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2NE1 sending message for Blackjacks in malaysia

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Anyeonghaseyo or selamat datang to arrival of 2NE1 for second time in Malaysia 2014 

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Give a 2NE1 a break would not you Malaysian fan ? They have been to Malaysia last year and also this year ! . If it is not because Malaysian demand on Kpop concert, they would not come for second time but it is a very happy to see them back.

It is a world tour for them with title "All or nothing". Malaysian just cant get enough for Kpop song and dancing. This will be another concert that will make you lose oxygen and suffocate collapse at the floor  held on May 2014. Month of May and June are usually holiday season !!

I am not being serious about that . The truth is that in conjunction of Visit Malaysia 2014 there are really a lot of happening. After 2NE1 concert in may, we will see Taylor Swift in June performing "Red Tour" ! I could not imagine that actually dream become true for many Malaysian fans.

What are the songs you like 2NE1 to sing in the concert ? There are so many good song such as "Don stop the music", "Go Away", "Love is ouch", "I am the Best", "I Don care", "Clap your hand".

2NE1 World Tour Malaysia will be held on May 2014

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Popular Female KPOP Band "2NE1" World Tour titled " ALL OR NOTHING".

In the year of 2014, we are very happy because they are so many Korean Pop stars visiting Malaysia. We will have Rain and Big Bang to see us. But how about those who love female Korea Pop band? Besides male korean pop stars, Malaysian Kpop fans are awaiting their dream to be fulfilled to see a Kpop girl band.

They will have to wait for little longer for their dream to be materialized. G Dragon and Rain are coming in this March 2014. 2NE1 World Tour is scheduled to be held in May 24, 2014. Are you excited?

The four members girl group  made up of CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom to form 2NE1 will perform at Stadium Merdeka as part of their world tour.

This concert main promoter is IME production the same company who supporting BigBang fans meeting to Malaysia on March 2014. It announced ticket sales on 2NE1 World Tour "ALL OR NOTHING" on March 9 at Sungai Wang Plaza in Kl. Prefer to purchase entry pass online visit .

Tickets are priced from lowest to highest. RM199, RM399, RM499, VVIP RM 599 . More information please visit Ticketcharge 2NE1 World Tour Malaysia 2014