Play Mobile Legend in your phone using Unifi 4G

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Unifi is here, no more "webe".

It seem much cooler displaying Unifi on top left of your mobile phone instead of "Webe". "Unifi" is synonymous with high-speed internet connection nationwide. Besides, it is always a delightful to call their customer service hotline as they provide top-notch solutions.

The latest move by Webe more likely upgraded 4G availability and stability. It is easier now to receive 4G mobile Internet connection after changing their name from "Webe" to "Unifi". However, there are no changing of title in their official website.

The move could be a marketing strategy to lure more people into subscription as Unifi is a trustworthy brand as good as Streamyx. 


Using high-speed connection playing mobile legend is a half good example. Mobile game does not consume much data. With this Unifi turn on in your mobile phone, Mobile Legend obtain green latency all the time. Do tune on either 3G and 4G for research as your area might be having strong 3G signal. 

I do not fully know about this just to assure 3G signal is very strong and still very good option and on mobile legends bang bang average ping is 50 - 100 easily score a green latency.    

Millennials Drink Lesser Alcoholic Drinks

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Millennials are hooked by the words "Apple Cider" with 4.5% alcohol content

Millennials in Malaysia understand the adverse effect consuming alcoholic drinks from their parent. Besides, prolonged campaign of "too much alcoholic drinks are bad for health" are really effective way stopping us from binge drink.

Furthermore, alcoholic drinks are for adults (normally bartender ask your age prior serving). Even though we can pretend we are adult but the heavy tax imposed by the authorities really put us off as one simple and normal alcoholic drinks are priced at more or less RM8.50 in an amount 300ml to 350ml.

Last but not least, the religion strongly against consuming alcoholic drinks. Some of us think alcoholic drinks must be really bad to the extent it goes opposed by religious teaching.

It might be true Millennials are not drinking that much now. In fact, they do not find it is good to drink what the elders have been drinking all this time.  In order to attract younger generation, the company behind alcoholic drinks are introducing the health-concerned alcoholic drinks to the market with as low as just 4.5% alcoholic content.

Apple fox cider canned drink
Apple fox cider 

Despite all the above mentioned implications, we will see market shelves filling up with colorful canned drinks and shiny see-through glass bottle thank to Heineken and Carlsberg. Apple fox cider is by Heineken.

Somersby Apple cider 4.5%

Somersby by far the pioneer of apple cider alcoholic drink in Malaysia. It is brought to you by no other than Carlsberg. I bet the taste only appeal to younger generation and all the advertising are all targeted on younger audiences.

Strongbow Heineken
Strongbow by Heineken

Alcoholic beverage company are gaining sales momentum after putting the word "apple cider" into their products. It is sending a positive messages and alcoholic brands to the market. These are 3 most favorite alcoholic drinks for the youth in 2017.