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Watching Dawn of the Planet Ape in Malaysia

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Everyone thought I am the villain of the show after watching trailer. You are wrong !! .  - Caesar

I never really understand why Apes were the bad guys and the humans are the good guys. It is very cruel and bias. Do not want to use the word apartheid because it does not make sense to refer Apes as a race. Those guys in the movie clearly expressed hateful and frighten towards Apes in the movie because they killed half of the human population by Simian Flu. Yes, we accused the bird for bird flu or Influenza A.

In fact, the actress as a scientist explained to that aggressive towards ape guy the flu was not came from Apes. It was a mistake at the lab by some genius scientists. They are genius to create a flu that kill everyone and left those who are immune to the deadly flu at one of the San Francisco tall tower. I guess we can use the word apartheid when they bumped to a group of organized apes who knows how to speak English rather than South African language.

It is Caesar the leader with his gang living a peaceful life. They seem to have multiply thousand clearly outpaced the human. The peace were broken when unexpected thing happened. Apes were on the trees and some were riding horses confronted the Malcolm expedition when Carver shot an ape and died on the spot. A traumatic experience emerged on both side. Cute Caesar is fully grown up ape now well you can tell when he shouted "Go" or "Leave" which I do not quite remember though.

My point of view is that the first Dawn of the Planet movie is much more real as oppose to this new movie. Maybe because they show the apes in morning which will heavily affect the realness of the CGI especially when they were hunting deer and fighting bear. The first movie were mostly happening at night rather then at morning. One of the factor this movie worth to watch they could make audience cry.

Emotional attachment is put in many scenes was felt deeply by audience. The casts were outstanding. It really looked like human were facing desperate situation and apocalypse hit them hard. For instance, the human leader Dreyfus cried watching his family photo. Dreyfus told to survivors about how critical to go war with the Apes and fixing the water Dam. Besides, Caesar's dying wife scene. Moreover, Apes put down their ego and hatred a side helped them when they were trapped at the water Dam. Dying Caesar breathing heavily and seem to have few minute life, asked Malcolm drive him to the abandoned house as he missed the childhood moments with his human friend who raised him up to become a respectful leader in evolved ape community.

The only thing that explicit about Dawn of the Planet Ape was the mother ape boob ..Seriously !!

The last scene is pretty impressive. Malcolm and Caesar talking about when they will meet again and Caesar said war is coming upon them and asked Malcolm to leave now.

There were one cute scene worth mentioning. The cute baby ape running away from mom and jump down from horse moving towards Malcolm and his girlfriend. Everyone was so happy including the audiences. That was cutest of all scene ! 

The happiest moment would be when the Dam finally worked electricity is channeled to the town. At a middle of no where the music store 76, the happiness cant be kept the bright light and amusing music are coming back.

The cruelest scene I would vote for when Koba decided to use guns killing both drunk dude at the armory. They were just drunk and holding big gun does not mean they deserve to be killed in any good reason. It totally understandable the hatred Koba felt towards human. He had unleashed his anger and hatred to the extent beyond any reasonable explanation. He was being labelled by Caesar as  "You are not ape" !!

If you insist to know the mine personal rating score . There you go !


Action    : 5/10
-Epic battle between apes and fortified human last stronghold. Tank and nuclear launcher. Fighting on top of the tower seem to really good ending.

Emotion : 10/10
Casts     : 10/10

Picture   : 6/10

- The city looked real and when apes climbed high on the bridge. It really nice to watch !! Very less scene on the water dam. Besides, the tower seem to have been heavily CGI, Apes don seem real but cooler.