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RED Contest Win Taylor Swift Merchandise and Concert Tickets

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Cornetto Malaysia main sponsor RED tour Taylor Swift is coming to sing for Malaysian fans

Cornetto Taylor Swift Concert Contest

Are you ready for Taylor Swift? I bet you have heard that Taylor Swift is coming to Malaysia as part of her Red Tour in Asia region. 

I guess you did not know that as soon as the concert ticket announced to be released on first day, massive crowd flooded the entry to the ticket booths. Internet sales released subsequently but physical store already sold 30% of the tickets. The online traffic is so enormous the web page for Taylor Swift concert online ticket  is not accessible to some people due to many Taylor Swift fans bought the online ticket in the same time crashed the database. 

At the first day of ticket sales, Malaysians bought every ticket released at the physical booth causing panic to those who are unable to buy at that day. The second day another massive wave of Taylor swift fans in Malaysia stuck at the physical booth demanded more tickets but there were no ticket left.

In fact, it is true that many physical booths selling Taylor Swift concert ticket announced running out of it. However, We still can get Taylor Switft concert tickets by winning Cornetto organized RED Contest.

All you need to do to get it is luck and follow the guidelines How to get Taylor Swift concert tickets free ! You need to win this contest. For more information about Cornetto's RED Tour Contest at Taylor Swift Red Tour Contest . ( Update June 6, 2014 This contest has ended )

The contest is running from April 1, 2014 - May 31, 2014. Do check any Cornetto ice-cream with imprinted Taylor Swift and those expiry date on November 2014 and above

Summary of the Contest :

Main attraction of the contest : Taylor Swift

Contest Organizer : Cornetto

Entry to the contest : Purchase any of the below and key in the codes under the ice-cream cap
  1. Cornetto Classic Vanilla 110ml
  2. Cornetto Classic Chocolate 110ml
  3. Cornetto Classic Black&White 110ml
  4. Cornetto Royale Blackforest RED 135ml
  5. Cornetto Royale Chocoluv 135ml
  6. Cornetto Royale Strawberry 135ml

Prizes to be won : 

  1. Key chain exclusively by Cornetto @ 1000 set = 2 points/set
  2. Iphone 5 casing exclusively by Cornetto Taylor swift @ 450set = 5 points/set
  3. A Cap exclusively by Cornetto Taylor swift @200set = 10 points/set
  4. T-shirt exclusively by Cornetto Taylor swift @300set  = 20 points/shirt
  5. Headphone
  6. CD with Taylor Swift signature 
  7. Pass for back stage concert with Pass entry to (RED ZONE) concert @ 5 =600 points /1
  8. Pass for Taylor Swift Red Concert at Malaysia (Pit standing) @ 50 = 800 points for 1
  9. Pass for Taylor Swift Red Concert at Malaysia (Red ZONE) @30 = 400 points for 1
  10. One guitar with Taylor Swift signature @ 5 units = 1000 points/unit 

Registration at : Taylor Swift Red Tour Contest .

Hotlink is giving out last Taylor Swift Ticket please visit at Livelifeloud with Taylor Swift

Requirement : 

  1. IC No
  2. Telephone No
  3. Address
  4. Purchasing any Cornetto ice-cream
  5. key in the codes at website after registration