greetings,  ptptn is an organization that lend money to student who enrolls higher education level in Malaysia. Saying about this, recently i checked an article saying the loan which given can be converted into scholarship. i never heard this kind of message since 2011 i took diploma level. i heard that this kind of measure is dead .it might had been in few years back 2001 to 2007. the time when ptptn can converted into scholarship but it never happened on 2008. All the ptptn borrower needs to pay without choice of converting.

  1.  are there any one have experienced confusion about discount method and converting method?
  2.  i have some thought is the ptptn loan can be discounted ?
 there are hoax and rumor saying it can when someone have 3.50 cgpa and above. the information is not provide with detailed. i hope someone can enlight those who got into midst of this for more information

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