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10 Things to do at Singapore

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1. Night Walk

Awesome calm sea breeze. Literally no wave hitting the shore. Definitely iconic sea shore to view. It seem like Singapore shore is protected by wave force. A miracle and strategic sea port.

Johor Bahru Singapore Causeway

2. Causeway Bridge

On a sunny day and warm breeze, nothing beat taking a walk at causeway. Besides, it could potentially reduce traffic congestion at peak time.Although there are abundant of buses, it really just about increase fitness level and save some trip expenses.

Fair Price and Instant Noodles

3. Fair Price and Instant Noodles

One thing about exploring a city, It is a must to visit their supermarket and foods. I believe Koka Instant Noodle is a Singapore Brand and made in Singapore. I have had lots of instant noodles, Koka instant noodle has a unique taste and personality.

Marina Bay Sand Countdown Celebration

4. Countdown Celebration

Fireworks lights up the sky annually at Marina Bay Sand. Everyone waiting patiently the clock ticks to 0:01AM and date to 1.1.2020. Some of them even brought their picnic blanket. MRT train station were remained operation till late 2AM. 


5. Chinatown

Expecting authentic and super genuine China people. Thick Mandarin accent from mainland China. It was super cool due to modern China people are skewed towards simplified Chinese characters and unique China mainland accent. However, some Chinatown are full of southern China Chinese such as Cantonese, Hokkien and Hakka. Singapore Chinatown are diverse and can easily mingle with people from Northeast China.

Sentosa Beach


6. Sentosa Beach

Loving the place especially the sunset. Sandy beach with calm to no wave. Full of sun, sea, sand lover spent their weekend here. Indulge yourself and be lost at this magnificent place on your weekly off day. 

Universal Studio Singapore

7. Universal Studio theme park

This is the place where you can go all-out screaming and swearing. Fun and enjoyable Roller Coaster and huge Transformers display. Your favorite animation characters are all appear here. Let your imagination run wild.

Orchard Street Singapore

8. Orchard Street

If you never been to Orchard road, you are never been to Singapore. Orchard road is where you can find street busker. This is where huge crowd of people waiting the street lamp at red and walk when its green. Fashion designer brands are opening their retail stores here.

Singapore sport stadium

9. Sport Stadium

This place provide you a special scenery of the city. A perfect place to see Genting Tower, Marina Bay Sands and Singapore flyer. At the evening, this is the perfect spot for you to jog around. It is important to know sunset do appear on a clear day. Remarkable sunset will overshadow all the building and really look amazing.

Food Court at People park

10. Diverse Food Culture

American fast foods chain, Japanese food, Korean food, Thailand Food, Indonesia / Malaysia food, China northeast food, Hong Kong Food, Taiwan Food, Indian Food, Muslim Halal Food. You name it, they have it.