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Football Zombie Defender Petronas Gift Card Winner

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FIFA World Cup 2014 with Football Zombie Defender contest held by Clear

Football Zombie Defender Winner

I am one of the winner of the RM100 Petronas Gift Cards. Football Zombie Defender is about winning the virtual football game. It is an interesting game to play. I never expected I would win anything ! My feeling was overwhelm by excitement. Although it was not something luxury, hey, at least, I won something !

There were 15 Petronas RM100 Vouchers for selected winners and I was grateful being one of them. In order to win this game, you are required to purchase any Clear products for example, Clear shampoo. Next thing is upload the receipt and send the receipt to the address. I have done all the instructions !

It had been more than 1 month after the final World Cup Argentina vs Germany.

Petronas Gift Card RM50

Awesome refuel at nearest Petronas station or use it to purchase any items inside the Petronas store. It better than nothing ! 

Football Zombie with Rexona and Clear

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What are Football Zombie Syndrome or Sickness ? What are they trying to tell us ?

Luckily, I was selected as one of the winner in this contest. Please proceed to this entries Unitedmy one of the winner of Football Zombie Defender contest

It is not hard to guess what it is. It is none other than the coming FIFA 2014 at Brazil ! Without this grand event that unite us from any background there would not be a Football Zombie. Do you think it curable ?

How to cure this football zombie will be turn off the television. It certainly not easy to do it it is not as simple as that. What if your workplace colleagues start to talk about the FIFA players and scores ? You do not want to be sidelined and pretend you know it but in fact you were not watching the FIFA matches.

Turn on the television and start watch it till the end that would be the solution. However, most of the FIFA matches LIVE on midnight time because at Brazil there would be timeline difference if we watch it at Malaysia. Especially FIFA Brazil 2014 semi final and final matches who were going to miss the chance to see once in 4 years football event ?

That really ridiculous my colleagues expected me to see the match so that all of us can connect to the same topic but my workplace employer will be furious to know if employee stay up all night just to watch the matches. Who were going to do all the paperwork with energetic spirit ? I think most of the boss out there totally can understand our feeling to cheer favorite team in critical moment. My favorite team needed me to cheer them in front of television like consistently throughout the match.

Despite that and back to Football Zombie. This Football Zombie campaign shows you guy a series of video clips and a game to play. It called "Football Zombie Defender" . This game comes with attractive prizes to be won by lucky users.

Official website : Visit on

 More Football Zombie video clips at this channel : Football Zombie official channel

This video is not talking about those hollywood zombies that eats human flesh. Forget it, we will have new zombie variant It is a football zombie. It strange that every 4 year, the occurrence of Z symptoms or Z chromosome will resurface infecting everyone.

If you know these guys will become football zombies what can you possibly do to prevent them from getting infect ?