catching up with developed country.

By checking out their Facebook page targeted on Malaysia, they have poured sizable fund into effort making a successful marketing effort,Johnny Rockets MY Facebook Page

If it was not because of it heavily marketed on Facebook, author would not be able to learn newly opened restaurant at Gurney Paragon mall. Came to know about Johnny Rockets through Facebook's sponsored post while scrolling the News Feeds.
Smoked House Single

Offer much complex flavors and bun types. Burger lovers definitely must try.

I wonder why drinks was not included in a package that cost RM27.00 ? Ordered an average size smoke house single burger.

It was a surprising experience acknowledging that there are few other restaurants rather than just Johnny Rockets. It was not just about Johnny Rockets restaurants,

Inside Urban Food Hall, Johnny Rockets are one of the restaurant operating under one name. 

Was not fancy about taking away, dining in with friends ordered a pizza package carrying the brand name Quiznos Cafe. The package contains a cold coke and cost not more than RM18.00 .

Classic Italian

The order was taken by selecting it at an ipad . While selecting, the staff were dancing with loud music turned on. It was a pleasant dinner.

First try Johnny Rockets burger, definitely using some juicy and quality ingredients. a memorable experience indeed. Saliva was all over the table till the floor.

Nestle Kit Kat Green Tea Ice-cream

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Flavor of Green Tea is Nestle Malaysia new strategic product 

The feeling of unable resisting ice-cream temptation melting inside mouth.  

Kit Kat and Green Tea flavor are really an absurd combination

Successful Taiwanese Dessert in Malaysia

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Blackball Taiwanese dessert

Not just their giant milk tea franchise Chatime popular among Malaysian, the dessert shop based in Taiwan are making a fine business over here.

There are some common presence of milk tea ingredients such as red bean, milk tea pearl. But, the yellow and white thing inside the bowl are the main protagonist and antagonist.

Both are described as soft, tender and deliciously sweet. The combination of the Blackball milk pour inside in order to make it perfect. Finding the meaning of the Chinese characters over the top of the plate in Google Translate, it come out as "Tender Immortality"

BlackBall Taiwanese dessert house

Blackball dessert chain are frequented by youngster.

International Coffee Day with Wonda

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It good to learn today's international coffee day

The Star front page international coffee day with wonda

Guess where I have learn about the international coffee day, the first page of the star newspaper published on September 29, 2015 does a great job informing me this jaw-breaking information.

Always wonder what kind of surprising news every time I try to buy a newspaper. I guess that overwhelm feeling of wanted to know what is going on around.

If I have not bought today newspaper, I would not have learnt today's International Coffee Day. Awesome discovery just make anyone day better.

Admitting that there are not all newspaper pages I like to read but, it is enough if there are one page that worthy to read and this is it.

I spent about 20 minutes getting to know all these perks and decided to work it out. It smell adventure !

I have known Wonda coffee and tasted it. I did not boast it, You can check it out, blogged somewhere here is the link Wonda wonderful Coffee. At that time, I was really curious the taste of Arabika Coffee.

You and I would not believe it that Wonda Coffee advertisements on the star newspaper took three whole pages. The thing is that The star newspaper is smart enough to hide the third pages containing all the perk information. The first and second pages are all about wishing "International Coffee Day" and nothing else. It did not actually indicating there are huge freebies. Only the people who flip to the 13 pages get to know it.

Yeah !, the 3rd hidden pages of Wonda Coffee advertisement shown at 13 page. One has to read about all these promotions from RHB, Celcom.

I would consider it as a freebies if most of the 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia offering Wonda Coffee as low as RM1.00. I do not want to expose most of the perks because I am not that cheerful to share. But I try to compel it together, there are free TGV cinemas movie ticket, Tesco Buy 1 Free 1, Myteksi free wonda coffee treat (request via myteksi app), Mesra RM50,000 worth of fuel to be won, Domino's Pizza RM10 with any purchase of two cans of wonda coffee, RM1 buying from 7-Eleven.

It was not my priority to share all the perks, I just wanted to share the joy of International Coffee Day

7 Eleven Wonda Coffee promotion RM1

The promotion is going smoothly, That was a relieve indeed as if that would spoil my day if the promotion was not going so well.

Wonda Coffee

That me sip some premium coffee !

A Growing Bakery Cafe Chain "Bread History"

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A successful pastry business with more than 10 outlets 

With great demand, come a great business opportunity. When the last time we were making pastries at home ? Certainly most of us staying in Malaysia could never really bake. We do not have the essential skill and tools. Meanwhile, the ever-growing demand for delicious pastry is huge. Tell me you as a Malaysian like Roti Canai and Roti Planta. It is the same, it made from flour.

Do not get to close to the picture. Should call it as a chocolate doughnut. The real name is Chocolate Ring. I still feel the chocolate in my mouth.

One thing I have noticed is that the pastry business is lucrative. the price of pastry is increase from time to time as flour is expensive stuff in the market right now.

Website :

Milk Tea Franchise Giant Chatime Bubble Tea

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Rapidly expanding throughout Malaysia states closer rivalry to Starbucks

Coffee or Tea, pick only one for your precious daytime. the hardest question ever for a single brain to answer. The best solution is as if you are under the influence of cold, running nose or feeling sick the best will be of course "tea". It has miraculous healing entity as oppose to coffee.

Developing interest for tea is not simple. Mixing sweetener perhaps attracting more people enjoying tea is one of the greatest invention in the food and beverage industry. The same to Starbucks you prefer not to drink it without the help of sweetener. That is a yes for young generation.

Lots of milk and chocolate in a cup of green tea. Based on the color, there is reason to believe chocolate seem to be dominate the quantity of green tea. "Chatime" is a popular beverage brand headquarter at Taiwan. The bubble tea shops is a symbolic and landmark for Asian Chinese community.

Chatime staff uniform

Chatime Malaysia prefer adopting kiosk-booth concept instead of renting a business shoplot. The theme color for Chatime is purple. A quick look the picture above, it was texts written that Chatime is largest pearl milk tea business recorded in Malaysia book of records

Chatime in Malaysia since 2003

Chatime is expanding globally as a sign of gaining momentum to be the largest pearl milk tea chain in the world likened to the status of Coffee giant "Starbucks". If KFC and McDonalds, then it will be Chatime and Starbucks.

Chatime is operated by La Kaffa International and they too is a public-listed company.

Lunch at Restaurant "Teh Tarik Place"

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Teh Tarik Place with Nasi Goreng Ayam and Bandung Sirap

Nasi Goreng Ayam

It would surprise you that serving customer a fusion of Malay and Indian cuisine. The best food will be the Rempah Chicken which normally a cuisine origin in Malay community. Surprisingly, the restaurant does serve customer a set of cuisine usually done by Mamak restaurant. One would order Roti Canai there too.

Teh Tarik Bandung Sirap

A taste of Pink colored drink with the smell of fresh milk. Bandung sirap is the perfect drink beside Teh Tarik.

Unlike a normal coffee shop, local franchise restaurants are charging higher average price for its service and food quality.

Do not feel any guilty not to order Teh Tarik because the shop does not really emphasize the drink in any form. You may order a cup of Teh Tarik which is half the name of restaurant..

In Teh Tarik Place website, providing information about the opportunity for franchise. Whoever wish to open restaurant, you may want to get a piece of information in their website.

Facebook link : Teh Tarik Place Facebook Page

Ikameshi at Takio Ikayaki Kiosk

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Craving for Crunchy Seafood and mouth-watering sauce.


It is true to say that there were no much existence of seafood restaurants in Malaysia that actually serve giant squid or "Ikameshi". Derived from the name tag, it means Japanese seafood delicacy.

Emptying the squid and stuff some delicious rice or fish ball, plating with fresh lettuce, topped with yellow special sauce one could not imagine how tasty it would be.

Takio Ikameshi

Due to less business competitors in serving squid and soft shell crab, the Takio Ikayaki kiosk serving Ikameshi received tremendous good reception during it opening in Malaysia. Now, they have more kiosks at nationwide. Serving seafood lovers in Malaysia

Besides, the achievement of another Japanese delicacy "Takoyaki" in Malaysia. Kiosks serving mainly Takoyaki. It is a good business indeed.

Subway Restaurant with Signature Chicken Slices sandwiches

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Everyday Value only at RM7.30. Self-Pick your vegetables, buns, sauce

Subway Malaysia and Chicken Slice

Totally different experience it was my first time stepping in this grand franchise restaurant in the world. June 2015 marked as the month and year trying Subway meal for the first time in my whole life. I am grateful it was awesome. I will never forget because Subway encouraging customers interaction with the staff picking up i customer's own delicious choices of vegetables, sauces, buns. You will be amazed with the variety.

I have known Subway for a long time since was like 2008 ? Subway always come in mind because of it affordable pricing. You see, everyone could grab it just for RM7.30.

I was terrified when we are customer the one fill up the empty cup. The staff was like passing me the empty cup, I knew this was gonna happen because there was a soft drink machine beside me while I was paying at the counter. Shortly after paid, passing me a empty cup with Subway wording. Never in my whole life filling up own carbonated soft drink.

Variety of delicious sauces, many choices of fresh vegetables are the reason keep me coming.

OldTown White Coffee Raya 2015 Menu

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MyDulang Set Special menu for Ramadhan featuring Nasi Rendang

OldTown White Coffee MyDulang

"Sungkai" or in English "break their fast together" for Muslim. Let Sungkai at OldTown White Coffee Restaurant with more than 200 outlets across Malaysia. The new menu is aimed to attract customer to come eat in line with Raya festive season in June and July 2015.

Definitely make it much more attractive rather than just the average OldTown White Coffee Menu. For instance, KFC Malaysia made a wise decision rolling out " Ayam Kicap Meletup" in conjunction of the incoming Hari Raya 2015.

With "Ayam Kicap Meletup" or in English as Dark Soy Sauce Chicken Explode and OldTown White Coffee's MyDulang Set, everyone could enjoy more choices of meals while increasing their mood in this coming festival.

OldTown White Coffee

Not really went there for OldTown White Coffee. Was really amazed by OldTown effort in promoting MyDulang Set. There is a big signboard outside the restaurant with a really huge promotional illustration.

Nasi Rendang

Get a bite of lekor, fried chicken, boiled egg, cucumber, some vegetable and crunchy keropok. This set cost something like RM21.00nett

Coca-cola Float

Coca-Cola Float for the hot sun in lunch time coupled with spicy and oily meal. 

10 Successful Food and Beverage Franchise in Malaysia

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Growing Restaurant Franchise Brands Nationwide

All the successful food and beverage restaurants listed below are strategically located nationwide. One can rest assured to say numbers of KFC outlets in Malaysia far surpassed any other single restaurant brand in Malaysia.

Lucrative food and beverage market and friendly government policies towards food and beverage franchise is main contribution to many successful story owning a franchise restaurant.  

Joy is ours with these restaurants making business in Malaysia. Imagine a day without these 10 restaurant brands in Malaysia, it will be an awful nightmare !.


Secret Recipe

It is surprising to know that the founder and headquarter for Secret Recipe is Malaysian-based businessman.

2. KFC


One of the most powerful restaurant brand in Malaysia. Serving mainly chicken with secret ingredients from Sanders.



Mainly serving burger and french fries.



Sweet coffee rescue your day


Famous Amos

The smell of Famous Amos at the airports is soul intrigued.


Soft donuts is the best


Baskin Robbins

Ice-cream that will melt your heart at a random hot scorching day


Great service, great environment, great food.


Whooping with great tasty sauce.


Extra sauce to the tender chicken please !

Thought this is it ? No !, check it out the other 10 brightest franchise F&B in Malaysia at Top 10 F&B chain in Malaysia