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10 Good Reasons You should Play Pokemon Go

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I have play the Pokemon Go since it first launching

10 good reasons stem from you. These are mine. What are yours ?

1. The Challenge

Achieve this accomplishment with Pokemon Go

Get out of your sofa because it just an illusion of comfort. We are making a history, we are leaving a mark. Let catch all the pokemon !

It does not matter how much Pokemon you have catch. It is a personal time you and Pokemon Go. Take your time, enjoy the great game.

One day in the near future, you will thank Pokemon Go for it encourages spending time walking around for your health.

In my experience, I have endured 2 hours of walking with Pokemon Go. The distance recorded was 2 to 3 Kilometers. That is something I cant achieve without Pokemon Go. It is harder than you think, 2 to 3 kilometers is merely less than 5,000 steps. Still, it better than nothing.

2. The Surprise

Dragonite Pokemon Go
Dragonite on the screen

When an extremely rare pokemon appears, the amount of excitement is unimaginable. Dragonite is the last pokemon to have in current Pokedex.

Pokemon Go egg hatching

Egg hatching is one of the motivator for distance walking ! One can get some rare pokemon in 10 KM eggs.

3. Childhood Dream

I think you guys share the same dream as me to be the Pokemon master. This dream however, faded through times. In my time with Pokemon, I was 8 years old and thought the other part of the world lies a Pokemon island where Pokemon did exist there. Well, that happened after finish watching some episodes of Pokemon in my CD player. The pirated CD was like RM12.90 with 3 Pokemon episodes in one CD.

That was not just it, when I was much younger, fighting my sibling over a Gameboy device with Pokemon game in it.

4. The Achievement

The game is not about catching the strongest Pokemon, it is about catching all the Pokemon appears on your screen. Even the strongest Pokemon will just contribute 100 experience points to your level. The tips is to catch all Pidgey, Ratata, Weedie and Caterpie as these gives you 500 exp points for every evolution made.

5. Social / Peer Pressure

Everytime I turned on the Facebook or having a lunch at one of the restaurant, I got "Pokemon" whispering everywhere. I do not have enough reason not to join the Pokemon Go craze. It just too much to bear everyone is on their phone with Pokemon Go in it.

6. Fight for your claim

When you have all the necessary skills, it time to hit the GYM. In Pokemon Go , the GYM never give out any badges so do not go all-out screaming. It fairy easy to conquer as long as potions and revives are enough to replenish.

I am team instinct and I am not afraid to admit although we are few, we still win anyone with enough potions and revives. So much relieving that potions and revives do not discriminate.

To be honest, Pyro is not even my strongest Pokemon. It is wise only use strongest Pokemon to attack and not defend because everyone get the chance to win the GYM.

7. Place of Interest

Every Pokestops and GYM means something special. The Pokemon is just another pulling factor or a beautiful cover to be attractive to the content. The game is created to encourage people to explore the world. It is a game to get your boots dirty and physically heathlier.

8. The Excitement

It's hard to contain the excitement of so many people shares a common goal to capture a single rare Pokemon.

9. The Disappointment / Anxiety

The legitimate Malaysian Pokemon Go player start date should be same as above

The game first launched on July 2016. The overwhelm feeling that the company behind Pokemon Go decided to launch it region by region excluding where you live. As if  I was like born to a wrong place. "When the game going to be released in Malaysia" ?

It still clear how much anxiety I got during this period of depression. To the extend that, I would always check Play Store when the game can be downloaded to my phone and frequently visit the Pokemon Go Official Facebook page for their newest announcement.

I never condone myself downloading the apk file for my android phone. It was so insecure !

Before the release, the only thing to do is observe the Facebook Trending and Popular post overloaded with Pokemon Go contents. The feeling of described as "out of touch" or "disconnected with the world" (This can't be serious)

The wait is over, I have found Dragonite on the eve of Hari Merdeka to be exact 30/8/2016. It still crystal clear that the countdown was over and a Dragonite appeared. But, the image explains thoroughly. The point is I did not bring home Dragonite with me that night. What a night !

The lesson learnt that do not try to catch Dragonite using curve ball, you will never reach it !

10. The Updates

The game get some good updates in order to perfect the game in accordance to player demand. I think the greatest update is to make the game available for everyone. The update that take away Pokemon footsteps is one of the example to make the game much more efficient. In return, the game is opened to more region due to the reduced overload of game data.

The newest update to ensure players get their boots even dirtier by implementing buddy system that rewards player with candy. That fine by me !

Every new updates carry a sign of effort by the company behind Pokemon Go to work out the best interest of the players around the globe.

Buy Google Play Credits using Maybank Debit Card

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How to buy Google Play credits or Android apps using Maybank Debit Card

After you successfully add your Maybank debit card on Google Wallet, you will make transaction right after clicking the Green colored " BUY " button.

As soon as you clicked the Green highlighted " Buy " , your bank account will be deducted MYR 3.50. That would only work if you have registered your Maybank debit card on Google Wallet in prior. Do not attempt to click the green higlighted " Buy " button on your smartphone as if you have not made any decision.

Maybank Debit Card is the easiest way and solution for individual who wanted to purchase Apps on Google Play. To get Maybank Debit card, you must meet the requirements of 18 years old and Malaysian citizen. Besides, Maybank staff would ask you to deposit up to RM500. As for student, it can go as low as RM50 only.

Some of you may not know that tt is very important for Maybank debit card users to know the importance of Maybank debit card numbers before applying it. The numbers imprinted on card are highly valuable and only meant for the debit card user who applied it.

Source : Maybank demonstration

These distinctive numbers imprinted on your Maybank Debit Card as shown above 4283 3212 1188 8888
are meant for your visibility. These numbers allowing you accessing your bank account to make transaction on Internet. These 16 digits were to be put into your Google Wallet for purchasing Google Play apps or in-game credits.


  1. Visit Google Wallet ( Make sure it https )
  2. Add your Maybank card numbers for example, 4283 3212 1188 8888
  3. Ready to purchase !!

Purchasing In-Game Credit on Google Play Transaction Completed 

Transaction will be saved on your Google Wallet account which is accessible by your Google mail account. The transaction made information is sent to both Google Wallet and your Google mail.  " For The Tribe " is a game app on Google Play by Asiasoft Online charging MYR 3.50 for in-game item. Unitedmy author accepted the in-game item by exchanging MYR 3.50.

Umobile unveils Samsung Galaxy S5 plan on April 25

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Umobile Malaysia offering RM555 or RM999 for Samsung Galaxy S5

You can get Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone with only RM999 and RM555 but you are required to follow their following instructions.

It incredible low for RM555, what are the terms and condition for it? It required interested consumer to sigh up for Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card and sign up for U Plus LTE RM138 plan. This promotion will end on June 30, 2014. Be swift if you are qualify and meeting all the requirements for a RM555 Samsung Galaxy S5.

As for the RM999, you are required to be tied on a 24 months contract on Umobile plus LTE RM138 plan. Umobile did not just have 2 plans for Samsung galaxy S5.

There are Umobile plus LTE U58 and U88 plans with Samsung Galaxy S5 tied for 24 months. 

Umobile Samsung Galaxy S5U58 U88U PLUS
Monthly Commitment RM 58 RM 88RM 138
Internet  2GB 3GB 5GB
Free Calling 100 mins to Umobile
200 mins to other operators
100 mins to Umobile
200 mins to others
350 mins to all
Free SMS  None 100 to Umobile
200 to others
250 to all
Voice call charge 18 sen for Umobile
20 sen for other operators
18 sen for Umobile
20 sen for other operators
18 sen to all
Contract  2 years  2 years   2 years
Phone price RM 1699  RM 1499  RM 999
Estimated 2 years cost  RM 3091  RM 3611  RM 4311

If you feel there is a hassle and burden tied up for 24 months. You always can opt for purchasing new Samsung Galaxy S5 without contract. Comparison among Maxis, Digi and Celcom have been made. You can try to do comparison what you have to pay after a period of 1 year and 2 years with the contract you signed up.

Visit here to know about Comparison Maxis, Digi and Celcom plan on Samsung Galaxy S5 : Comparison Samsung Galaxy S5 among telcos

Visit here to know the specification of Samsung Galaxy S5 and interested to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 without contract through Online : Get Samsung Galaxy S5 COD through Online

Groupon Malaysia Samsung Galaxy S5 - Groupon's Samsung Galaxy S5 (Discounted)

10 Smartphone Apps Malaysian should download

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Finding Smartphone apps that really useful and helpful ? Start with these 10 apps ! 

Currently Malaysians download 85% foreign contents which mean they downloaded application made and rendered outside of Malaysia. These application are made by Malaysians. All of these are domestic contents designed cater growing demands of people. Some of these application are useful and help them solve difficult tasks render their lifestyle improved. 


Developer : GTW Holdings

App Size : 10M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

Searching food and beverage in you area, rate their foods, check F&B prices, Popularity check, guide. Everything you need to know about which restaurants are in ranking or trending are all in here ! This excellent plus nicer dashboard and interface help you do the heavy thinking. Instead of searching at Google, why don search at HungryGowhere Malaysia. Don worry about going through non-halah foods, filter it by tick "show halal food only" and search again !!

Apple user : Hungry Go Where MY iOS
Android user : Hungry go where Android


Developer : MyTeksi

App Size : 6M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

It is very hard to know whether any teksi will be crossing the road you are waiting at. Instead of waiting teksi, why don search any teksi around your waiting area using My Teksi application?. Imagine you are very lost at midnight because of car malfunction or in emergency just search using your smartphone to get more reliable and quick detail from this app.

I guess getting teksi at bustling town like KL is very difficult. Think about it You can get considerable information about the teksi driver. You even can rate the teksi driver if you would. Beside Myteksi app, you could search Ezcab or Grabteksi apps to download it offered similar feature.


Developer : Evozi

App Size : 1.9M

Compatibility : Android

A PLUS toll calculator You can even use it offline without on Internet. Besides, You will get first hand on newest news and announcement from PLUS toll Malaysia. It also boast that Live Plus traffic update and Live traffic camera

LIVE 4D Malaysia

Developer : Live4D

App Size : 1.1M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

I am not trying to advocate TOTO however, there is sizable numbers of Malaysian downloaded this app to look for newly updated result. From the app description, It supported result of Damacai, 4D, PMP, Magnum, Toto and Singarpore Polls.


Developer : Jordyland

App Size : 1.7M

Compatibility : iOS / Android

There are around 3 or 4 different app maker made similar functionality. When you search playstore, you must search Jordyland's AES location detector as from I can see here, there are many good response who have downloaded this application. AES location dectector helps notify driver incoming police camera put at any traffic light or road side. It also boasted that the app is multilingual contained English, Chinese and malay language. Beside, the app maker rendered the app where you will not dependent on internet connection but GPS alone.


Developer : Success Action Enterprise

App Size : 7.7M

Compatibility : Android

This application is useful and helpful to people who really know how to use it. It can check AES saman, Saman JPJ, Blacklist JPJ, Blacklist PDRM, Check registration plate, JPJ complain. Beside that, this application will show newest and latest traffic news.

Radio & TV Malaysia

Developer : Railfandship

App Size : 6.2M

Compatibility : Android

I cant find any kind of application like this in iOS but certainly in Google Play, this app does exist. What this app does for Malaysian? This is very profound discovery. This app supporting TV3, TV1, TV2, 1News, TVi, 8TV, NTV7, TV9, Malaysian observer and Al Hijrah channel. Furthermore, All kinds of radio channel such as MY FM, Suria FM, Hitz FM and many more. There is more, it also supporting Malaysia Kini, The Star Online, New Straits Times and Media Rakyat. All I can say this application is awesome and smart. Rugi tak download tahu ?


Developer :

App Size : 2.7M

Compatibility : Android

Malaysia largest second-hand marketplace expanded it horizon to mobile business. Sell everything and buy anythings You found worthy. A very concentrate places You would be delighted !!


Developer : Measat Broadcast Network Systems

App Size : 50M

Compatibility : Android / iOS

If you looking at the image, it resemble candy crush. It is a very popular OH MY ENGLISH show. Learn English and improve English in these funny and interesting way. A very great apps to be installed into your children Ipad, Samsung tablet, Smartphones. It does not mean only for children !!


Developer : Creativate

App Size : 3.5M

Compatibility : Android / iOS

Always meet the timing to fulfill daily prayer for Muslim. A very good tool for them. It has a lot of features such as showing Qiblat, nearest mosque. Besides, it does show salah times, Jama and Qasar guides,

Good things are meant to be shared. Sharing is Caring !!

Which smartphone apps Your favourite? free polls 

Lazada online shopping is available in Android and iOS smartphone

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Lazada Malaysia announced apps compatible for Android and iOS smartphones. You can buy favourite products not only on your computer and on your smartphone too.

In January 16, 2014. Lazada Malaysia , South-east Asia biggest online shopping mall, announced apps compatible for Apple smartphone users. I Pad and I Phone can use Lazada apps to browse favourite products and purchase them.

Lazada iOS and Android apps
Lazada iOS and Android apps

The apps is fully optimized for iOS version 7. Shoppers now can seamlessly navigate various brand and product assortment in several categories such as apparel, household electronic, gadgets, shoes and accesories. Lazada put customer experience in highest priority. Besides, Lazada guaranteed a secure payment methods for customer.

The apps equipped with various languages for aiding various ethnics living  in Malaysia. Downloading the apps, You will entitle exclusive discount codes given out every single time. 

CEO Lazada group Maximilian Bittner says "mobile traffic driving to Lazada are significant important and have tripled in the last 12 months. It has been an important source of revenue." Cant deny the development of smartphones and tablets users, he believes Mobile Commerce is the future of online shopping. "

According to the study conducted by Nielsen, Southeast Asians spend an average of more than 3 hours per day on smartphones. Malaysian smartphone penetration of 80% is one of the highest in Asia Pacific. Almost Half of Malaysian owns multiple smartphones.

The new Lazada app for Apple users are free-of-charge. Public can access the app from 16 January 2014 download them. Additionally, Lazada is planning a surprise for three lucky shoppers who made purchase with the new apps. It is worth RM500 vounchers. Those who are interested in participating, Start purchasing with Lazada using the mobile platform from 19 - 31 January 2014.