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Proof of RM 20 Rebate for Electricity Bill

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Effective since 2008, RM 20 is waived if you are using lesser than 100 KWH a month

There is no release of information how many household are using less than 110 KWH a month. Certainly, many would have asked how was it like to be in the situation living under RM 20 electricity bill. Surely, many would question whether there is a solid proof the implementation of RM 20 subsidy was a successful or a failure ??

The electricity hike was all started on 2008. The year financial collapse in western world. If you ask what really affect globally as a result of the financial crisis in 2008, the obvious would be our electricity tariff. It was a chain reaction ?? I cant tell you that because I am no professor in this field. Observe carefully our electricity tariff increased year-on-year basis. When will it stopped ??

It affected everywhere you go there is no escaping even in Malaysia. The excuse was because the increase of the price material using to generate our power. How much increase and what materials were they using ?? It seem like there is no stopping it until the material price stabilize. Tomorrow our electricity tariff might changed in an upward trend. I heard TNB is going to increase again the news was reported in June 2014.

To be able hitting below 110 KWH will make life uneasy. The reality is that most of us used up 110 KWH. Can you survive living with one refrigerator, light and fan turned on for 30 days?? No television, electric water boiler and most importantly no air-conditioner for hot weather and air purifier for polluted city.

In 2013, trusted source said there were 1.1 million benefited by this exemption. 146 million have been spent by the government for this exemption.

Example of waived payment to SESB. Exemption applied once balance below RM20. One still get bill every month showing current electricity consumption

10 Good News in Malaysia April 2014

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News stories focusing on the good side of Malaysia. All of these are published in press.

Seeking good news stories about Malaysia ? Seek no further ! . This is just my personal opinions. Be moderate and be democracy !

One of the kidnapped Sabah resort tourist

1. Ops Gasak 6 on Sabah immigrants

Some 500 immigrants have been rounded up after the incident of tourist abduction. ESSCOM respond with this strategy to find out the culprits behind and to further curbing tension on the matter and restore trust and faith of local people and tourism industry.

They have been taken to a place and being screened by various agencies. Some of them tested positive for drugs. Esscom is adding their assets in a bid to strengthen defenses in the territory. They are not alone, Philippine security forces are helping Esscom.

Esscom called upon resorts to sack illegal immigrants employees. Enforcement of sacking illegal immigrants on 10 resorts within 24 hours. Besides, Esscom enforcing seven guidelines to be followed by each resort operators.

2. Second U.S president to visit Malaysia

Almost a half decade, U.S president Mr Barrack Obama visited Malaysia marked the second visit of U.S president. His secret service agents arrived 2 weeks ahead of the schedule of U.S president to arrive Malaysia. Brought the president car "The Beast" and flying with Air Force 1 aircraft.

He is touring four asian country including Malaysia. The first country to visit is South Korea, then, Japan, Malaysia and Philippine.

In Malaysia, He went to National mosque, dinner with king, officiating Malaysian Global Innovation and Creative Centre (MaGIC), attended UM's South East Asian Leaders.

Before serious talk, let us take a selfie

3. Selangor water crisis is over

Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid cancelled all the water rationing will be effective on May 1. A sign of water problem for Selangor residents is resolved.

4. Airasia new huge airport KLIA 2

After 3 years of delay, KLIA 2 finally opened. Transport minister reassured that safety measures are in place and well secured. Estimated 24 million tourists will use KLIA 2 in full year. Airasia X is scheduled to operation at new airport on May 8.

Opening of KLIA 2 received overwhelming response by local residents. They are surprised with the tall aviation communication center and all of the facility and amenities.

Express Rail Link connecting KLIA and KLIA 2 will be built for many convenience.

5. Stern action against compromising road safety

There are a series of bus overturned, plunging to drain, crashing. We should say the road accident and traffic safety are getting public and authority attention. It is sad to remind that decreased Karpal Singh involving in a road accident rammed by lorry.

One British nationality is dead involved in a road accident. Since then, Heavy punishment enforced for reckless bus drivers. It applied heavily on express bus type drivers. 9 Measures is rolled out by transport ministry for express bus companies in Malaysia.

Failed to adhere will resulting stern action on bus operators. This course of action by authorities wish to restore public trust on public transportation and growing tourism industry.

6. First ever Autism hub fully funded by government

The first national centre of excellence for Austism, scheduled to be fully operational in Kuala Lumpur by May next year. It will change the landscape of special education in Malaysia. Also known as Permata Kurnia project, a first ever project fully funded by government it will provide early childhood special education to 300 children

Profound impact of the developmental disorder on families and nations was great as the number of autism cases had been rising at an alarming rate.

It would be more severe when Malaysia become a developed nation in 2020. three to 4 cases in 10,000 births in developing nations while developed nation will have autism case in 68 births. One of the objective being developed nation is to have inclusive education. Whereby, children with disabilities shall receive formal education in the same manner as their typically developing peers

7. MyHome Scheme RM30,000 for each affordable home

Application will be able to apply by interested starting on April 1, 2014. It is announced by Prime minister Datuk Seri Najib last year. Consisting RM300 million incentive allocation offering 10,000 units of affordable homes nationawide.

There are Myhome1 and Myhome2 aiming for two income bracket. It is RM 3,000 - RM 4,000, Myhome2 is between RM 4,000 - RM 6,000.

Housing Myhome 1 would cover minimum 800 square foot of space with market price between RM 80,000 and RM 120,000 in peninsular and would be higher in East Malaysia. Myhome 2 will have three bedrooms and two washrooms. Myhome 2 would be in price range of between RM 120,000 and RM 200,000 in peninsular while in East Malaysia, RM 120,000 - RM 250,000.

8. Mini Silicon valley in Malaysia and other job creation investment

Source : New Straits Time

Global Entrepreneur Summit mooted by U.S president Barrack Obama first time in Washington in conjunction U.S president visited Malaysia on April, Malaysia prime minister and U.S president visited the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre.

Allocation of RM 50 million to help Malaysian create innovative product or start their own company.

Besides that, while Mr.Barrack Obama still around, witnessed signing of MoU between Sime Darby and Verdezyne a San-Diego based biotech company. Sime Darby would have 30% stake on the company. Moreover, Airasia X and GE aviation for 80E1 engines to power Airasia X's 25 new Airbus A330-300 aircraft.

The third investment would be partnership between Ambank and Metlife international Holdings. investment nearly US 250 million to buy share in AmBank's insurance unit AmLife and AmTakaful.

9. 10,000 PPA1M for KL civil servants

1 Malaysia Civil Servants Housing programme to cater specifically to this group of house owners. They planned 10,000 houses and scheduled to be completed within 5 years time.

10,000 units in Kuala Lumpur is part of the 50,000 afforadble home under PPA1M. There would be another PPA1M development in Labuan estimated 1,600 units will be built.

BB1M guidelines

10 Lee Chong Wei won Chen Long for Indian Open Title

Beating Chen long in two set of game. Lee Chong Wei did not disappointed himself. His winning streak in Indian Open Title is remarkable achievement.

Chen Long once beaten Lee Chong Wei but it seem like Lee Chong Wei performance is better in this match. In just barely two games and 55 minutes time, Lee Chong Wei stopped Chen long advanced to third match.