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Maxis Scholarship for Excellence Awards 2014

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Scholarships for the right Malaysians. Take a glimpse on Maxis scholarship what they are offering to You !

Maxis Scholarships for Excellence Awards was launched in 2005. Maxis has awarded scholarships to 244 Malaysians. It is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to embark upon a journey that will lead them to greatest length.

The scholarships are for right people. Seeking well rounded individuals, who have demonstrated leaderships skills in the classroom, as well as sports, social work or other areas. Recipients of this scholarship will be able to pursue courses at renowned universities. A significant step towards pursuing their life's dreams and ambitions. Some of talented will also absorbed into Maxis talent pipelines at the completion of their courses.

Eligibility to apply

  1. Applicants aged 23 or below Malaysian.
  2. Completed or in final stage of attended foundation courses
  3. Minimum SPM 6As
  4. STPM 3As
  5. Dpiloma CGPA 3.5
  6. A level 3As
  7. Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) 90.0
  8. Recognized Foundation / Pre-university course CGPA 35.0
  9. International Baccalaureate 36.0

Additional requirements are possess a good command of English language, both written and oral. Excellent extra-curricular activities and possess leadership qualities.

Application window is open from April 15, 2014 - May 16, 2014.

National Achievers Congress 2014 in Malaysia

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Event about Aspiration, Inspiration, Determination and Motivation with Nick Vujicic.

National Achiever Congress 2014 Malaysia

The earth have no less person with healthy, bright, successful man, The world have less person with disability, encouraging, bright, happy. When the last time you have seen a person no arms and leg be a motivator?

He is the happiest person in the world and inspiring millions. In this congress, you will learn something meaningful in your lifetime that even your school teachers and parents wanted. The true hard fact today is that there are many people living today are not exposed to higher knowledge and lifetime experience

You will learn financial education, systems for success, investment opportunities and lastly most important factor you will learn at there is to be inspired live beyond.

There will be a line of panel speakers joining NAC 2014 at Malaysia. You will be amassed hearing their names and their voice of motivation at there. Most of them are successful entrepreneur they will tell you their personal experience with participants. What's more do you want ?

There are Nick Vujicic, Tom Hopkins, Brendon Burchard, Andrew Mathhews, Shiv Khera, Caroline Claydon, John Burley, Sean and Cayden, Gerry Robert, J.T Foxx, Peng Joon and Adam Ginsberg.

Among so many speakers, author of unitedmy only know 2 persons. Peng Joon and Nick Vujicic. Who have not seen Nick Vujicic right? Peng Joon is successful affiliate marketer on Internet. He is a Singaporean. I am very familiar with Peng Joon. He is one of the affiliate marketer of biggest affiliate company in U.S. Selling virtual books. He earned recurring while sleeping and travelling.

NAC 2014 requires participants to pay a entry fee. There are 3 categories. VIP RM1997.00, Gold RM297.00 , General RM197.00 .

The date of the event are May 23, 24 and 25, 2014. It will be held at MIECC- The Mines.

The event are brought to you by sponsors Flexiroam, Groupon, Popular, Affin bank many many more.

Get your free ticket to National Achievers Congress 2014 in Malaysia by Groupon Malaysia at Groupon Free ticket to NAC. You are required to do specific tasks in order to win the free ticket. The Groupon contest will be ended on May 5, 2014

Axiata Young Talent Programme 2014

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Axiata University Leadership Development Programme (ULDP) open for interested undergraduates

Axiata Leadership camp 2014

Axiata one of the leading telecommunication companies in Asia. Provision of telecommunication and consultancy services on international scale. Axiata also owned Celcom one of the three well known telecommunication company in Malaysia. Celcom has more mobile subscribers than any other national telecommunication company. Axiata is very keen to invite young bright generation to join leadership camp !

It is a "summer camp" style programme open to Malaysian undergraduates studying in local and overseas universities from August 8, 2014 till August 22, 2014. 

A selected group of student who have completed will have the opportunity to apply what they have learnt through 8-weeks Structured Internship Programme the following year. The goal is to put leadership concepts into practice. focusing on dealing with real-world challenges in a challenging business environment.

Are you interested to join ? Take your time and prepare a time schedule ! if you decided to join it is important to note that All expenses incurred during the programme from August 9, 2014 till August 22, 2014 will be borne by Axiata excluding transportation to and from place of study or residence to the Axiata Office in Kuala Lumpur. 

What can you learn in ULDP

1. Leadership skills
2. Enhance employability
3. Weekly presentation by students with couching and mentoring from distinguished business leaders
4. Fun, energetic outdoor and indoor activities
5. Networking with top Malaysian students from all around the world
6. Business simulation winner will receive attractive prizes
7. Gain insight and exposure with regional placements in a structured 8-week internship programme

Who can apply ?

  • Malaysian undergraduates student studying in recognized local and overseas universities. 
  • Students enrolled in the following areas of studies : Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Social science and many more 
  • Minimum requirement to join with the score of 2nd upper class or CGPA 3.3

Contact No. : 03-2263 8877

Social Media Axiata Young Talent Programme:Facebook Axiata
Official website for ULDP :

Taylor College Malaysia Nationwide Roadshow 2014

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Welcome to visit Taylor's nationwide roadshow in March. Encourage SPM/UEC/STPM graduates

Did you just get your result and no way to start where to look to further your study? or you just want to hear and listen education experts? Everyone has a chance because Taylor is coming to your town !

As you can see from below charts, Nationwide roadshow will started on March 14, 2014. They will visit first town at Johor Bahru. Last destination would be at Sitiawan, Perak. Held at Flamingo Hotel, March 31, 2014. 

Many states like Perak, Sabah, Sarawak, Terengganu, Johor, Kedah Kelantan, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Penang are being selected on this Taylor roadshow. Check which is nearest to You and starting to plan how to get there !! 


Taylor World Class Scholarship 2014 for SPM and STPM

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Best achievers in academic is given opportunity to maximize individual potential through Taylor's Scholarship 2014

Taylor University is awarding full scholarships to outstanding students with exceptional academic results and leadership qualities in Taylor World Class Scholarship 2014. One will have opportunity of lifetime to be intern or train with global brand names.

To this date, Taylor university has disbursed more than RM8.5 million in scholarships that has benefited to over 122 deserving students. This scholarship is truly one-of-a-kind, as not only recipients  benefit from academic and soft skills development.

The scholarship are offered in partnerships with

1. BDO - Business School
2. BMW Group - Engineering
3. CIMB Group - Business School
4. Microsoft - Computing and IT
5. WWF - Business
6. Leo Burnett - Communication
7. DWP - Design
8. Nestle - Biosciences
9. BASF - Petronas - Engineering
10. Sheraton Imperial Hotel - Hospitality/ Tourism /Culinary
11. Veritas Design Group - Architecture, Building
12. Edelman - Communication

Detailed information can be found at Taylor TWCS 2014. Please be informed that Taylor World CLass Scholarship 2014 closing date on April 13, 2014

Successful application on TWCS 2014 will be awarded 100% scholarships studying at Taylor University. All of the tuition fees and miscellaneous charges are exempted. Besides, graduate will experience world-class interships or undergo management training programmes.

Briefly about qualification and eligibility on TWCS 2014

SPM - 8As
Taylor foundation - CGPA 3.55
Foundation/Matriculation - CGPA 3.80
STPM - GPA 3.33
Cambridge A level - ABB and above
UEC - 12 points in 6 subjects, 5Bs, English B3

Taylor University Malaysia Open Day on March 2014

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12 Million Scholarship to be grabbed. Visit Taylor University if you are interested 

Taylor University is very popular higher learning institution among Malaysians. Taylor University boasted graduates of Taylor university earns 25% more from other universities. The source came from MOHE Tracer Study 2012.

Besides earning more than average graduate from other universities in Malaysia, graduates have the vast opportunity being selected to have internship with top employers in various companies. The statistic show that 55% of Taylor graduates are being selected go undergo internship with top employers.

More information on Taylor University open day on March 2014 at Taylor Open day

There are many courses offered in Taylor. Some of them are :
1. American Degree Transfer Program
2. Architecture
3.  Biosciences
4. Business
5. Communication
6. Computer
7. Design
8. Education
9. Engineering
10. Tourism/ Hospitality/ Culinary Arts
11. Law
12. Medicine
13. Pharmacy

Are you looking to further your study ? Try listen to education experts by joining Talk at Taylor College Subang Jaya and Sri Hartamas on March 15-16, 2014 and March 22-23, 2014 . 

Register yourselves and get contacted for further information at Taylor open day March 2014

Education UK Exhibitions in Malaysia 2014

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A lifetime opportunity to further studies to any UK institutions by visiting this exhibitions

Don miss the chance to get to know most of the institutions in UK. You might not know what will happen in this education exhibition UK. You questions can be answered now in this exhibition will be held at various places. It will be started on March 8, 2014 - March 15, 2014. 

As You can see in this chart above, There are various locations focusing on nationwide. Do not be sadden, West and East Malaysia will be visited by UK exhibition 2014.

If you have the time and passion why don give a try !!

Some of the UK institutions participant in this exhibition

1. Bristol university
2. Cambridge
3. Cardiff University
4. University of South Wales
5. Newscastle College
6. Lancaster University
7. Aston University
8. City University London
9. Hull College
10. Liverpool University of England

Pre-register on Education Uk exhibition, You are entitled various prizes. You are to register at for this event. Pre-register is closed on 7th March 2014. Those who pre-register must attend one of the exhibition dates listed above. You are informed that to register at Lucky Draw counter and winner will be announced at the exhibition. Please on your mobile phone and put your real name as identification card will be asked to show as if you are winner.