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1 Month before Covid 19 Pandemic at Singapore

All Photos were captured before April 7, 2020 Singapore Circuit Breaker Measures and Malaysia Movement Control Order March 16, 2020

I think the Covid 19 Measures had destroyed more life than the illness. Is it worth it ? Is the outcome yield better without Covid 19 Measures ?

1. Yishun Hospital March 2020

Preparation for Covid 19 pandemic. I remember vividly the security guard was trying to ask something. I guess Pandemic makes him think twice to get closer to me and shun me away

2. Woodland Clinic

As you can clearly see in the photo above, it was year 2020 Rat Year. Usually there were no customer service desk outside.

3. The Shoppes - Marina Bay Sands

3 manned Surveillance Camera at entrance checking body heat of potential Covid 19 Human Carrier. 

4. Donned Personal Protective Equipment

Not a everyday scene !

5.  9 Days before Malaysia implemented MCO

Photo were taken March 7, 2020. Outdoor Exercise is always nice during the good weather

6. Tourist Attraction

Photo were taken March 7, 2020. This was exactly one month before Singapore implemented Circuit Breaker measure or CB

Not much crowd though, it felt different. People were wary of the pandemic news.

7. Sentosa Beach

Photo taken March 14, 2020. Countless good weather have been missed. Tourism Industry was deeply affected !

This was 2 days before MY Movement Control Order and 23 days before SG Circuit Breaker

8. 3 Day after Malaysia Implemented MCO

Photo taken 19 March 2020, it does not seem affecting SG people movement. It seem like the great fear affected more on Malaysian than Singaporean.

18 days before Singapore enforces Circuit Breaker

On 16 March 2020, the day Malaysian authorities implemented movement control order, there were huge stock market movement and it could have been a crash in stock market.

9. 18 Days Before Singapore implementing Circuit Breaker

Photo were taken on 19 March 2020. Great weather at Garden by the bay !

10. Quarantine and Vaccination are the new outdoor activities

The only legal way to get outside during the pandemic was getting infected and being sent to quarantine facility. Everyone advised to stay indoor as much as possible !

Mention about new outdoor activity, the compulsory vaccine is a great activity too ! 

This article provides you a historical imagery of the past. Not a fictional and none were edited.