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10 Important Fruits in Malaysia

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Abundant Fruits available throughout nationwide

The last time Malaysian run out of fruit supply is almost impossible. The lifestyle disease pretty much outweigh Malaysia fruit consumption rate. It is believe that Malaysia has continuously import good fruits into the country in order to tackle problematic disease such as obesity, heart illnesses.

Although Malaysian healthcare system is fairly affordable. There is a saying goes like "prevention is better than cure". Unless it was a fruit named Durian, most of the fruits are supplement for our body !

Apple and grape


Most of the apple put on sale at Malaysian local store are product of import from USA. we never realize how lucky we are able to taste apple ! It receives underwhelmed response perhaps due to lack of health awareness ?

I firmly believe that the fruits are heavily subsidized by the authorities. we may not the know the actual price of one apple. In 2017, the price of an apple should be RM1 as well as the price of an orange which also a product of import either from Australia or Egypt !

There is not much price inflation in fruit market in Malaysia due to abundant supply and least demand !


I did not recalls any memories of my parent ever advice me eating more grapes. They never tell us eating it could prevent cancer and heart disease !



It is not a secret that our country could product some banana in a fertile land. Banana is no stranger to us. Often, we cook it in a boiling oil with flour covering the banana. Fried banana is totally mind-blowing snack !

We may have unconsciously eating banana the wrong way after the introduction of fried banana into our diet !



Corn is so delicious indispensable in many local cuisine. Indeed, whoever eat corn will live to tell the story to other how delicious it is !



F&N beverage has been brewing Lemon Tea products for century reaping profits from Malaysian thirsty for more lemon ! Don't get me wrong we love the song "Lemon tree" from Fool garden as much as much we love consuming the lemon !

Lime citrus


Teh O Ice Limau is perhaps the most consumed drink in mamak restaurant ! High demand and easily made good beverage for throughout the day.  To your surprise, there is a long list of health benefit eating lime.



There is a discussion about papaya is enlarging women breast by eating it at a minimal amount. Myth or fact does not matter as long as there is a research that consuming Papaya seed would make sure you are parasite free !

There is one point in your life that you would fear body get infested with million of parasite ? That is how I got my first papaya for being too much pessimism.



If you ask me 3 fruits that I can think of right now, I would say watermelon after banana. This giant red fruit is everyone favorite.



Full of tomato in a pizza ? or, sweet and sour fish ? a necessary ingredient for many local cuisine. I like chili more than tomato anyone with me ?

coconut water


The last one should be least expected, coconut has been a very undervalued fruit. Most of the westerner does not really welcome coconut due to its research outcome not very pleasing. Well, in other part of the world, coconut milk or coconut oil are very much acceptable !

Imagine one day the fruit price skyrocketed or there has been a restriction imposed on these fruits. We should protect fruit from any discrimination in order for many generation yet to come for them to have a taste of it.