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Blog : RTS Link Malaysia and Singapore

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How beautiful will it be the new Rapid Transit System Malaysia and Singapore?

Woodland North MRT
Year 2019. A completed Woodlands North MRT station. This new MRT line will enable passenger travel to Marina Bay

Had an opportunity to be at Singapore on 2019 witnessed newly built MRT station. the new MRT line is closely located at where the RTS will be built on. The joint venture provides a win-win situation for the dire need to address traffic congestion issue at Causeway bridge.

Woodlands North Malaysia and Singapore

Grateful that good initiative were taken promptly. Thousands of people travel to both country in seek for honest living. Any nature of business can be facilitated. Leisure, Culture and Religion.

Is causeway bridge safe for foot passenger ? Yes. but, it did not have any safe parameter. The other alternative is bus. The bus fare is varies. From my account, the cheapest fare was RM2.00 from Malaysia to Singapore.

RTS link Singapore and Malaysia
"Honest Living" is the reason alone for no further delay in the project

Public livelihood is at stake any further delay in the project.

Besides, a grand shopping mall situated at princess cove by R & F group has a grand opening in the year 2019.

In the wake of economic downturn, delay in the project can be justified due to low economic benefit. The project is rumored to be opened on the year 2026.

My humble opinion, I would like to have a dedicated safe walkway. The world is changing rapidly and world class standard should be taken into consideration. A healthy approach should be taken seriously. Automobile and motorcycle owner should not be weigh more important than foot passenger ! The world look seriously whether a facility or amenity providing a due concern for incapable individual.