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Darlie Malaysia organized "You Be The Expert" contest 2014

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Lucky winner will take home various prizes such as camera, smartphone and many more !

Darlie Malaysia You be the Expert

Everyday you have a chance to win random prizes ranging from Powerbank, BBcream and Starbucks card. Interested to obtain them ? All you need to do is like Darlie Malaysia facebook page and log in to Darlie "You Be the Expert" contest page, Click the "Play" . Computer will help you choose random prizes for you and you probably will need to try other day if you get nothings that day !

You are entitled to play once in a calender day and as if you invited friends to join Darlie contest, you are entitled another "free play" making you can play twice in a calender day.

Furthermore, You will need extra effort unlocking better prizes in the system by purchasing Darlie White. The rewards are Nikon camera, smartphone and tablet. By purchasing at certain outlets such as Giant, Tesco, AEON and Watson. You are not refrain to purchase at any stores but you should consult Darlie TOS. There are many other outlets You can purchase ! . You are required to store the receipt to unlock "Expert Play" . It is a feature different than "Free Play".

Confusing? There are two options as you can see below. "Free Play" and "Expert Play". Without purchasing any Darlie White product, one only could click the "Free Play" button. Meanwhile, you have purchased a darlie white with a receipt in certain specific outlets, you could unlock "Expert Play". Why unlocking "Expert Play" is hassle while "Free Play" is hassle free?

You are required to spend your money to purchase Darlie Product in order to win attractive prizes exclusively for "Expert Play" only. You get to brush your teeth and get a chance to win the game. For "Free Play", you are not required to purchase anythings, all you need to do is login everyday to get a chance win prizes. All of the luxury prizes required you to unlock "Expert Play" However, "Free Play" rewards are very much abundant.

Contest Prizes are as following?

Tier 1 : Ipad Air, Smartphone and Nikon
Tier 2 : Starbucks card, Powerbank and BBcream

If you ever won the Tier 1 prizes, you will be redirected to another browser to complete the form. Receiving the tier 1 prizes required you to present proof of receipt with the requirement the date must be in between the date of contest. The date of the contest is February 7, 2014 - March 20, 2014 .