1 Month with Webe Mobile Internet

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What if I told You never ever worry about data running out from apps update 

Almost a month using service provided by Webe since it launched on 30 september 2016. The first Webe bill has not reach my billing address yet. Previously using Digi postpaid for mobile data.

Webe and google app update
32 apps updated using Webe 

32 apps to update is date consuming. Count on games updates normally carrying 30MB per update. It so much better with Webe there is no more worry.

Proudly select "data charge may apply" at the Google Playstore setting. Because the charge was zero. Webe ain't gonna charge us a dime from downloads excessive data on updates.

Youtube 480p with Webe

At the early launch of Webe mobile service, behold the mobile data stability and speed. 480p is consider as high definition visual clip and I pretty sure never stream Youtube with the 480p setting. It reminds me using other mobile data service streaming Youtube on 360p due to worrying it might eat away big chunk of my data.

360p is perfect no lagging and detailed images but, 480p is absolutely astounding. To your surprise, the 3 minutes 480p video loads finish within 7 seconds on Youtube.

Pokemon Go and Webe

Unfair pricing for being non TM / Streamyx / Unifi users. As if you are not subscriber of any TM products such as streamyx and Unifi, you are not getting a special price. The total price using Webe Mobile Internet a month is more or less RM200.

Using a certified Webe phones you could get a discount as much as RM60. Another RM60 cut for being a TM subscriber either Unifi or Streamyx. An eligible of both pay merely RM79 more or less a month.

One thing I notice after being a Webe subscriber, I call home much often than before !

My speed test on Webe  : Webe speed test

Pokemon Go Updates #Oct 12 2016

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Pokemon Badges introduced 

Golden Badge

Unlike in the Pokemon series Badges are earned by winning a gym. In Pokemon GO, Badges are earned by catching Pokemon in the wild, hatch eggs and training on gym. Players could take the badges as achievement, mission or a Pokemon go quests.

The newest updates give a brand new purpose to Pokemon Go. The more Pokemon one catch, the more points one will get into to enable a catch bonus. The golden badge is the final one can get and it gives out +3 bonuses whenever one catch normal type Pokemon.

Nevertheless, it also display how many normal Pokemon player have catch.  

In the previous update, Pokemon player could never see the Pokemon types. Here is a Zubat in a new update showing a Pokemon type of supersonic and flying.

The Pokemon Go newest update is pretty straightforward.

Oh man ! I have been playing many months since August 6, 2016. These are my badges collection. It render me unbelievable because I thought I would have more than that.

17 Badges to unlock equivalent to roughly 3400 Pokemon. Minus the 5 completed badges, I still need to go catch 2400 Pokemon to catch estimated.

Dragon is hard to come by. Only met Dragonite once and I blow my chance to catch it.

There has been lots of comment to Niantic saying that to add quests/missions into Pokemon GO. This newest update surely make them feel like their comment is reached and appreciated.

Before the update, I just catch few pokemon such as Pidgey, Ratata, caterpie and Eevee for levels. But now,  I could catch Magnemite more often in order to complete mine electric type badge.

New Penang Sentral is under construction

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Mammoth project at northern of Butterworth Penang. 

A new and beautiful day under the scorching sun construction workers are working daily to meet the completion of delayed Penang Sentral project. The project is gaining huge momentum and very much noticeable. Frequent Penang Sentral patrons are aware the process of the project due to safety measures were taken by the developer slightly affected the busy Butterworth transportation hub.

 Everyone are coming to Penang Sentral for the long-haul express bus, local bus, ferry and high speed electric train (ETS). In the early 2016, every small grocery stores and dining restaurants have been asked to moved out as the area soon to be turned to a taxi parking lot.

The Penang Sentral is still fully operational providing Butterworth community and tourist an excellent public transportation service. Based on the pace of the ongoing construction, hopefully, the new Penang Sentral is in its completion in the end of 2018. 

The new Penang Sentral is one of the demand from the public to improve its facilities. Besides, increasing number of automobile owners are causing public outcry on the traffic congestion after the completion of Penang 2nd Bridge.

The improved facilities will encourage community to use public transportation. New Penang Sentral will be offering a safe parking facilities and a modern commercial building after completion.

It still unknown to many of us will there be a change of name or still calling it as Penang Sentral.

Above is a video from Penang Sentral to Georgetown by ferry.

Quit Smoking, Take One Nicorette Gum Instead

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The rise of cigarette price may have discourage them to smoke.

Nicorette Gum 2MG, a pack of cigarette

Malaysia government tax heavily on cigarette. Every time they raise it, they would announce for the benefit of many they would use the money to improve public health system. Whereas, the smokers get poorer and opt for cheaper / non taxed cigarettes.

Former smoker like me never enjoy smoking although it proved to have some effects on daily physical conditions such as increase of daily energy, increase of heart rate, eye vision getting clearer, reduce of sleeping time and feeling comfortable all the time. But, when it comes to a long term usage the good chemical will gradually accumulated in the body and turn into some dangerous substances

As we are speaking, when smoker runs out of money, cheap cigarettes is ideal option to reduce cost. However, it will only cause one to suffer serious coughing. To farewell all this misery, smoker should one day quit this carcinogen habit.

To prove author is a smoker ? check it out author previous cigarette collection 10 Tabacco / Cigarette warning labels

To be a former smoker is nothing to be proud of. Obtained a lifetime experience and more to a personal achievement as I have completely quit my last cigarette since months ago. (Author said it months ago as author frequently get back to smoking )

Nicorette Gum ease the cigarette withdrawal effect. Author was not mentioned earlier that he was a light smoker and currently taking Nicorette Gum 2MG nicotine as part of the plan to completely quit smoking.

There is a program supported by Malaysian government and universities it called Jom Quit. One of the initiative to combat increasing number of smokers nationwide and it proves government do concern about population health being and not just simply collecting taxes on cigarette and use it on other purposes.

Jom Quit website link : /jomquit.com.my/

Nicorette Gum 2MG is sold at the price range of RM15.00 - RM16.00 for 15 tablets. Author ate 3 to 5 tablets a day to ease the pain of withdrawal effect. Without inhaling carbon monoxide from lighting up a cigarette is one day healthier.

Speed Test on Webe Unlimited Data

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Well-lit Webe Lounge at Queenbay Mall, Penang

Check out Webe Lounge design and catch up with their latest mobile plans. There is no single color closely associate with Webe as if you are curious. One thing that surprise me most is the staff took me to a table for a quick inquiry when I said, " I come to take my Webe sim card ".

He calmly noted my intention. The entire conversation experience was described to be like when I was taking my school result with my parent by my side. It was totally formal !

I look around amazed with a strict officer. There were few smartphones on display and a few P1 devices here and there.

One thing I remember the most about webe except the words P1 and TM is surely the word "Community". Shortly afterwards, I came to this ticket machine and get my ticket. Something we always do when we were in hospital or bank.

As soon as I got my ticket. In a split seconds, my number was shown on the screen with the usual sound because there were only me left.

Retrieving Webe Sim card is required to have your national identification card and of course your fingerprint to access it. The process is easy of course one do not need to fill up any form but it got me into thinking that " Am I in the middle of withdrawing my money " ?

Then, they got all access into my not-so-fairy-good middle school result and the things I have done in the past. ( God knows what are the information in my ID card )  , I am convinced he may have my good looking photo in their computer now.

The friendly associate handed my Webe sim card after I pass all the necessary requirements.

Before that, I have been receiving lots of call from the same number asking me to collect my Webe sim card. The rule is to collect Webe sim card within 7 days after online purchase. 

The picture above is a speed test on Webe unlimited Data. 

Though it was unlimited data, one still need to figure out the coverage and speed it provided. My review are there are still much improvements to be done on coverage and not so much on the speed side. Well, considering other factors such as the dialing locally I guess it still an unbeatable deal.

Webe The Next Big Thing in Malaysia

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What exactly is Webe ? It is a mobile Internet company in Malaysia. It open to public usage on September 30, 2016. There are things to know before buying Webe Internet service.

1. Enhance Telecommunication Business

Mobile Internet business in Malaysia is tremendously huge. One may think that Celcom is national mobile carrier due to it wide coverage nationwide, in fact, the real Internet player is Telekom Malaysia, the provider of Internet connectivity to every homeuser.

 It is safe to say Celcom, Digi and Maxis are three large mobile Internet providers in Malaysia before the Webe company step in the industry.

2. TM's master plan

Telekom Malaysia has always been dominating in home user Internet business. Streamyx and Unifi proved to be more stable landline Internet connection. It is the only Internet provider in Malaysia allows user enjoy unlimited data access.

It is not a secret that the stagnant of computer sales has dampen sales of TM service. The rise of smartphone has least and no growth to the TM market share.

3. TM and P1

The downfall of P1 mobile Internet business allows TM to buy it's company shares. Before all this, P1 received tremendous amounts of bad complaints from many of its subscribers. Bad image of P1 company is lifted when the news broke out that TM is buying its stake.

It is a win-win situation for TM and P1 as Telekom Malaysia is finally venturing to mobile Internet business for the first time breaking with traditional landline Internet service with a strong brand and foundation laid out by P1. Whereas, P1 has been engaging with Midas touch ever since with vast resource and technical espect offered by TM.

4. Unlimited Data

In history, It seem like there was never one mobile Internet company in Malaysia could offer unlimited data access. Neither are Celcom, Digi, Maxis, Umobile or even P1 itself. The one Internet company could make such marketing claim for unlimited data is carrying the brand name TM.

5. Unlimited Call

Do we have to come for this disccusion ? Wechat, Whassap and Line are not happy with that. Not we  dislike calling, we are more fond on the voice function than a call. Unlimited call may drag us back to the real-time calling but it will never stop us to shift from voice and texting seamlessly to a dialling. It will never get us to unistall Wechat, Whassap and Line. 

Besides, it might seem differ with those using Internet service living in rural areas where Internet is unable to be reached. Dialling still is an ideal way as if you are calling at offshore, cave and

6. Cheaper Price Tag

RM80.00 + for an unlimited data is quite a reasonable price for ordinary. From Webe company point of view, it still profitable because the policy of personal unlimited mobile data.

7. Tethering Problem

It is only wise to have criteria to use Webe service. If everyone start to use Webe as sole Internet service, there will be a backfire to TM landline Internet service. To charge as much as RM6 for 2 hours, less people are going to use tethering on Webe mobile Internet access to the computer.

Webe Internet connection is " Personal " as oppose to traditionally free offered by most of the mobile Internet company in Malaysia.

Would you sacrifice the usage of free tethering as an exchange to unlimited mobile Internet access ? if your answer is yes, then, webe is certainly for you.

8. Webe Marketing

It has been a joyful ride with Webe company rewarding users with cash rewards and some other prizes. It is all over the news and it seem like a too-good-to-be-true marketing scheme to attract users to test their product.

First Webe launched an app allowing Malaysian to get to know more about Webe. Then, it started to reward people with an incredible prizes. Luckily, those who won the prizes only needed to fill in personal information rather than paying a small fee for being a member.

I do not know you but I heard some crazy news that every Webe employees get a new high-end smartphones out of nowhere. Even before the launching of Webe service, On free time, Webe employees will drive to your neighborhood in a small van as if it deemed a beautiful day, therefore, they will reward you with cash rewards up to RM300 or a high-end smartphone such as Galaxy S6. All you need to do is participate and spin the wheel while they will capture your photo of you winning a prize and upload it on their official Webe Facebook page.

9. The Next Big Thing

It solves the mystery whether mobile Internet data can be unlimited likened to a landline Internet connection. There has been lots of rumor in the past that user could subscribe to an unlimited mobile data with merely RM30 monthly fee with a small tweak. The tweak however, it was not much a convention business practice as it will be using third-party such as VPN.

Imagine one can surf Youtube without the worry of data cap and sudden increase of hidden fee charged on gullible mobile end-user. It is all now a horrible past, Webe is the new savior for the miserable mobile Internet experience.

10. My Webe Experience

To be frank, author have bought the Webe service and yet to try it out. Perhaps I could give more tips after testing it for 3 months.