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Cheapest IPhone 6 Plans in Malaysia

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Maxis, Digi and Celcom are official seller of IPhone 6 with predetermined plans in Malaysia

Let the battle begins the price is one of the determinant factor in consumer decision-making. Besides, the one receiving lot of applause and positive comment usually draw all the consumers to their side. As the consumer who will become IPhone 6 holder are mostly in middle-income group and they are looking for good service and big smile.

It seem like Digi is unveiling IPhone 6 and the curtain will be pulled up on November 5, 2014. The time is 11PM and everyone could get a piece of it after the launching which is 1 hour later. They could buy as much as possible depends on Digi whether or not close it shop because it way too late for normal business hour. They starts IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus selling on 12AM which is a midnight. As for those who wanted to witness the launching, there is a LIVE event for everyone who use Digi  (Digi is not Apple ok !)

Is there a free gift watching entire Digi launching of IPhone 6 ? or there will be a free gift if attending the launching ??

LIVE streaming Digi's midnight IPhone 6 launching on Youtube Digi LIVE streaming

I guess there were warranty if you purchase with Maxis, Digi or Celcom. However, Let say one opt for non-tied plan IPhone 6 will you consider ?? IPhone 6 without tied plans

Samsung Galaxy S5 with contracts are available in Malaysia

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Major mobile service providers in Malaysia are offering their own unique plans for interested consumers

Samsung Galaxy S5 is scheduled to be released on April 11, 2014. Major mobile service provider such as Digi, Maxis and Celcom is launching Samsung Galaxy S5 with contract on same day. It is the latest flagship smartphone by Samsung.

It will compete with it rival Apple Iphone 5S. The battle will be intense will you pick Samsung Galaxy S5 or Apple Iphone 5S? Both of the device key improvement is the embedded fingerprint technology enable user to get extra layer of security.

It is just a fancy technology or something else? What if your thumb got cut bleeding will it still unlock your smartphone device? But, I certainly believed that the technology developer must have the same question as mine and they might have figured out how to solve this before launching it !

Interested to own Samsung Galaxy S5? This is what you have been waiting for ! Review the contract plans below ! Pick your most favorite contract plan now. Samsung Galaxy retail price will be at RM2399

Some of people do not like contract tied plan they prefer contract free Samsung Galaxy S5. If you one of them you might want to check this out. They sell it online and cheaper compared to contract tied Samsung Galaxy S5. Check this deal exclusive for Malaysian.

Contract-free Smartphone Galaxy S5 is officially available at Malaysia please check at Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB White

Maxis's  Internet per monthCall per min Text SMS Monthly fee S5 price if 12 months contract S5 price if 24 months contract
Surfmore 30 1GB 15sen / 20sen 10sen / 15sen  RM 30  RM2099  RM1899
Surfmore 50 2GB 12sen / 20sen 5sen / 15sen  RM 50  RM1999  RM1799
Surfmore 75 5GB 12sen / 20sen 5sen / 15sen  RM 75 RM1899  RM1699
TalkMore 28  200MB  F. 200 minutes to all networks
12sen / 15sen
100 SMS to all networks
12sen / 15sen
 RM 56 RM1999 RM1799
TalkMore 48  1GB F. 400 minutes to all N.
10sen / 15sen
F. 200 SMS to all N.
10sen / 15sen
 RM 96 RM 1899 RM 1599
TalkMore 78  3GB  F. 600 minutes to all N.
8sen / 15sen
F. 500 SMS to all N.
8sen / 15sen
RM 146 RM 1799 RM 1399
Digi 's 

SmartPlan 78  3GB F. 100 minutes to all N.
F. 100 SMS to all N.
 RM 78   none RM1699
SmartPlan 108  5GB F. 300 minutes to all N.
F. 300 SMS to all N.
 RM108   none RM1399
SmartPlan 148  6GB F. 600 minutes to all N.
F. IDD calls for 30 minutes
F. 600 SMS to all N.

RM 148  none 1199


First Prime mBasic  1.05GB RM 40 free calls
15sen rate
RM 40 free SMS
15sen rate
 RM78 RM 1888 RM 1838 for 18 months
FP mAdvance  3.05GB RM 40 free calls
15sen rate 
RM 40 free SMS
15sen rate
 RM98 RM 1888 RM 1838 for 18 months
FP mPro  5.05GB RM 40 free calls
15sen rate 
RM 40 free SMS
15sen rate
 RM128  none RM 1338 
Premier Basic  1GB RM 80 free calls
12 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
12sen rate
 RM118 RM 1788 RM1738 for 18 months
Premier Advance  3GB RM 80 free calls
12 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
12sen rate
 RM138 RM 1788 RM 1738 for 18 months
Premier Pro  5GB RM 80 free calls
12 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
12sen rate
 RM168  none RM1138
Elite Basic 1GB RM 150 free calls
10 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
10sen rate
RM188 RM1688 RM1538 for 18 months
Elite Advance 3GB RM 150 free calls
10 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
10sen rate
RM208 RM1688 RM1538 for 18 months
Elite Pro 5GB RM 150 free calls
10 sen rate
RM 80 free SMS
10sen rate
RM238  none  RM988
mPro 5GB Free 60 minutes voice call
15sen rate
Free 60 SMS
15sen rate
RM88  none RM1538

Maxis 's Perks and hidden TOS with Samsung Galaxy S5

1. Usage hit discount once You hit RM150 or RM250. 
2. Free 900 minutes talktime and 1500 SMS with family lines.
3. Maxis one club privillege only for applying 24 months contract with Talktime 78.
4. 3 months free internet access for 24 months and 1 month free internet access for 12 months contract
5. 120 minutes to all network for RM 12 a month, 120 SMS to all networks for RM 6 a month
6. Surfmore 75 entitled extra 2GB free to enjoy Astro on the Go

Digi 's Perks and hidden TOS with Samsung Galaxy S5
  1. Pre-oder S5 get 9GB monthly internet quota effective April 19, 2014
  2. Roaming RM32 per day
  3. Unlimited music streaming with Deezer
  4. Unlimited Whatsapps and Opera Mini apps although exceeded monthly internet quota
  5. Exceeded monthly internet quota will be restricted to use until next cycle. 
  6. Unlimited weekend call Digi to Digi

Celcom 's Perks and hidden TOS with Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. Celcom First Prime : Principal and supplementary line maximum 3. RM 5 for a month. Free usage up to 2,400 Voice and Video calls, Free 3,000 SMS & MMS
  2. Switch seamlessly Prepaid or Postpaid
  3. Exceed RM150, one rate become 10sen rate previously 12sen rate
  4. Free data 50MB, 100MB, 200MB.
  5. Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S5 at selected outlets get 5GB internet quota for 2 months. This is in effect April 11-13, 2014
  6. Bluecube Sunway Pyramid lauch event on April 11, 2014. First 200 customers to purchase Samsung Galaxy S5 with Celcom First plus mPro plan, enjoy the opportunity to own Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite or Samsung Y Neo for only RM55.

Total cost borned by consumers among plans offered by 3 mobile service providers in period of 1 year and 2 years

1 Year Expenses

Maxis's Surfmore 30 - RM 2459
Maxis's Surfmore 50 - RM 2599
Maxis's Surfmore 75 - RM 2799
Maxis's Talkmore 28 - RM 2671
Maxis's Surfmore 48 - RM 3051
Maxis's Surfmore 78 - RM 3551

Celcom First Prime Basic - RM2824
Celcom First Prime Advance - RM3064
Celcom First Premier Basic - RM3204
Celcom First Premier Advance - RM3444
Celcom First Elite Basic - RM3944
Celcom First Elite Advance - RM4184

1 & Half Year Expenses 

Celcom First Prime Basic - RM3242
Celcom First Prime Advance - RM3602
Celcom FIrst Premier Basic - RM3862
Celcom FIrst Premier Advance - RM4222
Celcom First Elite Basic - RM4922
Celcom First Elite Advance - RM5282

2 Year Expenses

Maxis's Surfmore 30 - RM 2619
Maxis's Surfmore 50 - RM 2999
Maxis's Surfmore 75 - RM 3499
Maxis's Talkmore 28 - RM 3143
Maxis's Surfmore 48 - RM 3903
Maxis's Surfmore 78 - RM 4903

Digi's Smartplan 78 -   RM3571
Digi's Smartplan 108 - RM3991
Digi's Smartplan 148 - RM4751

Celcom First Prime Pro - RM4410
Celcom First Premier Pro - RM5170
Celcom First Elite Pro - RM6700
Celcom mPro - RM3650

I do not know which plans better taking a blind guess I will pick Maxis Surfmore 75 or Talkmore 48. What do you think? Please leave a comment below or like and share ! 

More info about Samsung Galaxy S5 

1Detailed information about Samsung Galaxy S5 at Malaysia

Axiata Young Talent Programme 2014

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Axiata University Leadership Development Programme (ULDP) open for interested undergraduates

Axiata Leadership camp 2014

Axiata one of the leading telecommunication companies in Asia. Provision of telecommunication and consultancy services on international scale. Axiata also owned Celcom one of the three well known telecommunication company in Malaysia. Celcom has more mobile subscribers than any other national telecommunication company. Axiata is very keen to invite young bright generation to join leadership camp !

It is a "summer camp" style programme open to Malaysian undergraduates studying in local and overseas universities from August 8, 2014 till August 22, 2014. 

A selected group of student who have completed will have the opportunity to apply what they have learnt through 8-weeks Structured Internship Programme the following year. The goal is to put leadership concepts into practice. focusing on dealing with real-world challenges in a challenging business environment.

Are you interested to join ? Take your time and prepare a time schedule ! if you decided to join it is important to note that All expenses incurred during the programme from August 9, 2014 till August 22, 2014 will be borne by Axiata excluding transportation to and from place of study or residence to the Axiata Office in Kuala Lumpur. 

What can you learn in ULDP

1. Leadership skills
2. Enhance employability
3. Weekly presentation by students with couching and mentoring from distinguished business leaders
4. Fun, energetic outdoor and indoor activities
5. Networking with top Malaysian students from all around the world
6. Business simulation winner will receive attractive prizes
7. Gain insight and exposure with regional placements in a structured 8-week internship programme

Who can apply ?

  • Malaysian undergraduates student studying in recognized local and overseas universities. 
  • Students enrolled in the following areas of studies : Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Social science and many more 
  • Minimum requirement to join with the score of 2nd upper class or CGPA 3.3

Contact No. : 03-2263 8877

Social Media Axiata Young Talent Programme:Facebook Axiata
Official website for ULDP :