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Free Transformers cup by Darlie Malaysia

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Most anticipated movie in June 2014 it will be Transformer 4 Age of Exctinction

Transformers cup by Darlie Malaysia

Brand    : Darlie
Product : Toothpaste
Flavor   : Original Strong Mint
Net weight : 225g
Manufacturer : Hawley & Hazel Chemical Co. Ltd, China
Imported by : Hawley & Hazel Marketing (M) Selangor, Kim Teck Cheong S/B KK Sabah, Popular Trading (B) Sarawak.
Status : HALAL
Value : 2 for RM16.00 (price in 2013)

Ingredients : Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, etc.

While waiting for the release of Transformers 4 movie, let take a trip to purchase Darlie toothpaste and get a free Transformers imprinted cup. You will need to but two Darlie toothpaste priced at RM16.00 in local market. Wait no longer as the Transformers cup is limited edition.

Darlie Malaysia made the Transformers cup is under the license of HASBRO and its logo. They have acquired the permission from HASBRO to made this cup. It is not like every toothpaste maker out there such as Colgate had the right to make Transformers cup.

There are 3 different Transformers cup giving out by Darlie. They are Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Lockdown. The image you have seen above is Lockdown. It is unsure whether Lockdown will be the bad robot fighting Optimus Prime who is the defender of the human kind and earth.

Previously, Darlie Malaysia had given out many types of cup but Transformers cup will be first of it kind. Besides, Darlie had organized a contest giving out free ticket to watch new Transformers movie in this end of June. 

Who do not like free items right ? It might be one of the way Darlie Malaysia thanks it loyal consumers years of support. This cup is not the first one I got from Darlie. 

Darlie Malaysia giving out Transformers Cup

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As new Transformer movie will be out at the end of June 2014, Darlie is giving out awesome transformers-printed cups

This time they are not sending away normal cup with Darlie logo printed on the cups. We will have big Transformers logo printed cup if we purchase any Darlie products. Are you excited ?? It could be one-of-a-kind item out there in the market.

It is impossible you can have this cup without purchase any Darlie toothpaste. First of all, we will need to find one in 10 grocery stores that actually have this limited cup. We want to be the early adopter right ? I bet there are many people out there wishing to get this Transformer cups at any costs.

Darlie never published any hints there were limited Transformer cups but I am sure it will not lasts long. Hoping every Transformer fans will get this cup before anyone else. It will be very sad day for those fans who are not getting this cup if they were bought Darlie toothpaste. It is not like everyone who bought Darlie toothpaste can reject this cup. Everyone like free gift

They have published this post on Darlie social media Facebook page on May 28, 2014. However, there were lack of information where is the place will be available first. They should tell us where we can get this whether Giant or 7-Eleven stores ??

Have you get your Transformer Cup ? Do remind your friend about this lovely Darlie giveaways !


Darlie and Transformers promotional video clips . Buy one pack with two Darlie toothpaste today !

Darlie Expert White New Toothpaste in Malaysia 2014

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As soon as you get home, first thing to do You will be brushing your teeth using this new Darlie's expert while toothpaste. It smell so good and whiten your teeth ! 

Darlie Expert White Toothpaste Malaysia
RM7.99, 120 grams  at GIANT

A new toothpaste for everyone. When I first using this to brush my dirty tooth, I felt a familiar taste it was like I have been using this before ! It like those toothpaste taste used by komodo lion toothpaste some sort like that you know those toothpaste so called designed for kids. The color of toothpaste is different it usually be white but the color is diamond green.

I lacked the main point is that they boasted it will protect your tooth 24 hours. I have tried and it really surprised me that after brushing my teeth for 2 minutes, I started to develop a sense of fresh breath in my mouth.

About protecting your teeth for 24 hours, I guess it self explanatory it will be just another marketing project. I don believe it myself . I guess you have to try it by yourself. I am just fine using new product by Darlie.

The things is that they have been promoting heavily on their new Darlie product at Facebook or any advertising platform. They also made a few contests and a promotional video !

In Darlie Facebook, There is a lesson on taught us what is the main cause of bad breath ! Really? You think we do not know? In the end, they made a promising chart showing that Darlie Expert White is the best it keep you away from bad breath at least for 12 hours.

I am surprised to discover another Darlie contest. Be sure to participate if you are really interested to win items such as travel package, Ipad and Guardian vounchers. This time it required you to buy Darlie Expert While at Guardian. Check it out at Darlie Guardian Contest May 1- May 31

Darlie Malaysia organized "You Be The Expert" contest 2014

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Lucky winner will take home various prizes such as camera, smartphone and many more !

Darlie Malaysia You be the Expert

Everyday you have a chance to win random prizes ranging from Powerbank, BBcream and Starbucks card. Interested to obtain them ? All you need to do is like Darlie Malaysia facebook page and log in to Darlie "You Be the Expert" contest page, Click the "Play" . Computer will help you choose random prizes for you and you probably will need to try other day if you get nothings that day !

You are entitled to play once in a calender day and as if you invited friends to join Darlie contest, you are entitled another "free play" making you can play twice in a calender day.

Furthermore, You will need extra effort unlocking better prizes in the system by purchasing Darlie White. The rewards are Nikon camera, smartphone and tablet. By purchasing at certain outlets such as Giant, Tesco, AEON and Watson. You are not refrain to purchase at any stores but you should consult Darlie TOS. There are many other outlets You can purchase ! . You are required to store the receipt to unlock "Expert Play" . It is a feature different than "Free Play".

Confusing? There are two options as you can see below. "Free Play" and "Expert Play". Without purchasing any Darlie White product, one only could click the "Free Play" button. Meanwhile, you have purchased a darlie white with a receipt in certain specific outlets, you could unlock "Expert Play". Why unlocking "Expert Play" is hassle while "Free Play" is hassle free?

You are required to spend your money to purchase Darlie Product in order to win attractive prizes exclusively for "Expert Play" only. You get to brush your teeth and get a chance to win the game. For "Free Play", you are not required to purchase anythings, all you need to do is login everyday to get a chance win prizes. All of the luxury prizes required you to unlock "Expert Play" However, "Free Play" rewards are very much abundant.

Contest Prizes are as following?

Tier 1 : Ipad Air, Smartphone and Nikon
Tier 2 : Starbucks card, Powerbank and BBcream

If you ever won the Tier 1 prizes, you will be redirected to another browser to complete the form. Receiving the tier 1 prizes required you to present proof of receipt with the requirement the date must be in between the date of contest. The date of the contest is February 7, 2014 - March 20, 2014 .