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Successful Taiwanese Dessert in Malaysia

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Blackball Taiwanese dessert

Not just their giant milk tea franchise Chatime popular among Malaysian, the dessert shop based in Taiwan are making a fine business over here.

There are some common presence of milk tea ingredients such as red bean, milk tea pearl. But, the yellow and white thing inside the bowl are the main protagonist and antagonist.

Both are described as soft, tender and deliciously sweet. The combination of the Blackball milk pour inside in order to make it perfect. Finding the meaning of the Chinese characters over the top of the plate in Google Translate, it come out as "Tender Immortality"

BlackBall Taiwanese dessert house

Blackball dessert chain are frequented by youngster.

A Growing Bakery Cafe Chain "Bread History"

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A successful pastry business with more than 10 outlets 

With great demand, come a great business opportunity. When the last time we were making pastries at home ? Certainly most of us staying in Malaysia could never really bake. We do not have the essential skill and tools. Meanwhile, the ever-growing demand for delicious pastry is huge. Tell me you as a Malaysian like Roti Canai and Roti Planta. It is the same, it made from flour.

Do not get to close to the picture. Should call it as a chocolate doughnut. The real name is Chocolate Ring. I still feel the chocolate in my mouth.

One thing I have noticed is that the pastry business is lucrative. the price of pastry is increase from time to time as flour is expensive stuff in the market right now.

Website :

Big Apple Donuts Chocoholic and Megabite

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Big Apple Donuts feel the dough

Still remember first bite on Big Apple's donuts. The feeling was nothing ever experienced before. Super yummy and the softness amazed me. The first bite was an eye-opening emotion.

Big Apple's megabite and chocoholic

Never really knew that Big apple signature donuts is "alien". Should try it some day later.

It is so far the most pricey donut I ever eaten in my whole life. A good place to hang out too.

JustBerry Dessert House at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

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Mango, Tea, Durian and Papaya dessert house.

JustBerry Dessert

Good interior design. Big pink berry with a smile delighting every kids crossing by.

Dessert House at Suria Sabah Shopping Mall

Cendol, Mango and red bean is costing at RM7.00.

Place : Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, 3rd Floor
Food  : Dessert
Price  : RM5 - RM10