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Coronavirus Lockdown at Kuala Lumpur

Photo taken after 2 months from 16 March 2020. I live through the horror of Coronavirus disease at Kuala Lumpur

At the height of coronavirus, i found myself staying at Kuala Lumpur. The city i adore very much. I took a rest and went too far as much as six months of unemployment. Technically, no one was looking for jobs anyways. I am not living on any unemployment benefit though nor any help from any sources. 

Everyone can live in Kuala Lumpur during the good times right ?? How about living in Kuala Lumpur "At the height of Covid 19 pandemic" just like the title suggests

This is the best time living in Kuala Lumpur amid prevalence of Covid 19. Be able to witnessed the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur fought Coronavirus disease.

The city get so quiet and much lesser cars on the road. Although everyone stay at home, food delivery business were still operable.

All the zombie movie fans out there or those believe in the end of time. I got good news for all of you. You get what you wish for all this time and they have been listening. The pandemic measures are likened to a hollywood zombie movie. 

The pandemic landed unexpectedly. I find it ironic that no one actually celebrating as we get what we wish for. An once in your lifetime to experience weeks of isolation and despair. 

Enhanced movement control order

The situation was a little bit intense when authorities announced Enhanced version of movement control order. Barbed wire were used to block certain area deemed red zone !

I never believe Coronavirus will be the end of humankind. I have high hope it will be just 1 month event. Just like the bird flu H1N1 we had in the recent past. 

However, It proved to be very wrong as World Health Organization (WHO) announced the pandemic is over after 3 years. Do you see the similarity in 1918 flu pandemic ? We can safe to say it boldly

                       Coronavirus 2020 - 2023

Back to myself, what i did believe was that it could somehow infected me somewhere at the airport. So i made a decision not to go back to my parents home as it take an airflight to go there.

As if i did went back to my parent house and mistakenly with the disease, the consequences will be just unbearable.

Surgical mask become a viral product and a necessity. Anyone without a mask were prohibited to enter premises such as Shopping Mall or public transportation. 

Look closely to the imagery, 10 pieces of mask were selling at rm9.90. Rm1 for 10 masks. 

Instead of going back, i explore the city in hope that one day, everything is going to be fine. What i found in the city were Malaysian authorities were trying very hard to develop Kuala Lumpur. 

Social distancing were easy as everyone were wary of going out. 

If Coronavirus disease is a great lesson will it strike us 2 times in our lifetime ?

I hope we will be more prepared like got myself 5 years of saving to ward off any famine situation.

 A signboard with words " Stop The Covid-19 Transmission "

How many of us have 3 years of savings? I know i do not have it. 3 years was how long it took for World Health Organization declared
Coronavirus is over. 

If you ask me throughout the pandemic, did anyone help me ??

I always grateful to those who helped me get through it. Yes, i am the one who need all the help.

I remember vividly during the ramadan month, charity groups were sending out meals and drinks. As one of the recipient, i wanted to say thanks you very much !

Strangers wearing a pair of plastic glove, avoiding any physical contact through hands

If you ask me if pandemic ever come again, would i do it all again ?

I probably would run out of Luck. I dont think  will ever meet the same nice people again at Kuala Lumpur.

As for about me flying back to parent home, i will firmly reject any possible contact with my family. So no airport and no family. Just me and my backpack.