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MAS is RM20+ cheaper than Airasia domestic flight

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Sabah flight with Malaysia Airline is much more cheaper than Airasia. 

Airasia can never boast tagline "Now everyone can fly" the same way for local community in Sabah. MAS may have implemented price reform that could easily put Airasia in a disadvantage position. The changes in ticket price is noticeable as local community in Sabah are never fond of taking land transportation for instance, Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan or Kota Kinabalu to Tawau. They relied heavily on air transportation due to its travel speed and cost efficient.

Sabah may not be as congested as in the west Malaysia, However, the road to various cities in Sabah were not ideal. As more people noticing Sabah potential, the number of population has grew rapidly and will be in upward trend in the near future. No one wanted to spend 9 hours in a bus as alternatively air transport from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu is merely less than 1 hour.

The obvious popularity swing from Airasia to Malaysia Airline in Sabah has lead to one of the local member of parliament at Kinabatangan voicing dissatisfaction felt by his people in governed area. In fact, the people started to realized it is a good sign that fierce competition among air transport companies is good for the economy.

2nd Lunar new Year and Saturday 17 / February / 2018. Ticket price from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu. ticket price RM174 not inclusive of tax and processing fee

It is safe to say most of local community Sabah chose Airasia as their preferred airline company flying nationwide. The price is economical friendly as opposed to Malaysia Airline. Just speaking from experience, Airasia ticket used to be as cheap as lower than RM100 for single trip from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau or Sandakan which as cheap as an express bus that took 5 hours and more to reach. Whereas, Malaysia Airline ticket could cost up to RM180 above with added baggage.

It is even cheaper as if purchase it at early date, Airasia ticket could go as low as RM70 or even below RM50 in a promotional rate.

The price is RM 161.12 for a single trip from Tawau to Kota kinabalu. 

One may argue that consumer is purchasng a flight ticket a day before the flight date. Airasia may get you a cheaper price at early date, there was no guarantee that you will have average ticket price at a really late flight date. 

To be frank, the lowest airasia ticket we could find comparison is RM174.00 and that is not the final price no inclusive tax and processing fee. To blindly guess the price could be up to RM190.00++ for airasia ticket puchasing at a very late date and in a festive season.

Malaysia Airlines ticket price at RM161.12 is inclusive of tax, luggage, preferential seat allocation and may have a free meal for flight duration over 60 minutes. 

In a suggestion for a competitive airline companies in Malaysia, the Airasia is a role model and subsequently leads Malaysia Airline lost its status as monopoly in respective business and push for a price reform. Eventually not in exaggerate way to say "Now Everyone can fly".