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Singapore to Johor Bahru Airport to Tawau Airport

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Singapore > Johor Bahru Airport > Tawau Airport

Why would anyone from Singapore picks Senai airport service ? Well, Singapore Changi airport is located at East side of Singapore. It is quite far away for those living at north side and west side of Singapore. Senai airport provides alternative to your air travel experience.

From Singapore's Kranji MRT station, hop into one of the bus to Johor Bahru CIQ (custom immigration and quarantine). There are two options, 170x or The yellow causeway link bus. 

Ezlink Card or Nets can be used on 170x,
Yellow causeway Link bus accepts Malaysia Ringgit.

CW1 kranji MRT to Johor
Present your ticket to Singapore bus staff and Malaysia bus staff when required

In order to avoid confusion, you are required to have the bus ticket with you all the time until you reach your destination such as Larkin terminal or Johor Bahru City Centre. Passenger will be alighted at woodland checkpoint. Passport are required at this point by Singapore authority.

Causeway link Bridge

Causeway link bridge is one of the iconic architecture. Besides, the breeze wind and the sunset are not to be missed. Hope you have a enjoyable journey !

JBCC to Senai airport ticket RM8
Senai airport bus from JBCC

After have your passport checked by Malaysia authorities, there are two bus stations. Before the Starbucks, there is a bus kiosk where you can buy Causeway Link bus to Senai airport. The ticket is RM8.

Grab from JBCIQ to Senai airport
Grab price RM35

Grab is no cheaper than the bus. But, you may opt for grab with your companion. As if you are travelling alone, you would choose the cheapest option.

Senai airport is one of the close proximity to Changi airport. Fret not, low cost Malaysia airline Airasia kiosks are available should you need any assistance on flight check-in and most importantly to print out your travel itinerary with Airasia.

Johor Bahru to Tawau with Airasia flight RM223

Bought a flight ticket at last few days will cost you a fortune. You could have the flight ticket lesser than RM200. The flight from Johor Bahru to Tawau is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Tawau is known for its cheap seafood. If you are a fan of seafood, join thousands of travelers around the world hunting for the delicious, fresh and economical seafood. Besides, you could get to Semporna from Tawau airport. At this place, you get to do scuba diving and have a seafood feast.

MAS is RM20+ cheaper than Airasia domestic flight

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Sabah flight with Malaysia Airline is much more cheaper than Airasia. 

Airasia can never boast tagline "Now everyone can fly" the same way for local community in Sabah. MAS may have implemented price reform that could easily put Airasia in a disadvantage position. The changes in ticket price is noticeable as local community in Sabah are never fond of taking land transportation for instance, Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan or Kota Kinabalu to Tawau. They relied heavily on air transportation due to its travel speed and cost efficient.

Sabah may not be as congested as in the west Malaysia, However, the road to various cities in Sabah were not ideal. As more people noticing Sabah potential, the number of population has grew rapidly and will be in upward trend in the near future. No one wanted to spend 9 hours in a bus as alternatively air transport from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu is merely less than 1 hour.

The obvious popularity swing from Airasia to Malaysia Airline in Sabah has lead to one of the local member of parliament at Kinabatangan voicing dissatisfaction felt by his people in governed area. In fact, the people started to realized it is a good sign that fierce competition among air transport companies is good for the economy.

2nd Lunar new Year and Saturday 17 / February / 2018. Ticket price from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu. ticket price RM174 not inclusive of tax and processing fee

It is safe to say most of local community Sabah chose Airasia as their preferred airline company flying nationwide. The price is economical friendly as opposed to Malaysia Airline. Just speaking from experience, Airasia ticket used to be as cheap as lower than RM100 for single trip from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau or Sandakan which as cheap as an express bus that took 5 hours and more to reach. Whereas, Malaysia Airline ticket could cost up to RM180 above with added baggage.

It is even cheaper as if purchase it at early date, Airasia ticket could go as low as RM70 or even below RM50 in a promotional rate.

The price is RM 161.12 for a single trip from Tawau to Kota kinabalu. 

One may argue that consumer is purchasng a flight ticket a day before the flight date. Airasia may get you a cheaper price at early date, there was no guarantee that you will have average ticket price at a really late flight date. 

To be frank, the lowest airasia ticket we could find comparison is RM174.00 and that is not the final price no inclusive tax and processing fee. To blindly guess the price could be up to RM190.00++ for airasia ticket puchasing at a very late date and in a festive season.

Malaysia Airlines ticket price at RM161.12 is inclusive of tax, luggage, preferential seat allocation and may have a free meal for flight duration over 60 minutes. 

In a suggestion for a competitive airline companies in Malaysia, the Airasia is a role model and subsequently leads Malaysia Airline lost its status as monopoly in respective business and push for a price reform. Eventually not in exaggerate way to say "Now Everyone can fly".

Airasia KUL to TWU Review

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Airasia Flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 to Tawau Airport is approximately 2 Hours and 50 minutes

Distance between Malaysia and Tawau is by estimation 1800 kilometers according to Many would like to find the answer to the price of one way ticket from Airasia.

At the global oil price tumbling down to as low as below $50, one way trip from KLIA2 to TWU costs me RM210 per trip. The total price for a return trip is paid at RM422.24

Author would really like to know when global oil price will ever increase to $100, the price for return trip from KLIA2 to TWU will it still remain the same or double? But, it seem like no human truly has the ability to foresee the future.

Besides, Airasia is really the best Malaysian can choose to fly with on the domestic flights due to its cheaper price. I would continue using Airasia flying on domestic flight. Those who are affluent are more likely to choose MAS.

Well, In the process of restructuring, MAS realized it important to lower down their pricing which sometimes when you are comparing price between MAS and Airasia, you would actually see a competitive price offering by both airlines. MAS was never late to change it is now 2016. But, for decades, Airasia brand is deeply rooted in Malaysia mind

Airasia's slogan "Now, everyone can fly" is implying now, Malaysian can fly without burn a hole in the pocket.

In addition, Airasia Big points is definitely one of the best feature. I have 188 points after completed a return trip from KUL to TWU costing me RM422.24. It pretty intriguing that from my point of calculation, I will need to take lots of KUL to TWU in order to redeem Kuala Lumpur to Gold Coast which cost 30,000 points. Anyways, I was not planning to go Australia Gold coast at this moment.

There was a small matter encountered during boarding the plane, why would an immigration counter approval is required for me to travel from East Malaysia to West Malaysia ? Yes, you have to show some ID in order to pass the gate even under domestic flight

It was an overwhelming experience exploring Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 for the first time in my life as a Malaysian. Lots of eateries and most importantly spotted 3 Starbucks at different corner throughout KLIA2.

There are few options going to KLIA2. I pick KLIA express out of Grabcar and bus to go there. It cost RM55 per trip from KL Sentral. Probably it will be my last time riding KLIA express because I found out there was a bus station at KL Sentral though KLIA express is much safer and swifter.

Airasia check in machine

Let say you forget to check in through website, there are dozens of helpful check-in machines for your convenience. As if you have check-in through website, there is no need for you to use the check-in machine service and should proceed to document check counter for boarding pass. (It was a free to ask the counter for boarding pass)

Airasia KLIA 2 weight detector

Airasia has been a very friendly airline towards the baggage section. This bag definitely fit the requirement as a hand carry. I have seen someone with much larger bag still qualify as hand carry.

Before boarding the plane to Tawau, "Quizinn" a really cute name that sound like "Cuisine" is a big food court with multiple eateries section. People has spoken many times, eating at airport is definitely gonna be costly. However, the foods are really tempting.

Quizinn-Airasia-KLIA2-food court

 After a moment of silence, Airasia on-board foods are way more cheaper than eating at Quizinn. Although it is a small portion and really not that comfortable eating on-board with Airasia, it still relevant to buy on-board foods while flying with Airasia.

Another good thing about Airasia, the cabin crew were not really checking on your designated seats unless customer bought hot seats. Airasia cabin crews advised to sit upright when taking off and refrain from using mobile phone while take off and landing but on unoccupied seats, you are allowed to take if passenger deemed necessary.

The controversy news shocked many of us about Auntie Anne's Pretzel food name tag. It seem like religious department failed to secure a victory to change Auntie Anne's Pretzel food name tag from "dog" to "sausage".  I have many Muslim friends and most of them referred it as "sausage" rather than calling it "hot dog"

Bus to KL Sentral from KLIA2

KLIA 2 offers great and convenience facilities. There are taxi and bus Booths selling ticket to passengers.


One way bus trip to KL Sentral from KLIA 2 currently priced at RM12.00. It used to be RM10.00 in the old days. KL Sentral is central transportation hub at Kuala Lumpur city.

It has been a pleasant flight with Airasia though there were slight delay on schedule. I will choose Airasia in my next voyage.

Airasia X Takeover Busking Challenge

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Join and win attractive prizes just submit video of you showing street talent. Be the one to take away the spotlight.

Do you have what it takes to win second challenge? Do not hesitate to see full information here Airasia X Takeover. Submit your video before 24th February 2014.

Airasia X

This event is organized by Airasia X Berhad for any residents from countries that Youtube is launched and to all participants aged 18 years and above. The title of the event is "Adelaide Busking Challenge". The exclusive prize for winner is all expense paid trip to Adelaide. For your information, there will be 2 finalists selected by the judges based on the video you submitted on Youtube and perform your busking skill again at Adelaide. Then, one of the winner will take away another mystery grand prize.

As if you are selected for a free trip to Adelaide, you are entitled to following :

1. Return flight from Kuala Lumpur to Adelaide. Flight inclusive 25KG baggage allowance and everythings but if exceeded baggage weight it will be borne by finalists
2. AUD $100 Fringe Festival vouncher
3. Half Day Adelaide and Hill Tour including German Town and Cleland Wildlife park
4. Half Day 4WD Tour with Off Piste Tours
5. Full day Barossa Valley Tour
6. 3 nights hotel stay
7. transport in Adelaide and various tours

Interested to join? I will just show you briefly how to participate based on my understanding, AirAsia X Challenge 2" Adelaide Busking Challenge". There are 2 stages in this challenge. 

Firstly, you must have a Gmail account for authorization purpose by Airasia X and a self made video and upload it at You will find submit video button at here . You may or may not show yourself in the video but there is a mandatory speech before you start showing your busking skill. it goes like "   Hi Airasia X, I'm (your name) and I've got what it takes for the (challenge name) in Adelaide because ... (say something why you deceive to be selected)

Second stage you will be taken to Adelaide and wait for their next game to win mystery grand prize.

Reminding those interested to visit Airasia X Takeover at youtube before 24th February 2014. If you did not join, you can vote for your favourite video so that the video maker can go Adelaide. 2 finalists will take off to Adelaide on 12 March 2014.

Do visit here for more detail: Busking Adelaide Air asia X

Airasia X takeover 2 challenges representative or ambassador not really know who are them. These guy are not joining to compete for the finalist but they show you little info on the video you are making for the challenge.