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Fortnite Save the World is just RM80

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10 Fun Facts about Fortnite Save the World PVE

Korean playing fortnite
Korean Oppa are fond of Fortnite

Russian playing fortnite
The new generation of Russian are learning English 

china playing fortnite

1. Asia server

#1 fun fact is young russian are learning English language was told by one russian fortnite player in game. In conversation, they seem to be having a critical thinking about their government.

#2 fun fact Korean oppa like to play Fortnite and some of them actually speak English

Besides Korean and Russian, they are some Chinese player and not so much Philippine players.

2 Unreal Engine

#3 fun fact Fortnite is using Unreal Engine. To run Fortnite, minimum requirement is 4GB RAM and recommended requirement to have system ram 8GB.

St.Patrick Event

3. Limited-Time Theme Event

#4 fun fact, there were halloween, christmas and even chinese new year limited-time theme event. Above picture character dressed in a rabbit costume was promoting St.Patrick day on April.

4. Traps, Guns and Melee weapons

#5 fun facts these weapons should just exist in game. There are crossbow, machine gun, pistol, shotgun, rifle, axe, sword. The enemy are zero chance against us.

Perhaps in any zombie game franchise, fortnite has large amounts of guns to play with. Of course, Fortnite use the word "Husk" instead of zombie.

5. Tower Defense Element

#6 fun fact, there are tons of tower defense games out there, Fortnite is 3D tower defense game with guns traps and buildings.

#7 fun fact, four players up against hundreds of husks with the help of guns and traps. player would lose the game if husks successfully destroyed mission objective. It could be a van, a box or a shelter.

6. Mission objectives

#8 fun fact, endless fight with husks is not enjoyable ? you may opt mission particularly save the survivors or building radars.

#9 fun fact, mission can be 20 minutes duration or no time limit. No time limit allows player collect ammo, harvest ingredients for weapon or just purely building a mammoth traps for solo play.

7. Zombies  Husks

#10 fun fact, in fortnite narrative, husks are from a fictional storm. there are fat husk, a laser-shooting husk, a over steroid husk and most of them were purple.

I do not know about killing floor 2, Fortnite is as awesome as Left 4 dead 2.