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Yeo's 80 days drink to cash 2014

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As long as you drink Yeo's beverage You are entitled to win this contest daily. Follow the instructions below !! 

All of the information is described inside the video. It contained English and Malay version. The video provided here is English version. The contest lasts for 80 days. You will have 80 days to win the contest. Each day Yeo's officials will pick some winners. Be consistent view their Facebook they will announce there everyday except Saturday and Sunday.

There will be 72 Ipads to be won and RM500,000 worth of prizes. Besides, there will be RM3,000 daily draw everyday. RM10,000 special draw once very 10 days. 

The contest begin March 13, 2014 - May 31, 2014. 

The requirement of the game is very easy. Purchase Yeo's drinks and key in the codes. You will get exposed how to do it inside the video.

There are two ways of submission either key in the code embedded at Yeo's drinks or using receipt. It is important You keep the receipt to retrieve prizes !

You will require smartphone and Wechat apps to key in your submission. It is really easy I have personally joined the contest. Unfortunately, none of the winner match my name .

More information please visit : YeosMalaysia Facebook