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Rage women demand RM2000 minor accident compensation

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Video about angry women and her seemingly new Peugeot car trending at Social Media in Malaysia

Meme : The uncle has been edit out and replaced Thor

Above picture is entirely wrong depicting Uncle who rammed white Peugeot. The women were holding a sterling lock smashing the black car owned by the Uncle. The situation get worse when she repeated smashing uncle car while angrily shouting " I want you to pay RM2000 now "

For those who have watched the video, women is really furious on Uncle mistake. It not like Uncle did it purposely and as if he knew the angry management of the women I think no one including him will do such mistake. She had been humiliating him in front of the public and stirred congestion on the road. Worst, she seem have threatened uncle with a hard object.

Accident happen when you least unexpected. I thnk we will need tolerate that the road is really congestion sometimes. Although it Uncle fault, he was not in one second deny his mistake. Besides, he was not upset when she holding the sterling lock and even confront her nicely. To the extend that she started to smash his car repeatedly.

Uncle quotes, " I pay you", "Do not do that again", " I have no intention upon this", " I tak sengaja"

Women quotes, " Pay me now", " I got your key", "kereta baru", "You do it intentionally", "What you did to my car now, you see", "Pay me now, RM2000", "oh man", "dia cina"

Video was uploaded by popular Malaysia media social "Oh Media" Thanks for sharing !!

Due to the popularity of this matter, many have tried to search both identity in social media. It seem that they have successfully traced the women identity. Below are some Facebook page related to the women.

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Twitter trending #CDM25 and Peugeot purely related to this accident

Someone has created a public figure page for her. Newly created one with almost garnered 1000 likes so far

Link >>

14.25PM (Update) : She openly apologized her mistakes and actions towards him through this page. Asking media to delete videos.  Kiki page

Huge response from Malaysian about this viral video to the extend that it garnered 19,000 likes for a page titled "Kami Benci CDM25". Everyone condemn the action of her and made some meme upon the matter. Latest news also said that Daughter of the uncle is going to sue her. However, uncle believed this is not necessary and he did not even lodge a police report.