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Yili Greek Yogurt is selling at RM7 in Malaysia

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Highly influential China's variety programme "Running Man"  endorsed Yili Group's Greek Yogurt

Yili greek yogurt

Fans of the show have tried to purchase or to extend, imports the drink from China in order to displays their support and love on the variety show and celebrities. Although generally speaking most of Malaysian are not fond of yogurt drinks, due to celebrity endorsement from Li Chen and Angelababy, the market may endures large demand on Yili's greek yogurt beverage in a short time.

During the show, celebrity would satisfy thirst with Ambrosial AnMuXi Greek Yogurt Drink indirectly promoting the yogurt drink. Due to the large demand, the drink can be bought in some local stores in Malaysia for instance, Familymart. The price is at between RM7 - RM20.

The imported drink may have a different type of expiry date to warns the consumer. This yogurt drink most likely shows the manufacture date and encourages consumer drinks it within the duration of 6 months. Besides, do not be discouraged when you found out the beverage date is expired for a month, you may have wrongly noticed it was actually manufacture date for an imported products.

Yogurt or directly translated from Mandarin as "sour milk" is no stranger to us as we have known Yakult from Japan. Both products have a similarity in taste. However, a humble opinion, Yili's greek yogurt is much more sticky andcreamy.