7 handsome and popular Male Actors Malaysia 2013

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Compilation of Male actors who has large influence in Malaysian movies and Drama. Do you agree with me ?

Farid Kamil-actor-Malaysia

1. Farid Kamil - If you constantly looking at Mr. Farid Kamil, you will fall in love with his good looking apperance. So, don look at him especially ladies. He is one of the male actor in these movies Hantu Gangster, Evolusi KL Drift 1 and 2, Lagenda Budak setan. Besides, He got a good acting skill in "Kongsi"


-Born in 5 May 1981
-Director in Rempit V3
-Screen play writer
-Originated place at Alor Setar, Kedah
-Height 184cm
-Spouse Diana Danielle

Awal Ashaari-actor-Malaysia

2. Awal Ashaari - You will never know him if you never been to his Ashaari Facebook. He has 1.6 million fans in his Facebook account up to date Noveember 2013. A successful actor, TV host and model.


-Born on August 1981
- Born at Kampung Baru, Malaysia
- TV Host at Beat TV at Astor Ria channel , newsreader at 8TV channel for Twenty Hundred news.
- Actor in "Diva" film

Syamsul Yusof-actor-Malaysia

3. Syamsul Yusof - He has the same talent as his father. His father is a giant film company one of the owner heavily influence Syamsul in his career. Although born in a family that has everything materially, his father always challenging his son to see potential and ability lie inside. In Social Media, He has 200 thousands fans in Twitter account.


- Born on May 1984
- Youngest director to receive winning Malaysian Film Festival
- Director both KL Drift and KL Drift 2
-Actor or Director in Gangster Celop, KL Gangster and KL Gangster2, Aku bukan tomboy.

Farid Kamil-actor-Malaysia

4. Fahrin Ahmad - A TV host and movie actor. Successfully acquired many TV programme as a TV host in Astro and TV channels. Made his name popular and famous through various variety TV programme. A few brightest TV host in Malaysia.


- Actor, Emcee, TV Host
- Ambassador Tongkat Ali

Shaheizy Sam-actor-Malaysia

5. Shaheizy Sam - Made his name in following movies, "Bohsia Jangan pilih jalan hitam" and "Adnan Sempit"  . He also made few appearances in TV series such as " Jangan Pandang Belakang", "Kasanova XXL". His name is recorded inside prominent movie website IMDB and also has few advertisements on Youtube platform on October 2013.

In Social Media Twitter account, He has over 1 Million fans currently following him since November 2013. Just Behind Awal Ashaari.


- Born in September 1982.
- Actor in Malaysia movie as "Kongsi", "Evolusi KL Drift 2", "Nongkrong".
- Most famous star award in Malaysia Movies and Drama winner at Festival Filem Malaysia

Adi Putra-actor-Malaysia

6. Adi Putra - He is a Singaporean and married with Aida Yusof. He has been actor in few successful movies such as "Langgar", "KL Gangster", "KL Gangster 2", "Hanyut". Besides, few TV series appearance such as "Sehangat Asmara", "Teduhan Kasih". 


- Full name : Mohamed Hadi Putera Halim
- Born on February 1981
- Model, actor and TV host. He has worked at Suria Media Corp

7. Aaron Aziz - Another celebrity holding Singapore nationality. He is very well known in Singapore and Malaysia. He won most popular male actor in the movie and drama "Adam dan Hawa", "KL Gangster", "Ombak Rindu", "KL gangster". 


- Made few appearance at TV commercial
- Born February 1976
- His most successful film "Ombak Rindu"

Top and Best Petronas's campaign 2013

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Reload RM100 and get extra RM25.00? Who will give you free RM25.00 ? Petronas will , Robert said.

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Petronas's campaign "Fuel by Fans" win RM100,000 started on October 14

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It will be one of the huge event for Malaysian as it from Giant conglomerate company. Be excited !! It will start launch on October 14. Stay tuned!!

Petronas is a company involve in Oil and Gas. It also wholly owned by government. It also one of the Fortune 500 listed company in the world.

Petronas-fulled by fans-campaign-october

Maswings pilot died after crashing incident at Sabah

Maswings aircraft plane crashed  near a Sabah residential area. The plane is inside the house yard reported no injuries of the household but the death of a young pilot.


It is not a mosque or community gathering place. It a residential house area where the lost-controlled plane crash and some of the victims died on the spot. (unitedmy owner is curious where is the plane head?)

Fewer victims with grave injuries were sent to hospital for treatment. Several death has been reported during treatment in the hospital.  

The crashing zone was very nearby kudat airport, in fact witness said, it just behind the kudat airport. "it should landed at airport track, why it landed here" one of the eye witness said the incident.

The residential area have been identified as kampung Sin San. The house owner is Qayyum Amirdad. He was working while the plane crashed it car porch. He was terrified at the incident happened and worried his family as they were at home during the incident. 

New strait time quote : " the house owner wife and his children leave the crash site unhurt.

The full-body plane can be seen here clearly. It also clearly showed that it is exactly Maswings-owned aircraft plane. There were death and injuries occurred.

New strait time quotes: Tan Ah chai , 96 years old were found treatment has been impossible died at hospital. Second victim is Co-pilot  Marc Joel Bansh, 23 years old, died at Hospital Queen Elizabeth at 9pm.

The crashed maswings was scheduled as Flight MH3002, arrive from KK to Kudat 2.45pm. Kudat to Sandakan flight will be commenced at 3pm. The plane supposed to be land at Kudat and fly to Sandakan later. The plane carrying 16 passengers and were reported 6 have been gravely injured.

The horrific incident were being saved by Firefighter department. Sabah Fire and Resuce department deployed 10 skillful  Firefighters who helped to rescue victimised passengers. 

Unitedmy author on the incident 

It remind me of the double 6 incident which all the powerful people in politic were killed after a talk with peninsular Malaysia political leaders. The difference with this Maswings incident were loss of great Sabah leader at that saddest old day. It is a history now. 

I hope there were more photo taken so that I could share it at here. I will find more! Stay tuned for next biggest thing happened in beloved Malaysia

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