A Growing Bakery Cafe Chain "Bread History"

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A successful pastry business with more than 10 outlets 

With great demand, come a great business opportunity. When the last time we were making pastries at home ? Certainly most of us staying in Malaysia could never really bake. We do not have the essential skill and tools. Meanwhile, the ever-growing demand for delicious pastry is huge. Tell me you as a Malaysian like Roti Canai and Roti Planta. It is the same, it made from flour.

Do not get to close to the picture. Should call it as a chocolate doughnut. The real name is Chocolate Ring. I still feel the chocolate in my mouth.

One thing I have noticed is that the pastry business is lucrative. the price of pastry is increase from time to time as flour is expensive stuff in the market right now.

Website : http://www.breadhistory.com.my

Milk Tea Franchise Giant Chatime Bubble Tea

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Rapidly expanding throughout Malaysia states closer rivalry to Starbucks

Coffee or Tea, pick only one for your precious daytime. the hardest question ever for a single brain to answer. The best solution is as if you are under the influence of cold, running nose or feeling sick the best will be of course "tea". It has miraculous healing entity as oppose to coffee.

Developing interest for tea is not simple. Mixing sweetener perhaps attracting more people enjoying tea is one of the greatest invention in the food and beverage industry. The same to Starbucks you prefer not to drink it without the help of sweetener. That is a yes for young generation.

Lots of milk and chocolate in a cup of green tea. Based on the color, there is reason to believe chocolate seem to be dominate the quantity of green tea. "Chatime" is a popular beverage brand headquarter at Taiwan. The bubble tea shops is a symbolic and landmark for Asian Chinese community.

Chatime staff uniform

Chatime Malaysia prefer adopting kiosk-booth concept instead of renting a business shoplot. The theme color for Chatime is purple. A quick look the picture above, it was texts written that Chatime is largest pearl milk tea business recorded in Malaysia book of records

Chatime in Malaysia since 2003

Chatime is expanding globally as a sign of gaining momentum to be the largest pearl milk tea chain in the world likened to the status of Coffee giant "Starbucks". If KFC and McDonalds, then it will be Chatime and Starbucks.

Chatime is operated by La Kaffa International and they too is a public-listed company.

Lunch at Restaurant "Teh Tarik Place"

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Teh Tarik Place with Nasi Goreng Ayam and Bandung Sirap

Nasi Goreng Ayam

It would surprise you that serving customer a fusion of Malay and Indian cuisine. The best food will be the Rempah Chicken which normally a cuisine origin in Malay community. Surprisingly, the restaurant does serve customer a set of cuisine usually done by Mamak restaurant. One would order Roti Canai there too.

Teh Tarik Bandung Sirap

A taste of Pink colored drink with the smell of fresh milk. Bandung sirap is the perfect drink beside Teh Tarik.

Unlike a normal coffee shop, local franchise restaurants are charging higher average price for its service and food quality.

Do not feel any guilty not to order Teh Tarik because the shop does not really emphasize the drink in any form. You may order a cup of Teh Tarik which is half the name of restaurant..

In Teh Tarik Place website, providing information about the opportunity for franchise. Whoever wish to open restaurant, you may want to get a piece of information in their website.

Facebook link : Teh Tarik Place Facebook Page

Journey to Gurney Plaza by Rapid Bus and Ferry

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Embark a trip from Sunway Carnival Mall Bus Stop to Penang's Gurney Plaza

Penang Rapid Bus Ticket

Public Transportation is always the ideal choice as to keep all the cash on the food expenses. There is a nice bus stop located just nearby Billion store and Sunway Carnival Mall. Many buses stopped here , take the bus showing " Jetty" . Ask the driver they know best ! From this point, the bus will take you to various bus stops before heading to Jetty. One of the bus stop is Hospital Seberang Jaya.

Rapid Bus from Sunway Carnival Mall to Jetty
Inside the rapid bus

Comfortable seats and air-condition equipped. One should always prepare enough coins before boarding as the bus driver would not have any spare money for big bank notes. 

Penang Jetty Walkway
On the way to Penang Jetty Waiting Place

It took one hour more or less depend on the traffic condition. As soon as one arrived the last bus checkpoint "Jetty", there are lots of buses parked at there. Follow the crowd to a passage and head to Jetty area. It was an amazing up and down route crossing sky bridge to get to the Jetty waiting place.

RM1.20 ferry ride to Penang
Pay for a ferry ride to Penang Island

Get your coins ready before entering to "Jetty's waiting place". The gate is not functioning well so put more coins. I have inserted more than RM 1.20 worth of coins. Queue up to get some old coins as the staff said the gate recognize old coins rather than the new coin. 

Ample seats for passengers waiting for next ferry. Rushing in once the yellow gate opened. Feeling nervous there would not be enough ferry seats being forced to wait another ferry. Relieved, the ferry able to get loads of passengers on board. 

Penang Ferry
Glimpse on the other side of the land, Peneng here I come! (Actually Penang Laksa)

Toilets, eateries stall are available. The ferry transporting peoples and automobile.

Penang Bus 101

The most favorite bus of all the tourists. Rapid bus no. 101. Take you from the jetty all the way to Teluk Bahang. In the route, it pass Chulia Street, Komtar and Gurney Plaza. It takes more or less RM2.00 per trip.

Gurney Plaza

~You have arrived to your desired destination~

Penang Beef Noodle

Walking down a short distance from the Weld Quey jetty to Chulia Street. There is a stall serving Beef Noodle and Fried Oyster with Egg.

Fried Oyster with Egg

Fairly easy and inexpensive one-day trip. Thank God and all the peoples. Spent RM 5.00 for a overwhelmingly fun trip. There is no fee taking ferry back to Butterworth / Mainland. Considering it was RM0.60 for a ferry return trip