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Top 10 Japanese Food You Must Try

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Majestic food in Japan is an eye-opening lifetime journey 

If you never know what to order at Japanese restaurant, these are few suggestion for you.

1. Maguro

Maguro fish

Anything superior than salmon will be tasty and fresh Maguro sushi. Maguro is Japanese term for bluefin tuna

2. Grilled Saba 

Saba Shioyaki Sushi King

Want some grilled fish for your indulgence in Japanese food ? Pick none other than Saba shioyaki. Saba is cold-water mackerel fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Ika Geso

Ika Geso

Deep-fried squid tentacle is really tasty. In order to make crispy and mouth-watering taste you need to learn putting egg, flour and some breadcrumb. Ika Geso is Japanese term for Squid tentacles.

4. Tempura

Tempura fish

Deep-fried and battered either fish or shrimp, a complete Japanese meal surely including some tempura dishes. Let try dip tempura fish fillet into Udon soup will sooth the taste of deep-fried for the sake of your tongue.

5. Sushi

Perhaps the greatest food in Japan are the introduction of Sushi. Main ingredient for a sushi is cold steamed rice coated with vinegar coupled with a garnish of anything from raw fish, egg, cucumber and crab stick.

6. Beef Udon / Rice

Beef Udon

Japanese Beef mostly are imported from elsewhere. Unless it was a Tender Kobe Beef only be found at Japan. Try on them the Asian taste of delicious beef cuisine. To ease your hassle finding a Japanese restaurant, find nearest Yoshinoya restaurant

7. Japanese Curry flavor

Curry Udon

Japanese always put red carrot as one of the main ingredient in their curry making. The essence of carrot blend well with the curry. Japanese curry is not as spicy as its looks.

8. Naruto Maki

Naruto Maki

As a naruto anime fan, I must not ignore the connection between both of them. It is hilarious to note that every time I eat naruto, no single time my brain stop associating with the highly-coveted Japanese animation "Naruto".

9. Udon

Kitsune Udon

Udon is pretty much signify the Japanese's noodle. Deliciously thick and finely smooth coupled the Inari a Japanese term for fried tofu.

10. Katsu Chicken

Katsu Chicken-rice-soup-green tea

Any Japanese restaurant seem to have the same recipe for the Japanese style deep-fried chicken cutlet together with fine sliced cabbage and some sesame sauce topping is a complete meal for your day.

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