New Samsung Smartphone and Smartwatch 2014 in Malaysia

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Samsung new flagship smartphone Samung Galaxy S5 successor of S4. In the same day, they unveiled new Smartwatch  

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Smartwatch Gear Fit

Cool stuffs have arrived before the end of March 2013. Certainly they were many things happened in the month of March. I do not wish to elaborate more about it ! Besides, there was cancellation of Twin Tower 2014 concert which mean we will not seeing superstar Rain coming to Malaysia so soon.

We should move forward instead of dwell fear and sadness. Certainly that the coming of Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Gear 2, Fit is expected and it will make us happy ! It also very much everything to Samsung fans living in Malaysia.

We all know that Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are like the best smartphone but it will be very curious how could Galaxy S5 developer create something much more innovative and attractive than previous model? It same goes to Smartwatch ?

To be frankly speaking, We don really need to understand that technical stuff. You don buy a smartphone and ask they build this right? You don really ask what is the thing inside and how they created this thing? . Most of us I mean 90% of us do not really ask those We just need to know the name and the looking right?

It seem like Samsung unveiled a series of new products in Malaysia. Galaxy S5 is really groundbreaking smartphone. It has heart rate detector, fingerprint sensor, newest Android KitKat version, much better camera. For smartwatch, it pretty much mean if you own smartwatch You can be on time, because it is so beautiful designed Your eye is always locked looking at it probably other people who sit beside you keep looking at your smartwatch like want to ask where you purchase it. You know what I mean ?

Samsung must have very good engineer to develop cutting-edge smartphone and smartwatch. Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be launched at Malaysia on March 28, 2014. It will price at RM2399. More information about Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-oder and full specification at Samsung Galaxy S5

For smartwatch, it most significant about them are Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity and sports/lifestyle apps. As if you are owning a smartwatch, you actually can throw your credit card, loyalty card away. It is because with NFC you literally paying with your smartwatch by scanning and no swiping anymore !. The good thing about smartwatch it is water resistant and some of them are impact resistant.

Some said owning a smartwatch keep your body fit because it falsely alert your body weight increased drastically ! If you believe me ! 

Get new information and insights about smartwatch !  Galaxy Gear Fit is sexy and elegant could be designed for female. It also has lower price compared to Gear 2 at RM599. For Gear 2 it cost around RM899

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