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12 Best Fitness and Sports Watch in Malaysia

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Activity Tracker or Fitness and Sports Watch is a new and demanding good in the world 

From my research, I have seen numerous company in Europe and Western countries opting to create the best Fitness and Sport or Activity Tracker in the world. It is one of the rising and growing watch demanded by the world today.

Gone the watch just displaying time and water resistance or even dust/scratch resistance. Watch business will go down in this coming year like those year for example, when rising of digital camera  owned the world and film camera or traditional camera go down dramatically.

We are talking about innovative, phenomenon, breathtaking activity tracker. It is the matter of time when both of your hand wrist will be occupied by a watch and activity tracker. Or you prefer taking off traditional watch and replacing it with activity tracker?

Activity tracker could be a life safer for many of us. Imagine it bluetooth enabled and heart rate detector always capturing your heart beat. One day, you are jogging at the forest alone you encountered a serious misfortune such as heart attack or asthma attack immediately the data will transmitted to your smartphone and spread to your loved one.

There are many good possibilities for activity tracker it will remind you to get fit and how much calories was burnt by previous activity you have performed. It really an amazing invention !

There are many fitness and sport watch in the market. Pick the one with most cool design !


Color : Red, Pink, Purple, White

Features : Compatible with iOS & Android 4.3 above, Bluetooth enabled, Track distance-calories burnt-sleep pattern

Weight : 0.024KG

Basically it is a watch designed for active person, from lifestyle champion to world athletes. For those who really aware about health condition. It might be a good tool for hospital and GYM. There is a lot of term for this some said it is not a watch because it does not show time. It is more like an activity tracker, fitness and sport strap. Whatever you called it I will named it in general as "Fitness and Sports Watch". Check full information and availability at Skecher gowalk black


Color : Blue, Black

Compatibility : iOS & Android

Weight : 0.3KG

Only those who understand and willing to try spirit will consider this product. It is an awesome design and outstanding features It is a tracker wristband keep tabs on your life with this. Interested ? Check price at
Jawbone UP Blue


Color : Pink, Yellow, White, Black

Compatibility : iOS (Iphone 4 above)

Weight : 0.3KG

Stay fit and with this pink color sportband you can imagine purchasing this for birthday girl or your spouse/girlfriend who really know how to utilize this at GYM or at park.  It resistance to water for raining, sweating but not encourage for swimming and come with bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Unlike many activity tracker, Nike fuelband does not track you while you are sleeping ! Check current price at Nike Fuelband Pink


Color : Black, Blue

Compatibility : iOS & Android (Iphone 5/4s, Ipad Retina, Galaxy S4, III, Note II) many more

Weight : 0.22KG

It helps you track everything sleeping, jogging and many more. It is also water-resistant up to 10 meters band. You would not need to manually plug transferring health data to your PC. It helps you do the heavy lifting that by bluetooth connection. It is a perfect companion for life ! Check availability and full information at Fitbit Flex wireless Black


Color : Green, Charcoal Black, Blue, Magenta

Compatibility : iOS & Android (Iphone 5/4s, Ipad Retina, Galaxy S4, III, Note II) many more

Weight : 0.14KG

This activity tracker is really weightless compared to many fitness watch in the market. This is made by Fitbit the well known company producing creative and innovative health activity tracker. It water, spash and raining resistant. The best part is that Fitbit zip allowed you to put at pocket, bra, belt position. You are only required to put at wrist when track your sleeping behavior. It is one of the cheapest selection from all of them. Check current price at Fitbit zip Green


Color : Black

Compatibility : iOS & Android (Iphone 5/4s, Ipad Retina, Galaxy S4, III, Note II) many more

Weight : 0.9KG

Combined GPS with activity tracker features. It powered of Tomtom. The box contains with Nike Sensor. It is a regular time and date watch but with groundbreaking features. Do not afraid running on a rainy days because it got covered with water-resistant feature. Do check current price at Nike sportwatch GPS black


Color : Black

Compatibility : iOS & Android (Iphone 5/4s, Ipad Retina, Galaxy S4, III, Note II) many more

Weight : 0.5KG

One of the highly favored fitness heart tracking watch. It boasted water-resistant up to 50 meters. Is that mean this watch can companion you while swimming ? Timex is a watch for people who like extreme sport like jump out of an airplane, swimming, surfing at the sea. Timex fitness watch endured the challenging environment. Full information and current price at Timex Watch


Color : Black, White

Compatibility : Pair with smartphone bluetooth 4.0. Basically compatible with all smartphones

Weight : 0.5KG

If it work for athletes it worked for everyone else. A breakthrough and a milestone for Alpha company. Your heart rate is monitored even on a running mode. Due to movement interference, many heart rate tracker devices was only able to track when you are standing and sitting while not doing any strong body movement. However, Mio engineer come out with motion detector solving the problem.  It is compatible with apps such as Mapmyride, Mapmyrun and Runkeeper. 

There is very strong evidence that this device you can bring to swimming and surfing at sea. It has water resistance up to 30M. See more information and current price at Mio Alpha White


Color : Grey

Compatibility : Pair with smartphone bluetooth 4.0. Basically compatible with all smartphones

Weight : 0.32KG

There are many Oregon sport watches. This one is the cheapest among all. It has heart rate monitor, wireless chest belt using, show calories burnt, fat burnt, stopwatch. Check current price at Oregon scientific


Color : Blue

Compatibility : A heart rate watch

Weight : 0.32KG

It comes with chest strap and connected with the activity tracker watch. It also water-proof up to 30 meters. A really simple heart rate monitor watch by Beurer. Do check the current price and information at Beurer heart rate monitor


Color : Red, Black

Compatibility : Garmin connect website, iOS

Weight : 0.8KG

A very great garmin fitness watch. Bring it to swimming you will be amazed what it can do for you ! It will not fail you in tracking your marathon. Do share it with your friend on Twitter and Facebook about your workout . Check current price at if interested. You can purchase it with COD method Garmin Forerunner 220


Color : Black

Compatibility : Bluetooth and WiFi

Weight : 0.4KG
It has everything, music player, GPS, Wi-Fi and bluetooth. It is all-in-one watch. Despite so many advantages the most obvious disadvantages could be it is not water-resistant. Correct me if I am wrong. This is the best fitness watch winning with the many features it has. Check current price at Motorola Motoactv GPS watch

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