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Taylor Swift's Favorite Ice Cream

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Caramel "Shake", something has to do with Taylor Swift's song "Shake it Off"

Taylor Swift limited edition Caramel Shake

It is not first time Cornetto is working with renowned singer Taylor Swift for a merchandise campaign. It going to be different this time the huge concert will be held at Singapore.

Taylor Swift and Cornetto Ice cream collaborated in 2014 for Concert called Red Tour. More details at Taylor Swift Red Tour and Cornetto

A video campaign at Youtube. It definitely make everyone want to grab a bite on the mouth-watering Cornetto ice cream.

Although there were no Cornetto appearance in the hit song "Shake it Off" but it does remind us.

It is a limited edition ice cream so grab it now while stocks are still at the shelves. 

It probably not a bad idea to try it out the ice cream and too, win some prizes. There was a codes to be  used in a contest. The rule is simple, the more codes obtained, the prize is yours. Probably Taylor Swift fans would buy 20 of them in order to get enough points for prize redemption.

You may visit the contest website at this link Taylor Swift Contest 2015

Besides, if I were at Taylor Swift Contest, I like her to sing "Love Story". So who are going to her concert at Singapore this coming November 2015 ?

Taylor Swift RED concert tomorrow June 11 in Malaysia

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Taylor Swift beautiful aircraft livery covered up Airasia planes. Airasia is the official airline for Taylor Swift RED ASEAN TOUR

Aireen Omar CEO of Airasia Berhad with Airasia flight attendants and aircraft livery painted with Taylor Swift

If Airasia is airline sponsor of Taylor Swift RED Tour, she is going to take Airasia plane to Malaysia ? Today is Tuesday June 10. But, There were no single news about Taylor Swift is arriving to KLIA 2. Her RED Tour in Malaysia would be tomorrow June 11, 2014.

According to Taylor swift official website, she was having concert at Singapore indoor stadium on June 9. It could imply that she is coming to Malaysia with land transportation rather than air transport. We had enough those news saying Taylor Swift tickets have been sold out at both concert held in Malaysia and Singapore.

There were no leaked news when Taylor Swift will be spotted enter Malaysia territory so that Malaysian fans can get to see her and ask for a Selfie or autograph. How about those fans get no chance to her because ticket were fully sold out. 

Taylor Swift is like a teen pop queen in US. She goes to any places will be filled by peoples who like to hear her album. Her name is no strange to us and we will give her warm welcome screaming out so loud her name. Due to her fame, there were reasons why her daily location cannot be publicize openly.

Source : Hitz FM

From Hitz FM, they have shown us a picture depicts the almost done preparation for tomorrow Taylor Swift concert at Putra Indoor Stadium . In the first day releasing Malaysia RED Tour tickets by official ticket agency in Malaysia, Large traffic congestion at each ticket booths. It also happened to their website large number of online traffic queue up for the tickets. After a few hours approaching lunch time tickets have been half sold from 10.00AM . 

It is an unprecedented decision by Taylor Swift organizing ASEAN RED Tour. Previously, Taylor Swift fans have to purchase air ticket fly to a far country for her concert. It is her first performance in Malaysia.

Hotlink Live Life Loud with Taylor Swift 22 pairs Red Zone Tix

How to win Taylor Swift RED Contest by Cornetto

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Taylor Swift is performing in Malaysia in the month of June. In the meantime, Let join this wonderful contest

Organized by Cornetto Malaysia. This will be so fun. Author of the blog personally joined this contest. I have not won anything but looking forward to crack this.

No doubt to see Taylor Swift in a concert is way too much demand that lead to concert ticket price inflated. Those who have time and money are having higher chance to see her performance. I don think Malaysian fans have seen her concert LIVE at home.

Her first ever concert in Malaysia is amazingly shocked in fact neighboring countries such as Singapore and Indonesia are very much in the state of joy. Her message of RED touring the Asian countries spread fainted Asian fans

No doubt it will attract large crowd and people will likely traveled to Malaysia just to see Taylor Swift concert. But, she announced way to early. It will be in the month of June. It also the month of FIFA Brazil 2014

I think Cornetto done a great marketing job in promoting it brand by introducing this contest. Taylor swift and Cornetto Ice-cream. It seem like a great match.

There is no other way to get Taylor Swift limited merchandises than join this concert. Find and eat Cornetto Ice-cream now and redeem your prize !!

You could won meet & greet passes if you collected certain points.

I hope the merchandise is enough for everyone who have taken the contest!!

First thing you need to do is go to nearest 7-Eleven stores or 24 hours store. These are the place where you have higher chance to get the exclusive ice-cream with Taylor Swift cover on it.

Fret not if you not discover one ice-cream with Taylor Swift cap. You just need to collect normal ice-cream cap just shown in above image. Remember take a piece of the contest form and look for ice-cream with the date of expiry beyond November 2014. My ice-cream is January 2015 to be safe as a contest entry.

If you encountered with exclusive Cornetto ice-cream with Taylor Swift cap, your process will be easier. Redemption can be done at Cornetto contest website. For those who are using Cornetto Contest form, you are required to send it back to the office, then, they will send you the code and you will key in to Cornetto Contest website. You are ready to redeem with the point. 1 Cornetto ice-cream equivalent to 1 point

I am giving out 3 cornetto Taylor Swift codes . This event started from May 26 - May 29, 2014. If you are collecting codes for redemption on better items then this is your chance. The reason I disposed because I have already claimed and wish to give to lucky persons who try to win big in this contest

All you have to do is like my facebook page at the right and then comment "why you need these codes" with your Facebook home page at comment section below !! Thanks ! Should you win, I give you this 3 codes to you by your Facebook account !

Cornetto Malaysia Facebook : Cornetto Malaysia

RED Contest Win Taylor Swift Merchandise and Concert Tickets

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Cornetto Malaysia main sponsor RED tour Taylor Swift is coming to sing for Malaysian fans

Cornetto Taylor Swift Concert Contest

Are you ready for Taylor Swift? I bet you have heard that Taylor Swift is coming to Malaysia as part of her Red Tour in Asia region. 

I guess you did not know that as soon as the concert ticket announced to be released on first day, massive crowd flooded the entry to the ticket booths. Internet sales released subsequently but physical store already sold 30% of the tickets. The online traffic is so enormous the web page for Taylor Swift concert online ticket  is not accessible to some people due to many Taylor Swift fans bought the online ticket in the same time crashed the database. 

At the first day of ticket sales, Malaysians bought every ticket released at the physical booth causing panic to those who are unable to buy at that day. The second day another massive wave of Taylor swift fans in Malaysia stuck at the physical booth demanded more tickets but there were no ticket left.

In fact, it is true that many physical booths selling Taylor Swift concert ticket announced running out of it. However, We still can get Taylor Switft concert tickets by winning Cornetto organized RED Contest.

All you need to do to get it is luck and follow the guidelines How to get Taylor Swift concert tickets free ! You need to win this contest. For more information about Cornetto's RED Tour Contest at Taylor Swift Red Tour Contest . ( Update June 6, 2014 This contest has ended )

The contest is running from April 1, 2014 - May 31, 2014. Do check any Cornetto ice-cream with imprinted Taylor Swift and those expiry date on November 2014 and above

Summary of the Contest :

Main attraction of the contest : Taylor Swift

Contest Organizer : Cornetto

Entry to the contest : Purchase any of the below and key in the codes under the ice-cream cap
  1. Cornetto Classic Vanilla 110ml
  2. Cornetto Classic Chocolate 110ml
  3. Cornetto Classic Black&White 110ml
  4. Cornetto Royale Blackforest RED 135ml
  5. Cornetto Royale Chocoluv 135ml
  6. Cornetto Royale Strawberry 135ml

Prizes to be won : 

  1. Key chain exclusively by Cornetto @ 1000 set = 2 points/set
  2. Iphone 5 casing exclusively by Cornetto Taylor swift @ 450set = 5 points/set
  3. A Cap exclusively by Cornetto Taylor swift @200set = 10 points/set
  4. T-shirt exclusively by Cornetto Taylor swift @300set  = 20 points/shirt
  5. Headphone
  6. CD with Taylor Swift signature 
  7. Pass for back stage concert with Pass entry to (RED ZONE) concert @ 5 =600 points /1
  8. Pass for Taylor Swift Red Concert at Malaysia (Pit standing) @ 50 = 800 points for 1
  9. Pass for Taylor Swift Red Concert at Malaysia (Red ZONE) @30 = 400 points for 1
  10. One guitar with Taylor Swift signature @ 5 units = 1000 points/unit 

Registration at : Taylor Swift Red Tour Contest .

Hotlink is giving out last Taylor Swift Ticket please visit at Livelifeloud with Taylor Swift

Requirement : 

  1. IC No
  2. Telephone No
  3. Address
  4. Purchasing any Cornetto ice-cream
  5. key in the codes at website after registration 

Taylor Swift Red Tour KL 2014 tickets Sold Out in First Day

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Malaysian fans anticipated the opening of ticket selling in every ticket outlet on March 1 

Taylor Swift Red Tour KL get huge response the ticket released on March 1 by Ticketpro and its every booths swarmed by peoples waiting the time ticked to 10.00 AM. As soon as the booth opened, fans have been lining up for more than hundred peoples. 

In just two hours, Ticketpro announced closing two categories as it has been sold out either purchase in Internet or at physical stores. The cheapest ticket is RM295 to see Taylor Swift Live in KL this coming June 2014.

The environment at physical stores such as The Curve and Rock Corner, get overwhelmed and intense as the people in the front line purchased 5 tickets maximum for their friends and the tickets are selling at fast pace they knew the ticket will be sold out soon. Their prediction turned out correct the only ticket left for those coming late at lunch hour is the RED seat costing RM725

Official ticket seller Ticketpro staffs reacted that the stores opened as early as 10AM they planned to sell 8000 pieces of ticket that day. Online customer could purchase the ticket started on 11AM. When asked "How is the condition today" She said, " there were many Taylor Swift fans at Malaysia, the ticket is selling very fast and now it left 4000 tickets". 

Taylor Swift KL LIVE 2014 will be her first time performing at Malaysia. According to source, she planned to open concert at various Southeast Asia such Philippine and Singapore. If you missed Red Tour KL, you always can ride to Singapore for her concert or You could attend second time if you have not satisfied at KL concert.

Get Taylor Swift concert ticket for free by winning this Cornetto organized Contest for more information at Taylor Swift RED Tour Contest .

Hotlink is giving out 22 tickets to Taylor Swift Malaysia concert . Visit at Livelifeloud with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift will perform Red Tour in Malaysia 2014

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Taylor Swift announced in a video saying she will perform in Asia including Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Taylor Swift fans in Malaysia asked many times when Taylor Swift will be performing in Asia. It seem like this will a very be a very excited news for them. It is not easy for her to come to perform at Asia. Thank to Cornetto !
Taylor Swift took home most of the singing awards in 2013 attending by Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga.

Award winning singer Taylor Swift is coming to Malaysia on June 11, 2014 after perfoming at Thailand. Putra Indoor Stadium will be used for the event. Malaysia in not the only place she will visit because due to strong response from other neighboring countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippine, she extended red tour to respective countries.

In the most anticipated concert, seven-time-grammy-award winner She will play various electronic musical instruments such as guitar, acoustic guitar, piano and banjo. Changing beautiful costume and singing her RED album. Her career record sales exceeded of 26 millions albums and 75 million song downloads worldwide.

Ticket can be bought at or dial 03-7490-3010. Ticket releasing date is March 1, 2014. How much the ticket will cost it is still unknown until the day of releasing date. Stay tuned !

Taylor Swift Malaysia red tour
source :

Get Taylor Swift concert ticket for free by winning this Cornetto organized Contest for more information at Taylor Swift RED Tour Contest

Do visit here for AIA Real Music never stop contest at 50 concert entry pass to be won