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Nivea Malaysia Contest Stay Stain Free With Nivea Black & White

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Nivea Malaysia organized a contest everyone can win in every week just play this game

A game that fairly easy to play. I do not know how we can win prizes but certainly a very additive game to play. 

All we need to do is like their facebook page and start play the game follow the rules. The contest "Black & White challenge" is organized by Beiersdorf Malaysia which owned Nivea brand.

This contest run from February 7 until 13 April 2014. 

In the game you will be asked whether you are male or female. Choose respective gender and play the game. There will be a line of Nivea products and also non Nivea product. Pick the right Nivea product, drag it to the them. It is really easy !!

As you can see above, there will be leaderboard showing everyone scores. To increase chance of winning in every week, you are to collect the scores more than average people playing this game. A great game is meant to be shared like farmville or candy crush. Share with your friends at Facebook.

I am only managed to get less than 20,000 and get ranked at 380. You might get more score than me. Start playing now at Nivea Malaysia 2014 Black & White contest