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Speed Test on Webe Unlimited Data

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Well-lit Webe Lounge at Queenbay Mall, Penang

Check out Webe Lounge design and catch up with their latest mobile plans. There is no single color closely associate with Webe as if you are curious. One thing that surprise me most is the staff took me to a table for a quick inquiry when I said, " I come to take my Webe sim card ".

He calmly noted my intention. The entire conversation experience was described to be like when I was taking my school result with my parent by my side. It was totally formal !

I look around amazed with a strict officer. There were few smartphones on display and a few P1 devices here and there.

One thing I remember the most about webe except the words P1 and TM is surely the word "Community". Shortly afterwards, I came to this ticket machine and get my ticket. Something we always do when we were in hospital or bank.

As soon as I got my ticket. In a split seconds, my number was shown on the screen with the usual sound because there were only me left.

Retrieving Webe Sim card is required to have your national identification card and of course your fingerprint to access it. The process is easy of course one do not need to fill up any form but it got me into thinking that " Am I in the middle of withdrawing my money " ?

Then, they got all access into my not-so-fairy-good middle school result and the things I have done in the past. ( God knows what are the information in my ID card )  , I am convinced he may have my good looking photo in their computer now.

The friendly associate handed my Webe sim card after I pass all the necessary requirements.

Before that, I have been receiving lots of call from the same number asking me to collect my Webe sim card. The rule is to collect Webe sim card within 7 days after online purchase. 

The picture above is a speed test on Webe unlimited Data. 

Though it was unlimited data, one still need to figure out the coverage and speed it provided. My review are there are still much improvements to be done on coverage and not so much on the speed side. Well, considering other factors such as the dialing locally I guess it still an unbeatable deal.