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Day 1 Malaysia in Incheon Asian Games

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Malaysia hunts Gold medals in Asiad 2014. The target is 8 Gold Medals announced by Minister of Sport and Youth

Malaysia won first gold medal in day 1

On September 19, 2014, It was the date of opening ceremony Incheon Asian Games 2014. There will be no competition on the day of opening ceremony. The competition will resume tomorrow which is September 20, 2014.

The official day of Asiad should be September 20, 2014. There are competitions will be taking place. Hockey, Wushu, Bicycle and many more. In the Hockey competition, Malaysia hockey squad has won against Singapore national hockey squad.

As for cycling, athletes representing Malaysia were Azizulhasni Awang, Josiah Ng and Muhammad Edrus Md Yunus. Mr Edrus is one of the best cyclist that can win at least silver or bronze medal for Malaysia

In the meantime, Volleyball indoor and Cricket national squad did not managed to secure a position to the final of the game.

Malaysia was lucky enough to won first gold medal in first day of Asiad. The first contribution of gold medal was in the Wushu category. She obtained the gold medal in Wushu Nan Quan. Her name is Tai Cheau Xuen. In an interview with her, she could not express her feeling as she never thought could win gold medal. Her action biting the gold medal was one of the proudest moment for a Malaysian.

Malaysian can enjoy watching athletes at Asiad on TV3, 9TV or Astro Arena 801. Free streaming is available on Tonton website.  

Badminton Malaysian vs China in Day 3 Asian Games

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Lee Chong Wei, Chen Long, Lin Dan and Chong Wei Feng will play on September 22, 2014

Will China obtain Gold medal or Malaysia in Men's single Badminton match ? Stay tuned TV9 or Astro Arena 801

Malaysia vs Saudi Arabia at Incheon 2014

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17th Asian Games 2014, Malaysia versus Saudi Arabia in 2nd day soccer category.

This is the second match Malaysia soccer squad playing on this event. Saudi Arabia is a formidable opponent based on the analysis they played on last match. In previous match, Malaysia won against Laos in an unprecedented score of 4 - 0. Subsequently obtained 3 points ahead. Besides, Saudi Arabia proved they too had won which put Malaysia and Saudi Arabia in a same level.

More info about Malaysia vs Laos 4 - 0.

As if Malaysia won again Saudi Arabia later, Harimau Malaya's chance advancing for goal medal is one step closer. Anything could happen in the field and last minute playing at field. We will need to see who will prevail till the last minute or scoring the last goal. After all, winning and losing are the culture of any sport games.

Witness the fight on 3.55 Pm on Astro Arena 801. The date is 21 september 2014, the time is on 3.55 PM

More detail after the match

Malaysia attended Opening of 17th Incheon Asian Games

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Nicol David carrying and waving the Malaysia flag when it Malaysia turn to walk on the track 

Queen of the squash in Malaysia and worldwide proudly waving Malaysia flag at Incheon stadium. She was accompanied by all the Malaysia athletes. They were all wearing orange color outfits. TV9 broadcaster mentioned about Nicol David news of retirement in squash was very saddened Squash fans all around the world. Her amazing performance will be cherished this could be her last biggest sport event.

Nicol David winning streak earned her a legendary title in an international stage as well as the title granted to her "Datuk". Although she may have lost some of the Squash tournaments held not so long ago. But she never failed to amazed all the audiences in big sport event nor she failed to get gold medal in any big sport event.

Datuk Lee Chong Wei will not miss this grand opportunity to play. It will be his biggest moment in his life because his arch rival has agreed to play at this sport event. Asian Games 2014 where the three countries compete furiously for gold medals, China, South Korea and Japan will try their very best to get as much gold as possible. China Lin Dan coach makes an appearance that he will help his country to get the gold medal to retain China no 1 record in Asian Games.

One can watch some of the amazing video feed focusing on Malaysian athletes on Asian games 2014 by watching TV9. This exclusive show is sponsored by TM, MYEG and Team Malaysia.

Watch LIVE Asian Games 2014

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Malaysian is exciting to be able to watch Asian Games 2014 opening at Incheon, South Korea

Asian Games 2014

Thank to Media Prima, Malaysians who like sport and those K-pop fans are able to witness the grand opening of the prestigious Asian sport 2014. Incheon is the third largest city in South Korea was selected to be the host of 17th largest sport event in Asia countries. It will be held from September 19, 2014 - October 4, 2014.

Due to this event, Malaysia cup 2014 quarter-final was halted in order to focus on this groundbreaking event. Malaysia soccer squad was selected to be a rival for South Korea at a friendly-match. It more likely an opening match for soccer category in Asian games 2014. Although lost to South Korea, Malaysia did not lost any point. The good news is Malaysia won Laos in a 4 and nil score. 

K-pop fans in Malaysia will be enormously grateful one of their favorite K-pop band is perfoming on the stage. JYJ band was selected to represent South Korea as an icon for the sport. Their Korean song "Only One" has 1.8 million hit even before the match begin. The video has been uploaded as early as last year.

Take a guess on their official mascot, it Seal. 3 different color Seal wearing a medal or badges. They are staggering 45 countries would make appearance at this exclusive sport event. One of them are Malaysia. Sport and Youth minister expected Malaysia to get some medals back especially in the sport of Squash and badminton. Lee Chong Wei and Nicol David are showing up in this cant-miss opportunity event.

Do not miss the opening of LIVE Asian Games 2014. Stay alert for the date September 19, 2014 (Friday) and the time 6.00PM. Tune to TV9 and wait for Malaysia national flag to show up. One will be able to see athletes competing each other tomorrow of the opening ceremony. Some of the sport events in Saturday are badminton, cricket, basketball and many more.

Malaysia vs Laos Asian Games 2014 LIVE

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Asian Games 2014 soccer category is expected to start earlier than other sport category

Malaysia vs Laos 2014

Malaysia soccer squad lead by Datuk Ong Kim Swee marched to Incheon stadium, South Korea. The very first match is compete with Laos. Last few days, Malaysia suffered defeat against South Korea national soccer squad in a friendly-match. South Korea squad strikers and defenses were both in a amazing form they had broke in defense of Harimau Malaya scoring 3 goals and stopped all the attempt to score a goal by Malaysia strikers. 

Malaysia versus Laos is the first soccer match for Malaysian soccer squad and they are determined to get first points by defeating Laos. Malaysian soccer fans are eagerly waiting the coming of date September 17, 2014.  The match can be watched either at Astro Arena 801 or TV9. The time is set on 3.30PM.  

Dollah Salleh was presence at this match assessing the soccer players for upcoming AFF tournament on November later. The target for this match is 3 points set by Datuk Ong Kim Swee. At the first half of the match, A very high target and only able to be achieved if the coach call upon its strongest formation and players.

Harimau Malaya U23 has lost three matches before heading versus Laos. Coach realized to give a surprise to opponent about its strength. Nor Farhan, Brendan Gan and Hazwan Bakri was playing at the field as potential goal scorers. As for defense side, there were Fadhli Shas (27) and Aidil Zafuan for perfect defense combination.

In the first round of the match, Malaysia secured a goal by Aidil Zafuan at 12' minutes. The formation started to yield result after the second match where the three goals were scored. Second goal was scored by Nor Farhan (10) at 76' minutes followed by Mohamad Fandi (17) at 78' minutes. Subsequently, Farris Danial (25) scored at 81' minutes.

Some of the players on the field were Ashri Chuchu (5), Gary (12), Amer (24), Zubir, Nazmi (31), Azrif (20). 

There were many perimeter advertisements such as Hyundai, Kia Motors, SK Innovation, Tissot, Samsung and many more

Malaysia vs South Korea friendly-match Asian Games 2014

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Korea republic vs Young tigers B-23
Source : Astro Arena Facebook page

As Asian Games soccer category is unveiling. South Korea is testing their soccer squad strength with Malaysia Young tigers. It will be a honor as it will be treated as opening ceremony of soccer category in Asian Games 2014 at Incheon. Who will win in this match against the host ?

South Korea soccer squad must have heavy burden in order to prove they are the host and they cant lose the game. As for Malaysian soccer squad, it will be a terrific experience and knowledge playing in an international level soccer event. As if Malaysia lost the match, Malaysia will still advance and proceed.

A friendly match that Malaysia could afford to lose because it will not jeopardize it performance in Asian Games 2014. Harimau Muda B-23 should focus on strategies how to defeat it real opponent. They are Laos soccer squad. the match Harimau Muda vs Laos will be a great match worth to watch.

Harimau Muda captain is Aidil Zafuan. Aidil, is JDT defender one of the senior team members being asked by coach Datuk Ong Kee Swee to beef up the formation of Harimau Muda that is going to compete in Asian Games 2014. Coach believed Aidil's knowledge and experience is extremely useful.

A little bit of research on the South Korea soccer squad, their strongest soccer squad may have been sent to play at AFC U-16. Lee Seung Woo the SK Messi will not play at Asian Games 2014.

Stay tune for this match the host of 17th Asian Games 2014 will go against Harimau Muda in this coming September 14, 2014. Tune to Astro Arena on the time 3.30Pm. 

Result : Malaysia soccer squad lost to South Korea with the score of 0 - 3.

20 Chosen Malaysia Soccer Players for Asian Games 2014

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Coach Kim Swee decided 20 Soccer players for the Asian Games at Incheon, South Korea.

Young tigers group A lead by Coach Datuk Ong Kim Swee had a friendly match with Yemen September 6, 2014. The defeat by Yemen team 1 - 0 Young tiger U23 caused 4 soccer players to be erased from departing for Asian Games 2014. Those were excluded Bobby Gonzales, Mohamad Firdaus Muhammad, Mohammad Ridzuan Abdunloh Pula and Mohamad Faizat 

More information about the match Young tigers U23 vs Yemen. Yemen 1 - 0 Young tigers U23

20 Soccer players have been selected to carry the burden playing as a national team for the prestigious Asian Games 2014. Before that, there will be a friendly match at China Qingdao. The match is set to begin between China vs Malaysia U-23 on September 10, 2014. This will test the strength of Malaysia young tigers soccer squad before heading to Incheon.

Malaysia soccer squad will have the privilege opportunity facing South Korea national team on September 14, 2014 as an opening ceremony soccer match. It will be an exciting match even before the game started. Young tigers will then put into a match with Saudi Arabia and Laos. Malaysia soccer squad is placed under team A.

List of names of the soccer squad players shortlisted to join Asian Games 2014 at Incheon


  1. Mohd Izham Tarmizi 
  2. Mohd Farhan Abu Bakar 


  1. Mohd Azrif Nasrulhaq
  2. Mohd Zubir Azmi
  3. Nazirul Naim Che Hashim
  4. Mohd Fadhli Mohd Shas
  5. Shahrul Bin Mohd Saad
  6. Mohd Amer Saidin
  7. Aidil Zafuan Abdul Razak
  8. Mohd Fandi Othman


  1. Junior Eldstal
  2. Gary Steven Robbat
  3. Nazmi Faiz
  4. Ashri Chuchu
  5. Brendan Gan
  6. Saiful Ridzuan Selamat
  7. Amirul Hisyam Awang Kechik


  1. Ahmad Hazwan Bakri
  2. Mohd Ferris Danial
  3. Nor Farhan Muhammad